Equipment Needs

Every Player should have:
Cleats, Shinguards, a Ball and a Water Bottle.

In youth sports we are restricted in the types of cleats that we are allowed to wear. Cleats should not have metal studs on the bottom. These could become harmful if a child happens to be stepped on or kicked by someone with them on.
We also ask that if at all possible to avoid "baseball" cleats (they have the toe piece in the front). Baseball cleats can become very bulky when running on a soccer field and won't allow the player to have fully control over the ball when it is at their feet.

Rules have been changed that require shinguards to cover the whole shin area. There are all different types and styles of shinguards so make sure to have your child try them on and make sure that they will be well protected and comfortable.
Also remember when wearing shinguards they are required to be covered by socks.

Balls sizes will vary with the age of the player. Below is a list of sizes for age group/division
1. Candy League: size 3
2. Passer: size 3
3. Wing: size 4
4. Striker: size 4
5. Kicker: size 5

Water Bottle:
Water Bottles come in all shapes and sizes. One rule of thumb is you would rather have too much water than not enough and with practices starting at the end of summer there will still be some very hot days where a lot of water will be a must.

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