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Weather Updates

Weather Policy –

We love to play on warm sunny days, but also want to prepare you that we will play in many different weather conditions.

Please be prepared for rain, wind, and cold weather!

If we do need to cancel for more severe conditions such as heavy storms, flooding at the fields, etc we will notify our families in three ways – update the website, emails & texts to those who are affected by the cancellation or delays.

If there is lightning at the fields while games/practices are going on – we will immediately clear the fields. Those games will be cancelled and we will determine if we are able to continue on with the rest of the day.

  • In the event of thunder storms or lightning, on-site staff will make the decision to delay in 30-minute increments or cancel games and practices based on weather patterns and their best judgement. We will continue all practices and games providing there is no thunder and/or lightening. In the event that Mother Nature forces us to cancel, we will send out a mass email/text/social media post, as well as update this Weather page. If you do not hear from us, please plan on playing.
  • All leagues will offer one make-up date per season. Should multiple cancellation occur within the season, we have the option to create double headers and modify the season schedule to accommodate make-up games.  Since there are certain situations beyond our control, Seahawks Flag Football will do its very best, but is not obligated to make up games that are canceled, due to several factors that are out of our control the reschedules are not always possible. We cannot reschedule teams who cancel practices or games on an individual basis. Thank you for your understanding. 


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