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Frequently Asked Questions

1. When does the season begin and how long will it run?     The spring season begins the 2nd weekend in April (depending on weather/field conditions), the fall season begins the first weekend in September (depending on timing of Labor Day).  Both run for 8 weeks.

2. When are games?     U4/U6 (Munchkins) & Grade 1-2 In-Town games are always on Saturday mornings. Munchkin teams U4/5/6 play 10:30 - 11:30 and In Town Grade 1-2 play at 8:45.   Travel schedule varies by season - for travel soccer information and game schedule - visit
  Please check the appropriate schedule to determine the exact time for your child's game.   

3. Where are the games held?     All U4/U6 games are played in front of the Lunenburg Primary School (LPS).  Travel game locations vary and are published on the Nashoba Valley Youth Soccer website. Please follow instructions for parking!

4. When are practices?     U6 practice the first half of the hour session on Saturday mornings - they do not practice during the week.  Grade 1-2 teams have a 1 hour practice during the week while Travel teams have two 90 minute practices.  Both divisions also have a game on Saturday.  Practices can be Monday - Friday and begin as early as 5:00 and as late as 6:30.  Your coach chooses the practice time and date.

5. What equipment does my child need?     Your child will need to have shin pads, a size 3 ball (U4-6 and Grade 1-2) and a water bottle at every practice and game.  LYSA provides team shirts at the U4-6/Grade 1-2 level while parents/players are responsible for purchasing their own travel uniforms.  LYSA also provides appropriately sized balls (size 4 Grade 3-4, size 5 Grade 5-6 & up) at the travel level but players are also encouraged to bring their own.  Cleats are required for Grade 1-2 and Travel.  Cleats are not required for U4-6, but are recommended as they help with traction (especially when the field is wet).  All cleats need to be plastic and not have any cleats/spikes on the toe (unlike some baseball or football cleats). Long hair should be secured only with non-metallic hair elastics.   Jewelry (including studs) is NOT allowed while on the soccer field.  All jewelry must be removed before play begins. 

6. I haven't heard from my child(ren)s coach yet.  When will I find out what team my child is on?     Divisional directors hold a coaches meeting 1 to 2 weeks before the beginning of the season.  Coaches receive their rosters at this meeting and contact their players shortly thereafter.  You should receive a call from your coach a week to 2 weeks before the beginning of the season.    If by two days prior to the start of the season you have not heard from your coach, please contact us to have us verify your registration and inform you of your team assignment.

7. I have registered late.  How do I know if my child has made it on a team?     We try to get every child that wants to play assigned to a team.  If the division that your child plays in has filled up, the Division Director will contact you to let you know.  At that point, your child would be placed on a waiting list in the event a slot opens up.  If your child does not get placed on a team, your registration fee will be refunded. 

8.  I  am confused about the dates.  When is my child old enough to play?     The LYSA In-Town program is set up for children between the ages of 3 and 8.  Players older than 8 years in age are eligible to play in the Travel division.

9. My U6 child missed the July 31st cut off, but will be 3 before the beginning of the season.  Why can't I sign up online?     Our online registration is designed to only accepts players that fall within the cut off dates.  Because your child is technically too young, you must contact the Registrar to assist in your online sign up.  Sending an email to with the following information will expedite registration process for your 3 year old:

Your name

Your child's name

Your child's date of birth

10. My child missed the July 31 cut off but will be 3 during the season.  Can he/she still play?     No, children must be 3 years old by the first game in order to play. 

11. My child just got their ears pierced.  Can can he/she wear her earrings while playing soccer?  No.  Lunenburg Youth Soccer follows rules put forth by the Nashoba Valley Youth Soccer League.  All jewelry is considered dangerous and is not tolerated.  Exceptions are made for medical ID bracelets, which must be secured with athletic tape. 

12. Are the rules listed somewhere?  Yes.  The rules governing the Lunenburg Youth Soccer program may be found in the NVYSL Bylaws (PDF).  These rules are written specifically for travel teams.  Munchkin/In Town teams follow the rules for the U10, 6v6 travel team with a few differences made to accommodate our younger players.

13. How much does it cost? Fees are currently set as follows:  U6 - $70,  U8 - $80,  Travel - $120.  Registrations received before the early bird discount expiration date will receive a $25 discount.

14. What is LYSA's refund policy?  Any fees paid will be refunded, provided your child withdraws (by sending an email to the league registrar before the first scheduled game, less a $15 non-refundable registration fee.

15. I want to get more information in real-time - how can I do that?    Interested parents are encouraged to subscribe to our Facebook page.

Principles Applicable to all Participants 

1. All participants shall treat one another and all other people taking part in LYSA sponsored activities with dignity and respect. Participants shall behave according to the rules of soccer, and shall avoid conduct that demeans, harasses, or threatens any person. A participant is any one of the following persons present at an activity sponsored by the LYSA, or at an activity in which he/she represents the LYSA: player, coach, assistant coach, spectator, referee, club official, LYSA official. 
2. All participants should be aware of, understand, and comply fully with the requirements to which they are subject, including the principles in this Statement; the policies of their soccer club, the requirements of the NVYSL, MASS YOUTH SOCCER, and the US Soccer Federation. 

Questions for President of LYSA can be emailed to