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Covenant Youth Basketball

Feb 3rd
MPPC-A 8:30 GB Playoffs Sawyers vs McIntosh
MPPC-B 8:30 GB Playoffs Lay vs Rankin
MPPC-A 9:30 GB Playoffs Ferguson vs Tindel
MPPC-B 9:30 GB Playoffs Purcell vs Peterson
MPPC-A 10:30 GB Playoffs Foose vs Bauer
MPPC-B 10:30 GB Playoffs Kerr vs Veranda
MPPC-A 11:30 BB Playoffs Ladley vs Brandt
MPPC-B 11:30 BB Playoffs McDonald vs Holofchak
MPPC-A 12:30 BB Playoffs Manley vs Wyker
MPPC-B 12:30 BB Playoffs Page vs Weyhrich
MPPC-A 1:30 BB Playoffs Wright vs Cearley **
MPPC-B 1:30 BB Playoffs Debnam vs Boyles **
MPPC-A 2:30 BB Playoffs Goodwin vs Strickland **
MPPC-B 2:30 BB Playoffs Bittner vs Sigmon
MPPC-A 3:30 BB Playoffs Lipe vs Winner of Wright/Cearley
MPPC-B 3:30 BB Playoffs Lee vs Winner of Debnam/Boyles
MPPC-A 4:30 BB Playoffs Von Wessowertz vs Winner of Goodwin/Strickland
Pritchard 9:30 BEE Playoffs Bradley vs Stephens **
Pritchard 10:30 BEE Playoffs Butler vs Golden
Pritchard 11:30 BEE Playoffs Coleman vs Winner of Bradley/Stephens
Pritchard 12:30 BEE Playoffs Moody vs Parbst
Cov-A 9:30 GA Playoffs Swaringen vs Curry **
Cov-B 9:30 GA Playoffs Rhodes vs Ponton **
Cov-A 10:30 GA Playoffs White vs Jaeger
Cov-B 10:30 GA Playoffs Adams vs Melton
Cov-A 11:30 GA Playoffs Turnage vs Lundin
Cov-B 11:30 GA Playoffs Lesley vs Gillespie
Cov-A 12:30 GA Playoffs Winner of 9:30 A vs Winner of 9:30 B
Cov-B 12:30 GA Playoffs Theis vs Winner of White/Jaeger
Cov-A 1:30 GA Playoffs Ripp vs Kurz
Cov-B 1:30 GA Playoffs Burke vs Miller
Sharon Outreach 9:30 Reg Season BEE-Cov-Colwell vs BEE-MPPC- Ratcliffe
Sharon Outreach 10:30 BE Playoffs Glontz vs Hyche
Sharon Outreach 11:30 BE Playoffs Marshall vs Hastings
Sharon Outreach 12:30 BE Playoffs Crutcher vs Harper Lee
Sharon Outreach 1:30 BE Playoffs Patrick vs Winner of Marshall/Hastings
First Baptist 8:30 Reg Season BC-Sharon-Weyhrich vs BC-Sharon- Jordon
First Baptist 9:30 Reg Season BC-Cov-Lee vs BC-Cov-Walsh
First Baptist 10:30 Reg Season BC-MPPC-Anderson vs BC-MPPC-Wyche
First Baptist 11:30 Reg Season BC-MPPC-Ratcliffe vs BC-MPPC-Hackney
First Baptist 12:30 Reg Season BC-MPPC-Brosseau vs BC-MPPC-Sammons
First Baptist 1:30 Reg Season BC-MPPC-Hoke vs BC-MPPC-McCullough
First Baptist 2:30 Reg Season GC-Corn-Hebert vs GC-MPPC-Holofchak
First Baptist 3:30 Reg Season GC-Cov-Thurmond vs GC-MPPC-Hood
First Baptist 4:30 Reg Season GC-MPPC-Koehl vs GC-Cov-Anderson
Carole Hoefner 8:30 Reg Season GC-Cov-Isaacs vs GC-MPPC-Richards
Carole Hoefner 9:30 Reg Season GD-MPPC-GH-Ray vs GD-Cov-Bouknight
Carole Hoefner 10:30 Reg Season GD-Cov-Reynolds vs GD-MPPC-Rutherford
Carole Hoefner 11:30 Reg Season GD-MPPC-GH-Ray vs GD-Prov-Peterson
Carole Hoefner 12:30 Reg Season GE-Sharon-Burbank vs GE-Corn-Shaw
Carole Hoefner 1:30 Reg Season GE-Cov-Flowers vs GE-Corn-Hyche
Carole Hoefner 2:30 Reg Season GE-Sharon-Hemingway vs GE-Corn-Catanese
Carole Hoefner 3:30 Reg Season GE-MPPC-Hunter vs GE-MPPC-Miles
Corn- A 8:30 BA Playoffs Moore vs Tagert
Corn-B 8:30 BA Playoffs Mathews vs Kern
Corn- A 9:30 BA Playoffs Warlick vs Langerman
Corn-B 9:30 BA Playoffs Thimons vs Wolski
Corn- A 10:30 BA Playoffs Hogue vs Fulkerson
Corn-B 10:30 BA Playoffs Templeton vs Walker
Corn- A 11:30 BA Playoffs Ewing vs Upton **
Corn-B 11:30 BA Playoffs Mullins vs Polonksy
Corn- A 12:30 BA Playoffs Kilby vs Zage
Corn-B 12:30 BA Playoffs Runkel vs Drodz
Corn- A 1:30 BA Playoffs Pierson vs Winner of Ewing/Upton
Corn-B 1:30 BA Playoffs Friquin vs Greene
Corn- A 2:30 BA Playoffs Dawson vs Leon
Corn-B 2:30 BA Playoffs Burgess vs Smith
Corn- A 3:30 BA Playoffs Greer vs Zalecki
Corn-B 3:30 BA Playoffs Detar vs Adler
PUMC 2:30 BD Playoffs Jordan vs Loeffler
PUMC 3:30 BD Playoffs Page vs Kasuganti
PUMC 4:30 BD Playoffs Lupton vs Britt
**- If you win you will play again
If your team is not listed, you have a bye for this week

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