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A little bit about our Program: Our Organization was founded in 2012 "Clover Warbirds" as a "feeder" style program to supply our Middle Schools and High School with experienced Lacrosse players. When we took over the program in 2020, we decided to re brand it as "TomahawkLax", while keeping our same core values and family environment. We have made it a mission to build confidence and character in our community’s youth through athletics while also laying the foundation for a deep love for the "oldest sport in North America" to both boys AND girls!
Why the name TOMAHAWK Lacrosse? In absolute homage and honor to the true roots of the game we love, we searched for a name embodying a true meaning which would signify the basic tool needed to lay the groundwork for all of our future battles on the Lacrosse field. Since the beginning of Native American life, the TOMAHAWK (origin: tamahaac) has been a staple and necessity in the life and success of the forefathers of the sport we have all come to respect and love. It served them well in both hunting and on the battlefield, and it gave them some sense of security when going about their daily lives. Just as the TOMAHAWK provided the Native American with confidence and emboldened them in battle, we hope that it symbolizes the same for our young athletes while keeping the deep rooted connection between our current day lacrosse and the history from which it comes!  We are grateful for the sport we have today and will always honor the original creators while paying homage to them whenever possible. Our name is but a SMALL way for us to remind ALL, that the sport is greater than the playing field and that we acknowledge and respect those that came before us who continued to pass on that which we have all come to know and love as Lacrosse! 
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