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The History of Baseball in Fort Lee

Written By: William J. Connell, President of Fort Lee National Little League from 1953-1962

     The Fort Lee National Little League was organized in 1953 by The Athletic Committee of the Fort Lee A. C. After the 1953 season there were so many boys who wanted to play that the league applied to Little League Baseball at Williamsport to expand from 4 to 6 teams, they said Fort Lee's population was large enough for 2 leagues, we therefor started the American League in 1954. Main Street was the boundary line, later changed to Tom Hunter Road, between the leagues, the American being south and the National north of Tom Hunter Road.

     Our sponsors originally were Babe's Taxi, Fort Lee A. C., Lions Club and Palisades Amusement Park. We have retained the same sponsors except that Cutrupi and Co. replaced Babe's Taxi in 1962.  Our first field was the Fort Lee A. C. Field which was used unti1 the Little League Field on Anderson Ave. was ready.  The property for the Little League Field is leased from the Mayor & Council of Fort Lee for a term of years. The field is used by the Major League teams of the American and National Leagues.

     Our minor league teams used the Fort Lee A. C. field after the major team went to Little League Field until 1959 when it became a parking lot. Our minor section used the east end of the High School Field. However, in 1961 and 1962 our minor league played on Fort Lee School No.2 Field and the major section played a nine game schedule on east end of High School Field in addition to Little League Field on Anderson Ave.

     Our league growth has kept pace with the growth of our town and we have endeavored to make baseball available to all boys whose ages range from 8 thru 12 as of August 1st in the year that they play.  We started with 60 boys and 4 teams, in 1962 we have about 200 boys and 12 teams, 4 Major and 8 Minor.

     Our league is financed by our sponsors. Proceeds of yearly Fund Drives which our boys participate in are turned over to Little Leagues, Inc., for the operation and maintenance of Little League Field On Anderson Avenue.

     We are grateful to our sponsors for providing the funds to keep our program going, and to The Fort Lee Board of Education for giving us permission to use school fields for our boys. We appreciate the yearly assistance provided by Mr. Lewis F. Cole, Superintendent of Schools, and his secretary, Mrs. Ethel Meyn, in circulating our annual registration forms.
     We are thankful for the large number of men who have managed and coached our teams over the years. We shall continue to provide the best for our boys in the years ahead as we have in the past 10 seasons.


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