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East Frederick LL-Beast From The East

East Frederick LL-Beast From The East


Revision History

For the purpose of baselining local rules, we’ll refer to the 2003 version as V1, with the 2008 amendment included as an add‐on to the 2003 set of rules.




2003 local rules.



Draft clarifications and team expansion rules.


Spring 2013

Re‐write of rules to reflect changes in the league, in LL rules, and in EFLL fields. Approved by the 2012‐2013 Board of Directors .


Spring 2017

Changed the way Managers are selected. Went from President selecting, to the Manager’s Committee.











East Frederick Little League Local Rules and Policies

 1)       Purpose. The purpose of these local rules and policies is to clarify and/or enhance the regulations, rules and policies of the Official Regulations and Playing Rules of Little League Baseball, Inc. as well as guidelines set forth in the Operations Manual as published in the current year. Any rules or policies stated herein are to be interpreted as in addition to those of Little League. Nothing herein is intended to be put in the place of or negate those rules.

2)       Safety

i)         Child Protection Policy and Procedure is stated in Attachment B and will be provided to all Members of the League

ii)       Refer to Safety Code for Little League in Official Regulations and Playing Rules

iii)      In addition, the following are minimums that have been agreed to by the BOARD, and will be followed by all LEAGUE MANAGERS, COACHES, UMPIRES, Volunteers and Players:

(a)     No fewer than two adults will be at all team‐related games and practices.

(b)     All managers will have medical releases with them at all games, practices and any team functions.

(c)     Pitchers requiring warm‐ups while their team is batting will warm up along the foul line on the field side of the fence nearest their dugout with a helmeted player or coach standing guard.

(d)     All other pre‐game warm‐ups will be performed within the confines of the playing field.

(i)       Exceptions

1.       If batting cage is usable, warm‐ups for batting or pitching can take place in this cage. If it is deemed that the cage is not safe or usable, best judgement should be exercised in deciding if it can be used.

2.       If a hitting stick is to be used, it must be used on the playing field. Please coordinate the location with the other team so as to not interfere with their warmups. All players must have helmets on, and all bats must be set aside (read – a player cannot hold a bat until it is their turn at the stick).

3.       Players, under the supervision of a manager, coach or parent volunteer, may warm up outside the field – but is limited to sprints, stretches and exercises that do not involve the throwing of a ball or the swinging of a bat.

(e)     Only helmeted players may retrieve the bat. Per Green Book rules, no manager or coach is allowed to retrieve equipment.

(f)      Medical Alert jewelry is permitted. (per Green Book)

(g)     In case of inclement weather or lightning, play will stop; players will walk to cars (if deemed safe) or go to 2nd floor of field house. Resumption of play is the decision of the chief umpire and shall be in accordance with Green Book rules.


3)       Division Alignment

i)         Major League Division – 9‐12 year olds. 9 year olds may only be considered for selection if the player agent deems the aggregate score warrants as such, as compared to the score for other players at the same age and relative to older players.

ii)       Minor League Player Pitch – 7‐11 year olds. All available 11 and 12 year olds must be selected to the Majors unless there is a safety concern (to be determined by the Player Agent based on information from assessments and manager or coach past experience.)

iii)      Minor League Machine Pitch 7‐9. 6 year olds will be considered by rare exception but must be evaluated for skill levels.



4)       Manager and Coach Selection

i)  Manager Application process shall consist, at a minimum, of a completed Volunteer Application (with subsequent background checks) and coaching resume. The Managers Committee will use any additional tools (interviews, parent surveys, past behavior of manager candidate in the league, etc…) s/he deems suitable to present acceptable Manager candidates to the board for vote/approval.


ii)  Managers submit coach candidates to the Managers Committee for approval after the draft,but before opening day(This allows for instances where team coaches are not readily identifiable/available at the time the Manager receives his/her roster).


