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2014-2015 Soccer Year


Futsal Only Registration - For Office Use Only

Registration Dates: 12/01/2014 to 03/31/2015
Start and End Dates: 12/01/2014 to 03/31/2015

Super 20 / W20 Tryouts

Super-20 League

As the longest standing and most sophisticated U20 men’s North American amateur league, the Super-20 League provides the platform for top 17- to 20-year-olds in the United States and Canada to compete at the elite level. While serving as a reserve team system for many PDL teams, the USL Super-20 League features teams competing in regional divisions, playing in 8-10 regular season matches throughout the summer months. U20 seasons begin mid-May and end mid-July with National Championships being held at IMG Academy in Florida at the end of July


As the premier U-20 adult-amateur women’s league in North America, W-20 provides the necessary platform for top 17- to 20-year-olds in the United States and Canada to compete at an elite level, while also serving as a reserve system for professional and senior adult-amateur women’s teams. W-20 utilizes the W-League’s operational infrastructure that emphasizes quality ownership, league standards and player development to maintain itself as the leader in under-20 women’s soccer in North America. Tennessee Soccer club will be a part of the Southeast division competing in 8-10 regular season games and the divisional winner competing in the National Championships being held at IMG Academy in Florida at the end of July.

Super 20s / W-20s

Registration Dates: 03/06/2015 to 05/03/2015
Start and End Dates: 05/01/2015 to 07/31/2015

Super Y Tryouts

Founded in 1999, Super Y is a nation-wide youth league operated by the United Soccer Leagues (USL), which is the largest organization of elite soccer leagues in North America.  Affiliated with US Soccer, the Super Y-League contains the youth academies of Major League Soccer clubs, USL PRO clubs, Premier Development League and W-League clubs.  Divisions within Super Y are organized geographically, and membership in the league is limited to only a few elite programs to ensure strong competition.  The Super Y-League also has its own ODP Identification Program that has opened countless doors for players to be identified for U.S. National Team Programs.  

Tennessee Soccer Club is proud to be selected as a Super Y club, meeting the strict criteria that attracts the quality outlined in their league description noted above.  For any additional questions you have regarding Super Y please contact Andy Truex, at 919-805-4045 or andy.t@tennesseesoccerclub.org

Team                     Tryout Date:  March 29th 2015                Date Of Birth After

U12 Boys
5pm-6:30pm  WCSA Downs Soccer Complex                        8/1/2002

U12 Girls              
5pm-6:30pm WCSA Downs Soccer Complex                         8/1/2002

U13 Boys             
5pm-6:30pm WCSA Downs Soccer Complex                         8/1/2001

U13 Girls              
6:45pm-8:15pm WCSA Downs Soccer Complex                   8/1/2001

U14 Boys             
6:45pm-8:15pm WCSA Downs Soccer Complex                   8/1/2000

U14 Girls              
6:45pm-8:15pm WCSA Downs Soccer Complex                   8/1/2000


Super Y Tryouts

Registration Dates: 03/06/2015 to 03/29/2015
Start and End Dates: 03/29/2015 to 03/29/2015

TSC Futsal Camp (U8-U14)

TSC are excited to announce dates for Summer 2015 Futsal Camps. Come participate in a skill based, fast paced and fun soccer environment. Futsal provides an opportunity  for hundreds of touches in a short period of time, assuring increased development in ball control and awareness. All players will be placed in age and ability specific groups. Our experienced staff will provide many developmental and challenging activities on a range of topics:

 -Ball Control; 1v1 moves, changes of direction and increased speed in decision making.

 -Passing and receiving; Trap and move the ball in tight spaces, assuring enhanced awareness and ball control.

 -Finishing; Small spaces demand quicker shooting decisions.  Get shots of quickly and accurately with lots of activities and repetition.

 -Defending; Learn how to defend instinctively and with improved  technique and body shape.

 -Shape; Work all your magic relative to team and tactical shape!

