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Updated Jan 7th, 2023

Good Morning and Happy New Year!  Games resume today, Saturday, Jan 7th at Clairmont.

Quick updates:

- Use this link and the drop down dates below it to view you game times for the season:

- Next weekend is Picture Day.  We will take team photos at the start of each game.  Have 5 players seated on your bench, 5 standing behind with coaches on each end side.

- Any coaches who requested t-shirt additions or size changes before the break, check in the office before your game to pick up your new shirts.

- Bob Seigman, a Clairmont member, is offering free IPhone classes for parents.  Check this link for more details:

Looking forward to seeing you all back on the court!

Play with heart,

Updated Dec 9, 2022

Good morning and happy Friday!  Here's a few updates as we go into our last week of the 2022 portion of our season.

Games and practice dates:
Games are on this weekend as scheduled.  The gym will be available for your regular practice times all next week even though there are no games scheduled at the end of next week (Dec 17th & 18th).
Practices resume the week of Jan 2nd-5th.  Games resume that weekend, Jan 7th & 8th.

Basketball Camp dates over the holiday
Top of the Key will be hosting camps during the week of Dec 19th-22nd, M-Th; then again Dec 27th-30th, T-F.  You can sign up for each week or just individual days.  Click this link for more details and/or to register:

Special free Iphone operating class (parents, mature players)
This is a special class being offered by one of our Clairmont members, Bob Seigman.  Two class offerings in December on the 15th and the 22nd.  Check out this link for more details:

Coaches only, please make me aware of any t-shirt adjustments you need for your team.  I can re-order as needed and have it available to you in the New Year.

That's it for now.  See you on  the court this weekend.

Play with heart,

Updated Dec 3, 2022

Yes today, Saturday Dec 3rd, is opening day for our Clairmont League!  Yeah - finally you can see all your hard work in practice pay off in the games.

Coaches, you can pick up game shirts prior to your game at the concession stand in the upstairs lobby.  

High Schoolers, your opening games begin tomorrow evening on Sunday, Dec 4th between 5:30pm -9:30pm.

Use this link to view the schedule for the season:  Use the drop down to view your game times for each week.

A few more details, all games start with a prayer and begin on time on the hour.  Court A is the first court when you walk in to the gym, Court B is on the far side.  The home team is always on the right side of the scorers' table (as if you sitting at the table looking out onto the court), and the Visitor team on the left side.

Enough chit chat, let the games begin.

See you on the court!

Play with heart,

Updated November 26, 2022

I hope everyone had a restful Thanksgiving break.  Here are some quick important Clairmont Basketball  Updates:

Shiny New Floor:

Yes, we are sporting a beautiful shiny new floor with lots of grip.  Please remember to stay off of the gym floor until Tuesday, Nov 29th.

Practice/Game Schedule:

Practices resume this week.  Remember that all Monday practices have been moved to the same exact times on Tuesday, Nov 29th, just for this week.  Wednesday and Friday practices will remain the same as scheduled.  You will all receive your game shirts at practice this week.  
Games begin next weekend, Dec 3rd & 4th.  You can use this link to review the game schedules:

See you back on the court real soon.

Play with heart,

Updated Wednesday, Nov 16, 2022

I hope your practices are off to a good start!  Here's a few bullets to keep you updated.

We are taking next week off for Thanksgiving.  Usually when school is out, we are too.  Click this link to view the game schedule for the season:

Games will be on the weekends of: Dec 3rd & 4th; Dec 10th & 11th; Jan 7th & 8th; Jan 14th & 15th; Jan 21st & 22nd; Jan 28th & 29th; Feb 4th & 5th; and Feb 11th and 12th.  Every team plays 8 games total.

Gym Floor:
You may have noticed that the gym floor is a little slippery.  The floors will be refinished over the Thanksgiving break on Friday, Nov 25th.  As a result, we must stay off of the floor for several days. All Monday practices will be moved to Tuesday just for that week at the same times.  So Monday, Nov 28th practices will be moved to Tuesday, Nov 29th.  The gym will be closed on Monday as the newly refinished floor continues to dry and settle.  Please remind your teammates and friends.

Table workers and refs:
We are looking for smart 8th graders and mature HS students who would like to train as a referee (for the younger grades only), or a scorekeeper or timer - for community service hours or pay.  If you are interested, please send me an email: [email protected]

Basketball Camp:
We will have 3 days of camp next week with Top of the Key.  You can come all 3 days for a full day or a half day, or just drop in any of the 3 days if we have space available.  Use this link to sign up asap:

Enjoy your Thanksgiving break.  Take a moment to be happy and contemplate all that we have to be grateful for!

