Website Manager



President Adam Caragher 
Adam has been helping WJAA in leadership roles for many years. You can email Adam with any questions and he will delegate these to the correct person within WJAA. 
[email protected] 

Vice President

Kara Bausha - Vice President
The Bausha's are no strangers to the Wilton area. Her husband Dan is the Director of WJAA baseball. Kara is a wealth of information.

Web Guy / Secretary

Jon Lavoie - Secretary / Interweb Guy
Jon will be the first to admit that Jodye takes care of the secretary work, but he does make the wheels spin behind the scenes on the internet side of things. He also coaches a couple baseball teams each year. 

Treasurer / Secretary

Jodye Gibbons - Treasurer
Jodye keeps the books, but she also gets a lot of the dirty work done, like ordering uniforms and forming rosters.


Board of Directors: 
NICK LORD – Also coaches and helps with Soccer
SHANE MELTZER – Also coaches and helps with baseball and soccer
GEOFF ALLEN – Soccer Coordinator 
DAN BAUSHA – Baseball Coordinator

Field Status

Open Open

Goss Park Field (03:50 PM | 03/29/22)

Open Open

Carnival Hill Fields (03:59 PM | 03/29/22)

Open Open

Carnival Hill - Softball Field (04:00 PM | 03/29/22)

Open Open

Carnival Hill - Alt. Little League Field (04:01 PM | 03/29/22)

Closed Closed

Carnival Hill - Soccer Field (04:01 PM | 03/29/22)

Open Open

FRES T-Ball Field (10:09 PM | 03/29/22)