5)       Schedules

i)         Schedules shall allow a minimum of 2 ½ hours between game starting times.

ii)       No Sunday game shall start before 1 PM.

iii)      The home team will be allowed infield practice for 15 minutes starting 35 minutes before game time. The visiting team will be allowed infield practice on the field starting 20 minutes before game time. This will allow 5 minutes for the umpire/manager meeting before start of the game. The team not doing infield can use the cage for batting practice during the time the other team is doing infield practice.

iv)      Makeup Games – Any game not played at its regularly scheduled time or any shortened or halted game shall be rescheduled by then acting Schedule Coordinator as soon as possible. The Schedule Coordinator shall schedule the game based on field and umpire availability.


6)       Player Draft

i)         Major League Division will use “Plan A – Method for Existing Leagues” in the current Little League Baseball Operating Manual.

(1)     Expansion – Option 3 shall be followed as a general rule with modification of expansion team picking two 10 year olds (one player may be 9 if that player is deemed major league ready by player agent), two 11 year olds and two 12 year olds before any other team drafts a player. Also, if expansion team (after choosing first six players) has equal or lesser players than the majority of existing teams, expansion teams receives first pick. If expansion team, after choosing first six players has more rostered players than the majority of existing teams, expansion team receives last pick in regular draft. Majority is 50% or more, meaning if two other existing teams are in the league and one has at least six players, expansion team picks first. If three existing teams in the league and two have only five players, expansion team would pick last."

(2)     Contraction ‐ In accordance with LL Operating Manual guidelines (the BOD decides which team is deleted from the league, with best interest of the league and players in mind). As for the draft, Option B will be applied for returning players from the deleted team.

ii)       A player or parent should make the President or Player Agent aware in writing if the player does not want to be drafted onto a Major League team. That player will then remain in the Minors for the whole of the season.

iii)      If a Manager loses a player on a Major league team, the Player Agent should be notified immediately. The Manager has one week to select a replacement player from the Minor league. If s/he does not do so within this time, the Player Agent will fill the vacancy. There may be instances where an eligible player is not available due to low score, parent wishes, or other factors. In this case, the manager will have to continue with 11 players for the season. If another player is lost (making the count of players 10), the Player Agent will make best efforts with the President and BOD to bring the roster back to 11 players – with full consideration of availability and timing relative to the season completion.

iv)      If a titled player wishes to re‐enter the draft, a request must be made in writing to the League President or Player Agent before evaluations. If the President and Player agent feel the reason(s) the player wishes to re‐enter the draft are justified, they will then notify the family of the release. The player will then be eligible for the draft, but must be evaluated with other draft candidates.



3) Minors players will be redrafted every year. "All players must go through the evaluations process, and be entered in to the draft. Returning players from a previous season will enter the draft. No players will be “remaining” players from a previous season, and expected to return to the previous seasons roster.

All registered players must participate in evaluations except for T‐ball level and Majors players already on a team.


7)       The Game

i)         Major League Division

(1)     10 run rule will apply (Rule 4.10e). However, unofficial play will continue through 6 innings to continue player development if agreed by both managers at the time the rule is declared by the umpire (with full consideration of pitch count and game duration factors).

(2)     Majors will not follow a running batting order. Substitutions shall be in accordance with the Green Book.

ii)       Majors and Minors Kid Pitch – managers shall report pitch counts within 24 hours of the completion of the game. The reporting method, information to be included, and audience shall be determined and outlined each season as the VP of Majors and Minors see fit.

iii)      Any player ineligible to play due to injury may not act in any capacity requiring being on the field of play. Injured players may remain in the dugout if manager allows.

iv)      MANAGERS and Coaches shall remain on the playing field during the entire game unless request has been made of and permission granted by the UMPIRE‐IN‐CHIEF to leave the field of play temporarily.

v)       MANAGERS or Coaches who have left the field of play shall not give direction to players, MANAGER, or Coaches from outside the field of play.

vi)      Protests must be resolved before the next play in the Minor League (Rule 4.19(g))

vii)    Major League Protest committee will consist of the League President, Vice President (if applicable), Player Agent, Umpire‐in‐Chief, and Coaching Coordinator (if said coaching coordinator is not a Major League Manager or Coach) (4.19(f)).

viii)   Home team shall be responsible for the official book and official pitch count.

ix)      MANAGERS of both teams shall be responsible for the cleanliness of the field, dugouts and grandstands upon completion of games and practices

x)       Home team shall be responsible for providing game recap for publishing in Frederick News Post, if applicable.

xi)      Any Majors or Minors kid pitch team may use the bull pens and hitting cage at 7th St field while games are in progress, but only when not in use by the teams participating in the games. Teams playing a game have priority. Machine pitch teams may use cage if it is not in use by Majors or Minors teams. Bull pens and cage must be scheduled with the scheduling coordinator.




