JCLL Board of Directors

Volunteer Board Position 2023 Name  Email
President Andy Knepper  [email protected]
Vice President David Hamilton  [email protected]
Secretary Jennifer Carey  [email protected]
Treasurer Tara Johnson  [email protected]
Coaching Coordinator Ronnie Correia  [email protected]
Player Agent Alex Humphries  [email protected]
Safety Officer Chris Allen  [email protected]
Social Media / Marketing Tori Donavin   [email protected]
Sponsorships Marvin Dickens
 [email protected]
Equipment Manager / Uniforms David Hamilton  [email protected]
Chris Allen  [email protected]
Town of Archer Lodge Rep Chris Allen  [email protected]
 Player Development Coordinator (SB)Nicole Kevlan [email protected]
 Player Development Coordinator (BB)Ben Catarozzoli [email protected]
 Event Coordinator Jennifer Austin [email protected]
  Tori Donavin [email protected]

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