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Clearfield Soccer Association


Clearfield Soccer Community - We Need Your Help

The Clearfield Soccer Association is a 100% Volunteer powered organization that exists to provide our kids the opportunity to enjoy the game of soccer with friends in a safe, friendly and modern environment/facility.  Our volunteer coaches have done a terrific job with the kids providing training and opportunities for them spread their wings on the field.  We are proud of our soccer complex and excited about the recent activities to modernize and improve. 

Since this time last year we have added electric power and updated the septic system. Currently we are expanding and improving a portion of the playing surface. We are also set to begin erecting a Pavilion and Storage building. The "Curve" on the drive between the road and parking lot is being excavated to widen and make more safe. The road is also being excavated to add better drainage and prepare the road for paving this fall. That's right, the road will be paved this fall from the Coal Hill entrance to the parking lot. There will be two handicap accessible viewing areas installed.  There are significant state and community dollars involved in these projects and a large number of volunteer hours as well. 

We are ready to begin building a Pavilion and Storage Building and in need of volunteers to get these projects done over the next two months. Specific carpentry skills are not needed as we will have people there to lead/assist. What we need is time and energy from people willing to pitch in to help the organization. Weekday evenings and 4 hour Saturday or Sundays is what we are trying to plan for. Will you donate some time to lend a hand? If so, please contact Bob Aleksivich at and let him know when you could be available to help. 

For the love of the game and our youth, 
The Clearfield Soccer Association