8)       Curfew, Lights and PA System Usage

i)         No inning at 7th St field may begin past 9:00pm.

ii)       All regular season practices must end by 9:00pm.

iii)      Our agreement with Frederick City states that all lights must be turned off by 9:45pm.

iv)      PA system.

(1)     PA system is allowed for weekend games only during the regular season.

(2)     PA system can be used on weeknights only for post‐season tournament games.

(3)     In all cases ‐ for all preseason and postseason games and all days of the week ‐ use of the PA system shall not continue past the time when the lights are turned on.


9)       Expenses

i)         All purchases must have the original receipt submitted to the Treasurer by the next scheduled board meeting, if not sooner. Failure to provide receipts in a timely fashion may result in removal from the BOD and/or associated committee.

ii)       All capital expenditures and any operational expenditures above $100 will be approved by the Board, League Treasurer or League President.

iii)      Committees shall secure bids on needed supplies and equipment orders in excess of $250 and make recommendations for their purchase to the Board for approval prior to orders being placed. (EXCEPTION: Concession Manager may purchase food and other items needed for operation without prior approval. Any concession equipment (capital expense) in excess of $100 requires approval)

iv)      All reimbursements for out of pocket expenses will require an original receipt.

v)       Emergency purchases made to protect the immediate safety or well‐being of players, fans, volunteers or property owned by the LEAGUE will not require pre‐authorization.


10)    League Equipment

i)         All League owned equipment and keys shall be returned to East Frederick Little League within 7 days of the last regular season game or, the last tournament game for tournament team Managers.


11)    Concessions

i)         Concessions will be operated in compliance with all state and local health codes.

ii)       Financials

(1)     If deemed appropriate by the Treasurer, a separate concession checking account will be maintained for all concession income and expenses. This account will begin each year with at least $500. Funds will be transferred to the general league account, from the concession account, as deemed necessary by the League Treasurer.

(2)     The Concession Manager will provide the board with an income/expense report and account balance at each scheduled BOARD meeting. All original receipts must be provided as part of this report, and should be neatly organized.

(3)     For the purposes of League accounting, the concessions will be included in the year‐end accounting for reporting income and expenses to Little League Baseball, Inc.

iii)      No one will be allowed in any concession under the age of 16.

iv)      The home team will be responsible for providing two adults to open, run and close concessions.

v)       MANAGERS will verify, before they leave, that the concession is ready for closing.

12)    League Championship

i)         No Champion will be declared for the Minor League (both kid pitch and machine pitch). All teams may participate in a City Championship tournament, if held.

ii)       Major League

(a)     If interleague play (games vs American) is not counted:

(i)       The season will be split into two halves, with the 1st half champion playing the 2nd half champion at the end of the season.

(ii)     If the same team wins both halves, it will be declared the League Champion

(iii)    If two or more teams are tied for 1st place at the end of a half, the winner will be determined by the following:

a.       If two teams have identical records, the tiebreaker is head to head record in that half to determine the champion of a half.


b.   If three teams tie for first place, the records of the three teams playing against each other (first half only) will be used for the first tiebreaker to try to get to one or two teams. Example: If team A is 3-1 playing against the other teams it is tied with and Team B and C are 2-2, team A is the first half champion. If Teams A and B are 3-1 and Team C is 2-2, Team A and B would share the first half title. If all three teams have identical records against each

other, then all three will be first half winners and playoffs will take place at end of regular season depending on winner of second half. If one of the two or three teams tied for first half title wins the second half outright, that team is considered the league champion. The other two will play a one game playoff for second place at end of regular season. If the fourth team wins the second half in the situation of a three-way first half tie, then all four teams will play a single elimination tournament at end of season with seeds determined by picking out of a hat. The two winners will play for first and second place for the regular season. If all teams tie in a half, the single elimination tournament format would be used.



