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Parents Guide to Soccer
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For Parents, don't let this be you: (click on them to view)
Potato Sack Race
Pin the Tail
Don Lucia Speech
Cheer for you kid

This is the registration web site for Monroe Soccer. 

For up to date information please check back to:
Call 513-298-1788 extension 3 for general information, rain out info, or to leave a message extension 4.

We have a new registration process. Always trying to improve our organization and make things easier for parents to get their kids intosoccer.

Register Now


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Monroe SAY Soccer is seeking referees for the fall soccer season. Adults and youth age 12 and up are eligible to referee after completing a training course. It’s a great way to learn more about soccer, get some exercise, and earn some money on Saturdays from August 29 until mid-October. 

Email Referee Coordinator Brian Harrison at briankharrison@gmail.com to reserve a spot in the class or with questions.

Club Announcement


About Our Club

Monroe Soccer Association is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and is currently part of the Miami Valley South Soccer Association. MVS represents 10 SAY Soccer Districs in the greater Middletown area. The 10 Districts are Carlisle, Clinton-Massie, Franklin, Lebanon, Madison, Middletown, Monroe, Springboro, Valley View and Waynesville. Monroe, like the other nine districts, voluntarily belongs to MVSA for convenience of playing other nearby districts, but the Monroe Soccer Association reserves the right to move to another Soccer body if we feel it is in the best interests of MSA. 

Board Members
President -Mike Watkins – president@monroesoccer.net
Vice President - Frank Nation - Frank@monroesoccer.net
Treasurer - Jessica Ploeger - Jessica@monroesoccer.net
Secretary - Russell Rilling - Russell@monroesoccer.net
Say Rep - Russell Rilling - Russell@monroesoccer.net
Ref Commissioner – Scott Gillham - ScottG@monroesoccer.net
Registration - Frank Nation - Frank@monroesoccer.net
Equipment – Scott Gillham - ScottG@monroesoccer.net
Head Coach Commissioner -Mike Watkins – president@monroesoccer.net
Passer Coach Coordinator - Scott Canfield – ScottC@monroesoccer.net
Instructional Coach Coordinator - Angie Cummins – Angie@monroesoccet.net
Opening Day/Sponsors -Mellisa Vasquez - Mellisa@monroesoccer.net
Fields - Frank Nation - Frank@monroesoccer.net
Soccer Camp - Jessica Ploeger - Jessica@monroesoccer.net
Pictures/Awards/Sponsors- Angie Cummins – Angie@monroesoccet.net
Concession Stand - Frank Nation - Frank@monroesoccer.net
Uniforms/Web Site  - Scott Canfield – ScottC@monroesoccer.net 
Park Board Rep 
 – Scott Gillham - ScottG@monroesoccer.net

Registration Info

Fall Sign-ups are now open online. We have two walk in dates to register in person and look at uniform sizes.

See FAQ link for questions at www.monroesoccer.net

Sunday, May 17- 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Saturday, May 30- 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Monroe Lending Library Community Room 6 East Ave, Monroe  

Register online: http://clubs.bluesombrero.com/monroesoccer

Contact Us

Contact us at: info@monroesoccer.net

Monroe Soccer Association
PO Box 24
Monroe, Oh. 45050


General information, Rain-out number, or to leave a message: 513-298-1788 extension 3

Copyright (c) 2015 Monroe Soccer Association