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Coaches' Background Check

All managing and coaching applicants MUST complete a background check application.  We now utilize an online system to help protect the identity of our applicants.  If you are determined to be ineligible to coach by this policy, there is no appeal process.  If you choose to be a coach for TYBA, you will receive an email from REDTAIL to complete your background check. TYBA pays $16 for your background check, so all you need to do is submit your information after receiving the REDTAIL email. 

Coaches' Certification

Tyrone Baseball and The Town of Tyrone require all Managers & Coaches to be NYSCA Certified in baseball.

Upon completion of the certification process, a temporary card is available to print.  You permanent card will arrive in the mail. 

Your NYSCA Card must be carried at all times.

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