TSC Futsal Camp 2015 (9am-1pm)

Registration Dates: 01/28/2015 to 06/19/2015
Start and End Dates: 06/22/2015 to 06/25/2015

TSC Indoor Summer Camp

Come join TSC coaches for a week filled of fun and developmental activities. We offer a full week of soccer filled action, coached by top level coaches. Our daily topics are sure to challenge all players, and improve each players all round ability. Campers will be placed by age and ability levels. An environment sure to develop each and every player! Our camp curriculum provides challenging and fun activities sure to improve:

-Ball Majesty; 1v1 moves, changes of direction and increased awareness and understanding of the how? Where? When? and why? of using moves.

 -Passing and Receiving; learn to control the ball with ease and awareness through pressured and exciting activities and games.

 -Goal Scoring; Score bundles of goals, as our coaches share finishing techniques and options.

 -Defending; learn how to defend 1v1, defensive techniques and transitional play between both defense and attack.

 -Shape; our experienced staff will share how you can use all your new and improved skills, relative to team and tactical shape.  

*T-Shirt for each camper*

    For any more information please contact Camp Director Alan O’Connor @ alan.o@tennesseesoccerclub.org


TSC Indoor Camp(U12-U16)

Registration Dates: 01/28/2015 to 06/28/2015
Start and End Dates: 06/29/2015 to 07/02/2015

TSC Indoor Camp(U8-U11)

Registration Dates: 01/28/2015 to 06/28/2015
Start and End Dates: 06/29/2015 to 07/02/2015

UPDATED Dallas SuperCopa 2015

This is the registration opportunity for the 2015 Dallas SuperCopa.  If you've been offered a spot on the U9 Boys, U10 Boys, U12 Boys, U10 Girls, and U12 Girls, you can use this sign up to pay your traveling fees.  

Each player will pay $140 towards the team entry fee, coach expenses, and a participant t-shirt specific to this event.  Thank you for submitting your child's payment.  Each player / family is still responsible to pay their own travel and lodging expenses.

Please contact the coach that has invited you to participate if you have any questions regarding this payment.

Player Registration

Registration Dates: 03/09/2015 to 04/01/2015
Start and End Dates: 06/05/2015 to 06/07/2015

UPDATED Drill 4 Skill Spring 2015: Nolensville


All sessions are held in Nolensville:  
6-Week Session
Program open to Nolensville Soccer Club participants.  

Ages: 6 - 8 years old, Boys & Girls

Time: 6:00pm - 7:00pm

Dates: Fridays, March 27, April 3, April 10, April 17, April 24, May 1

Ages: 9 - 12 years old, Boys & Girls

Time: 7:00pm - 8:00pm

Dates: Fridays, March 27, April 3, April 10, April 17, April 24, May 1

All online registered players will receive a Drill for Skill T-Shirt.

The Drill for Skill format is to infuse both intentional instruction with fluid Free Play. The purpose of the Drill for Skill is to provide players the opportunity to learn through guided discovery and experiment real-time in tactically specific games.  The hour (1) session will incorporate individual technique in passing and dribbling. Stopping, starting, turning with the ball varied with inside, outside and lift passes will dominate the curriculum.  In the latter half of training, players will be divided up into small-sided games that will challenge critical thinking skills and problem solving ability. Each session ends with a World Cup style tournament with running clocks and fluid transitions.  Teams will be randomly selected with coaches ensuring safety and fair play. 

The format for Drill for Skill:  1 ball, 1 player – intentional skill development

Sample Session: 
5  Min: Overview of Training, Skill of the Week, Player Recognition
15 Min: Passing Technique 
20 Min: Ball Manipulation, Feints/Fakes
20 Min: Small-Sided Play – World Cup Format Drill for Skill will be a serious approach to learning and having fun while demonstrating real time technique in the run of play.


Full Session (all 6 nights)
Cost:  $70

First 3 Week Session (3/27, 4/3, 4/10)
Cost:  $40

Second 3 Week Session (4/17, 4/24, 5/1)
Cost:  $40

Nolensville U6-U8 --- Second 3 Weeks

Registration Dates: 03/10/2015 to 04/17/2015
Start and End Dates: 04/17/2015 to 05/01/2015

Nolensville U9-U12 --- Second 3 Weeks

Registration Dates: 03/10/2015 to 04/17/2015
Start and End Dates: 04/17/2015 to 05/01/2015

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