IF the same team wins both halves and there are two different second place winners, the team winning both halves is league champion and the two second place finishers will play one game playoff at end of regular season to determine second playoff spot."


If two different teams win a half, these two teams will play a one game playoff to determine the league champion.


(b)     If interleague games are counted, the team with the best record for the entire season shall be declared the League Champion. If 2 or more teams are tied for 1st place, the winner will be determined as outlined in paragraph (iii) above.

(c)     The League champion will represent the League in the Frederick City Championship.

(d)     The team with the best overall regular season record that is not the League champion will represent the League in the District 2 Tournament of Champions.


13)    Post Season Tournament Teams

i)         Each year the following tournament teams will be selected:

(a)     Major League Level

1.    11/12 year old Little League District Tournament Team representing EFLL in Maryland District 2 Little League Tournament

(b)     Major/Minor League Level –

1.         9/10 year old Little League District Tournament Team, representing EFLL in Maryland District 2 Little League 9‐10 Tournament





2.       10/11 year old Tournament Team representing EFLL in Maryland District 2 Little League 10/11 Tournament (only if enough players after other two teams are selected.

(c)     Minor League Level

1.    Minor League Team(s) (age aligned as dictated by rules of Invitational Tournaments)

ii)       Tournament Team Manager Selection Process

(a)     The President shall assign All Star managers for each applicable level. The BOD shall vote to approve each assignment.

(b)     Coaches will be assigned by the All‐Star team Managers.

(c)     The above will be predicated on a board vote regarding the number of all star teams to field.

iii)      Player Selection Process


(i)       Each Major League manager will be allowed to select 1 player from his team. The 11‐12 All Star Manager will then select all additional players to make up the balance of the team up to a total of 12.

(ii)     A roster of 13 or 14 is allowable but must consider what is best for the players and the league.

(iii)    If for any reason there are not enough available and eligible players to field a team from manager selections, the All Star Manager will have the option of conducting open evaluations and will choose the remainder of the team.

(b)     The 10‐11 and 9‐10 All‐Star teams, when applicable, will be selected by the Manager who will conduct and attend open evaluations so he can evaluate each player fairly.

(c)     The Board will then approve all All‐Star selections.


14)    Disciplinary Action

i)         Any person who violates any rule in the Official Regulations and Playing Rules or these Local Rules or who violates Little League or East Frederick Little League Code of Conduct is subject to disciplinary action by the League. (All managers, coaches, umpires, players, and parents will be provided with a copy of the East Frederick Little League Code of Conduct).

ii)       Any person may bring to the attention of the League a violation as described in (A) by giving written account to any League official. That League official must forward this written account to the League President. The incident is to be investigated and a report made to the board within 7 days.

iii)      The BOARD shall hold a hearing if a violation requiring disciplinary action is not resolved to its satisfaction by the report of the President. The BOARD shall request the attendance of all appropriate parties at the hearing. A parent or legal guardian shall accompany players.

iv)      The offending party must be notified in writing of the action, if any, taken by the Board. Any of the following actions may be taken as deemed appropriate by the board:

(a)     Warning. Repetition of the violation shall result in more severe penalties.

(b)     Suspension. The offending party is suspended from League activities for a determinate number of days or games.

(c)     Dismissal. The offending party is prohibited from participation in League activities for the remainder of the season.

(d)     Barred. The offending party is forever prohibited from participation in League activities.

v)       If an incident occurs during the final game of the season, a player will serve his/her suspension during the first game of the next season.

vi)      Any player in an East Frederick Little League uniform that uses abusive/foul language or throws any object (i.e. bat, helmet), in disgust will be ejected from the remainder of the game and will serve a one game suspension at the next scheduled game.

vii)    Any manager in violation of the minimum playing time rule will be suspended until the board can convene and decide upon the appropriate disciplinary action



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