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                       Fall Registration for SISAY Travel League is OPEN
                     Welcome to Hidden Valley Lake Soccer Club


  Jr League ages 4-5 will play on Wednesday 6:30-7:30  (Reg will open July 1st)
   * Note: 3yr olds are welcome if you are OK playing with older kids. 
   * Practice and Games are all on Wednesday. Practice for 1/2 hour then play a game for 1/2 hour.
   * Games are played during the week at the HVL Fields.

   * If you are 5 and played 2 years in the Jr league please register for the Recreational  League.                           

  In House Recreational Leagues ages 5-12 will play on Tuesday and Thursday 6:30-7:30 (Reg will open July 1st)
  * All games and Practices are at the HVL Fields.
  * 4 different age groups. Players can be moved up based on player's skill level.
  * Games are played during the week at the HVL Fields.
  * No Weekend Soccer Activities

 SAY Travel Leagues ages 7-14  games on Saturday's. Reg is OPEN, Navigate to the SISAY "Tab" above

 * Season Kicks 1st week of August
 * Season finishes up end of October
 * 4 different age groups
 * Practice 2 nights at week with most games on Saturday Morning. 
 * This is a travel league, You will play games vs teams in our district versus
       (Lawrenceburg, Rising Sun, Milan, Dillsboro, Aurora, & Swiss Co


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   Please click on the tabs above for more specific info related to different age groups / leagues.

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Hidden Valley Soccer Program: Our main purpose in soccer is to help develop children physically, socially and psychologically by using age appropriate soccer games and activities. The teaching of teamwork, commitment and perseverance are foundations for success in their future endeavors.  

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