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Mason Dixon Soccer League

Next Event

Meet the coaches day:     Saturday, March 21st 
                                         at Miller Park 
                                         10:00 am-11:00 am

Additional Dates:
Paul Smith Library:           Tuesday,  March 24th
                                         Saturday, March 28th

The Paul Smith Library is located at 80 Constitution Avenue in Shrewsbury (behind the Southern Branch YMCA). You can access the sale through the exterior door to the left of the main entrance of the library.

About The Equipment Exchange Program

We take in gently used soccer items (mostly cleats and shin guards), clean them, and make them available to league participants for a small donation. Whether you’re new to soccer and not sure about making an investment in new gear, or your child has outgrown something and you’re not ready to invest in new gear, or you just want an extra pair of cleats to keep “just in case,” we might have what you’re looking for!

Got Gear?
Donate your gently used (and clean) soccer equipment, practice gear, cleats, and shin guards.

Need Gear?
For a small donation you can acquire gently used soccer equipment, including cleats and shin guards.

Contact for more information.

All proceeds benefit the Mason Dixon Soccer League.As a non-profit organization, the Mason Dixon Soccer League runs solely on registration fees and charitable contributions. Initiatives like this help us raise the much needed funds to keep the league operating at an acceptable level. Donations may be tax deductible – tax ID 23-2692959. Please consult your accountant or tax advisor.