Play with heart,



Practices begin this week starting Monday, Nov 7th! Please use this schedule to confirm your practice time and view the game schedule: Coaches, please prepare a simple schedule for your team to follow. Balls, cones, spots and mesh pennies will be available in the gym.

Devotionals will be for 5 minutes. They will be led 30 minutes into the practice time. Coaches can alternate who will lead them. This week one of the coaches from the Court A side will lead. Please do not exceed the 5 minute time limit. Here's the link for the Week of Nov 7th: https://topofthekey.

You can use this link to get details and or to register for Basketball Camp Nov 21st-23rd: https:// You can come all 3 days or just choose any day of the 3. There are also full day (9am-4pm) and half day (9am-12:30pm) options. Camp is for boys and girls in grades K-9th only. Don't delay, limited spaces available.

I am so excited to finally get this season underway. Let's go! See you on the court.

Play with heart,


P.S. Still need coaches for 2/3 grade boys and 8/9th grade boys. Parents please step up. Please send me an email asap if willing.

Sent Oct 31st, 2022

Happy "Eat Alot of Candy" Day!

Practices begin next Monday, November 7th.  

Still looking to add players for 2/3 grade girls and boys.

Still need a few coaching spots to be filled in and confirmed.

The practice schedule and game schedule for week one has been posted on the website. (The rest of the game schedules will be posted soon) :

Play with heart,

Sent Oct 28, 2022

Ok, after a week of coaches meetings (2 per night), we finally got the teams together.  You will receive an email over the weekend with your roster assignment and practice time.  To share the process, we went through great pains to even out the teams by grade, height, skill level and friend requests.  Needless to say, not everyone got their first choice however I'm confident that your child will have a great season wherever they landed.  Please do not contact me, after the fact, to requests any changes now that team have been settled.  Every change has a domino effect on other families, and it undermines the great efforts that were made by the coaches to prepare and balance the teams.  If you requested a special need in advance that was overlooked, you can reach out directly to your coach.  I will only consider changes that come from the coaches.

Game schedules will be posted over the weekend. Practices begin the week of November 7th.

All coaches please get your background checks completed before the first practice begins. Here the link again:
We are still needing coaches and assistants for the following divisions: K-1st (2), 2/3 girls (2), 2/3 boys (1), 6/7 boys(1), 8/9 boys (2), HS boys (1).  Please parents step up to help out.  You don't have to be an expert and we will support your efforts.  Thank you.

We are still allowing players to register, in the younger grades especially, to fill up some of the teams rosters. So feel free to still invite friends who may have missed the deadlines.

Remember to use this link to find out all the details of Clairmont basketball now and throughout the season:

See you on the court.

Play with heart,

Sent Oct 21,2022
Below is the schedule for the Coaches' Meetings for team selections this upcoming week.  Once the teams are selected, no more players will be added (exceptions may be made for grades K-3rd). Practice and game times will be solidified and posted after these meetings.  Please make a final push to get your friends and neighbors signed up today!

Coaches remember to get you background checks completed:

Your can use this link to get all the details for the season:

See you on the court.

Play with heart,

Monday October 24th

6:00pm - 6/7 boys

7:30pm - 8/9 boys

Tuesday October 25th

6:00pm - 2/3 boys

7:30pm - 4/5 boys

Wednesday October 26th

6:00pm - 4/5 girls & MS girls

7:30pm - HS boys

Thursday October 27th

6:00pm - K-1st & 2/3 girls

Sent Oct 18, 2022

Ok, so for all of you who have been waiting for the last minute to register -  this is the last minute.  Starting on Monday, October 24th our coaches' meetings will begin.  Once the teams are selected, it will be too late to join a team.  Check out this link to see when the coaches will be meeting and selecting teams for your age group:  Players 
do not  need to come in for evaluations this season.

After the meetings, you will be notified by your coaches, and practices will begin the week of Monday, November 7th.  Games schedules will also be posted after the week of meetings.

So here's the link again to get all the info about Clairmont basketball and/or to register:

Any 8th graders or HS students that would like to help out with score keeping and/or the clock (for community service hours or pay), please email me at [email protected].

See you all on the court real soon.

