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Team parents are needed in all sports and in all leagues.  Team parents assist the coach administratively.  Below is a copy of our team mom manual:


This Team Parent Manual has been created for two reasons. If you are deciding whether

you will be able to help us this season by serving as a volunteer Team Parent for your

child’s team, then the below information should help you start to understand what we

need help doing. Secondly, if you have already accepted the position of Team Parent for

your child’s team, this information will be invaluable to you.

We want to thank you, in advance, for volunteering to help us. Our program is highly

successful because of parents like you who volunteer to help us. We hope that this

information helps you to assist your coach in an efficient manner and helps you to serve

your team families in such a manner that everyone has a wonderful experience at Johns

Creek UMC.

The Team Parent Selection Process

You can volunteer to be a team parent initially by responding positively in the Volunteer

module during the registration process.  Once you are assigned to a team, we also encourage

you to approach your coach and let him know that you are available to help with the team

responsibilities.  As soon as you are designated as your team's parent, please send the

followng information to [email protected].

Contact #

E-Mail Address (All correspondence is done through e-mail)

In addition, the Coach may also give you the Team’s #. This is the # that the team has

been identified with in relation to all of the other team’s in the current season. Write

down the Team # for your team and always use it when corresponding about your team’s


Getting Started

As a Team Parent, you will be helping the coach administratively so that he/she can focus

on the coaching. The first order of business is ensuring that each child has a uniform.

With the advent of our new uniform pack, we no longer wait until the close of

registration to order each participant’s specific size. We actually place the uniform order

long before registration ends. Due to the fact that everyone essentially wears the same

uniform (not same size), it gives us the liberty to pre-order what we need. Each season,

we offer a uniform pick-up day where the parent can come pick up the uniform that they

ordered during registration. 

Uniform Lettering

It has become commonplace in our program to have each child’s jersey lettered.

Normally this is a duty of the Team Parent; however you must know that the Recreation

Ministry does not say that getting the jerseys lettered is the job of the Team Parent. Any

local lettering company can do lettering. We recommend that you have each family go

and get their jersey lettered individually. The Recreation Ministry cannot be responsible

for any errors that the lettering company makes on our jerseys. If you choose to go and

get your team’s jerseys lettered as a service to the team, you will want to get money from

each parent to cover the cost of the lettering AND make sure that you have in writing

what name the parent wants on the back of the jersey.

Picture Day!!!

Picture Day will be announced at the beginning of the Season. In some cases, it is

already listed on the current year’s Recreation Calendar online. The Recreation Office

will get you picture day forms to distribute to your parents well in advance of your

scheduled picture day. A picture day schedule will be distributed well in advance of the

scheduled picture day. In most cases, your team’s picture time will be scheduled about

30 minutes to an hour before your scheduled game for that particular day. We want to

allow you enough time to get your pictures done and make it to your scheduled game

time comfortably. For most sports in our league, a picture company representative will

be out the following week to distribute the team pictures. Again, it is better if one person,

the Team Parent, comes and collects all of the team’s pictures for distribution to the team.

After receiving the pictures, if anyone has problems or questions about the pictures, they

can contact the picture company directly. The picture company for our league is:

Peachtree Imaging

(678) 990-7866

Janet Willy

[email protected]

Snack Schedule

Most teams will assign one week of the season to each parent on the team for that parent

to provide snacks for the team following the game. You will create and distribute this

schedule as soon as possible. Provide snack suggestions for the parents. Please

remember to clean up your space after each game. Be sensitive that there are other teams

that play on the fields throughout the day. Make sure that all snack leftovers are

discarded appropriately.

Trophy List

We no longer require the Team Parent to submit a corrected version of the roster back to

us for trophies. We submit the alpha list to the trophy company so that they can have the

trophies ready well in advance of the end of the season

Coach’s Gift Ideas

If a team wishes, they may want to provide their coach or coaches with some sort of gift

at the end of season party to say “Thank You”. Some team parents will figure how much

coach’s gifts, lettering, and the team party will cost and ask for one lump sum so that they

are not asking for extra money all season. The Recreation Ministry recommends that no

Team Mom ask for more than $15 per family to cover these costs. It is entirely optional

for a family to choose to give additional money for a coach’s gift.

The Recreation Office will provide a way for you to order a coach’s plaque or some other

kind of coach’s gift towards the end of the season. As long as you order is made in a

timely fashion, you should be able to present your coach his/her gift at the end of season

party on the last day of the season.

Below are the links to the trophy company’s web page where you can order coaches gifts:

Picking Up & Checking Out Trophies

You should be able to pick up your team’s trophies anytime during normal business hours

at the Recreation Office about 2 weeks prior to the end of the season. It is very important

to get your trophies and check them to make sure that each child on your team has a

trophy and there are no problems with any of the trophies. For trophies that are broken,

names misspelled, or wrong figurine, you will need to contact the trophy company

directly. Our current trophy company is:

Georgia Wholesale

Jim Krause

(770) 717-7999

[email protected]

Planning for the End-Of-Season Party

Most teams will want to have a party at the end of the season. The Recreation Ministry

will provide a room and food for any team wishing to have their end of season party here

at the church’s facilities following their last game. The room is ONLY available on the

last day of the season.

You will need to decide whether your team wants to reserve a room or wishes also to

have food provided by the Recreation Ministry at your party. You will need to

communicate with the Recreation Office and let us know if you will be needing a room

for your end of season party no later than your next to last game of the season. In

addition, if your team will need food that we will provide, you will need to give us a

count of how many people from your team will be eating (players, siblings, parents…)

We provide pizza for $2/person. You will need to be responsible for providing

cups, plates, napkins, drinks, and anything else that you will need for your party. We will

provide you with MORE than enough pizza to feed the # that you have given us. You

may pay us with a check at the time of your party. The party schedule will be posted on

the outside of the church door on the day of your party. It will state which room that your

team has been assigned to. We are not able to allow time for special setup before parties.

Please help us by cleaning up your room after your party is over.

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