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The content below is our curriculum for the U14-U19 age groups.  The framework is designed for you as a coach to take the activities and combine, manipulate and deliver what is best for your team!  What works for one team in these age divisions, may not work for another.


It is important for coaches to have a basic understanding of the intellectual, emotional and physical developmental stages of the players that we are coaching in order to make practices run smoothly while also being fun. Here are some typical characteristics of the Under 14-19 player.

    Under 14:
  • At these ages, ball skills, enjoyment and insight into the game, with a gradual introduction to fitness, mental toughness, and results are the keys.
  • Success in winning matches should begin to be the product of a consistent and systematic approach to the game that focuses more on player development than on team building.
  • These players are a long way from being “complete”.
  • Encourage players to play in different positions. Don’t pigeonhole players based only on what is best for getting the result.
  • Their focus should be on how their decisions and their ball skill help or hinder their team’s ability to win at whatever game or exercise that they play.
  • Focus on players developing into better players who can figure out how to win than with telling them exactly what to do.
    Under 16:
  • Players should be comfortable dealing with the ball in a variety of situations,
  • Look to address how basic tactical issues can influence the game.
  • High and low pressure, keeping your back line connected with your attacking players during possession in your attacking half of the field, or rhythm of play issues can be addressed.
  • Some basic positional responsibilities and how, as a team, these responsibilities are interconnected can be addressed.
  • Players should aspire to have technical precision. Accountability for their execution and decisions with the ball should be recognized (how it impacts the game).
    Under 19:
  • Improvement is based on how well the player has developed up to this point. Therefore, focus on fine-tuning the qualities that already exist.
  • Areas that can still be influenced greatly are game insight, physical conditioning and attitude.
  • Practices should always contain the following elements: competition, critical thinking and technical repetition.
  • Players should be able to recognize the needs of a particular game and how to make the appropriate adjustments.
  • Different scenarios can be addressed such as, playing in the last 15 minutes of a game with a lead, when the game is tied, or when your team is losing.
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