Play with heart,

Sent Oct. 10, 2022

Just checking in to give you another update on this upcoming season:

I. Schedules

You can check the website and previous emails to get a general idea of the schedule.  However, the schedule will not be finalized until after the week of coaches' meetings and team selections: 

II. Coaches

Please make plans to be at the coaches' meetings in 2 weeks.  If you cannot be there, please have someone who can select players for you and represent your ideas. Use this link to check out the specific dates for your grade level:

Secondly, please use this link to complete your mandatory background  check: . You will then be covered for the next 3 years.

III. League Openings:

Registration is moving along well for the most part, but still a little slow for a few divisions.  We have openings at all grade levels, however we would really like to boost participation on the lower elementary level, grades K-3rd.  So please help us to continue to spread the word as we are just 2 weeks away from the start of team selections.

Everyone can always use this link to get the lastest info on Clairmont Basketball: .  The best way to reach me is via email: [email protected]

See you on the court soon.

Play with heart,



Sent Oct. 1, 2022

I'm feeling very grateful today that Atlanta was not affected by the recent hurricane, but also very prayerful for those who lost power, possessions and love ones.  I'm writing again to give a quick update on the Clairmont Basketball League:

The format for this season will be as it was before the pandemic - one hour of practice during the week and games on the weekends.  Saturday games will begin at 9am with the younger grades and the other grades will follow as the day progresses.  We will fit most of the HS games on Sunday nights.

The schedule will not be finalized until I can determine the final count for each division (we do have a habit of waiting until the last minute to register which makes pre-planning a challenge).  After the coaches' meetings we will be able to post the final schedule.

Coaches Meetings/Team Selection:

Teams will be selected again at the coaches only meetings.  There will not be an in person evaluation for players as we have done in the past (pre-Covid).  If you would like to coach please let me know via email if you did not register online; and come to the coaches meeting for your grade level.  You can follow this link to see where the dates and times for each age group is posted: COACHES MEETING . If for some reason this link does not work, you can go to our main league page and look under : "Updates".  Also if you have any suggestions for the selection process or for the league in general, please feel free to let me know before the coaches meeting.  We want to make sure this year is excellent!

Team Photos:
We have posted the team photos from the 2021-22 season.  We are hoping these photos will help with the selection process this season.  Also they are just fun to see!  Unfortunately, we are missing 3 teams so if you have a team photo of the missing teams please send them to me and I will add.  Here's the link:

Registration/Spread the Word:
Please continue to help us spread the word to your neighbors, friends and teammates that Clairmont Basketball is back in full force.  We especially want to get our elementary school age players and the girls (of all ages!) to sign up and participate this season.  The boys' divisions are already starting to fill up. 

To keep up with important dates, meetings and any missed emails you can always use this link: . We want to communicate well so that those of us that are juggling lots of schedules and activities can stay on top of things.

That's enough for now.  See you on the court.

Play with heart,

P.S. The best way to reach me is via email: [email protected].
P.S.S. Use can also use this link to register and/or to get info on Clairmont Basketball:

Sent Sept 22,2022

I hope everyone is settling into school and enjoying football, volleyball and other activities this fall.  I'm  writing to remind you that basketball season is right around the corner.  Registration for the Clairmont Basketball league has been open since Sept 6th.  Please remind your neighbors, teammates and friends to get signed up this weekend before the late fee ($25) kicks in on Monday.

It's been a little difficult to get information into the schools as we have done in the past, so we are are asking you and your family to share our league sign up information through your social media, school portals, Next Door, word of mouth and anyway you can.  Here's a simple sample message:

"Clairmont Presbyterian Church hosts a long standing fun community basketball league.  You can use this link to get more details and/or to register: .  (Then you can share something personal about your positive experience with us)".

Thank you for any help you can offer to get the word out.  We are hoping to get the league operating at full capacity again this year at all grade levels from Kindergarten to 12th grade.  You can look for more information to come out next week regarding the team selection process and coaches' meeting.  If you have any constructive suggestions on that topic, I would surely welcome it.  

Enjoy this beautiful weather.

Play with heart,

P.S. The best way to reach me is via email, [email protected]

P.S.S. If you're interesting in some basketball training check out Top of the Key,

Sent Sept 3,2022

Okay it's that time again! Please use this link to sign up forClairmont Basketball:
When you click on this link you can get all the latest details about this upcoming season by selecting the tab"Clairmont Basketball Updates". When you are ready to register, you can simply click in the top right hand corner where it says"Register"to sign up.

This year we are returning to our original format of weekly practices and games on Saturdays and Sundays. We hope to get everyone back out, especially our younger elementary school athletes grades K-5th.

Looking forward to seeing you all back on the court.

Play with heart,

P.S. The best way to reach me is via email:[email protected]
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