Saturday, April 30, 2016

The Blue Sombrero Service


The Service


Our service is based around making the lives of our administrators and parents easier and less stressful.  We call it Simple Passion.  It is our drive to make the complex, simple.  We provide our service to you quickly and efficiently and you have the piece of mind that we will fully support every part of our service for you and your parents during the registration process and beyond. 


With feedback from our customers and in our quest to reduce stress for our administrators with the easiest process possible, we have created four integrated pieces to our online registration service; all of which can be controlled and changed without any technical expertise.  The four services of Simple Passion are:


Simple Passion:  The Website


Our website was designed to provide organizations a professional, highly organized site that will alleviate phone calls from parents with soccer questions.  It was also designed to be simple to update so that any member of the organization with the proper access could increase the communication level between parents and league officials on current events.  This is a great feature to reduce the miscommunication associated with field closings, weather delays, tryouts and payment updates. 


Simple Passion:  Online Registration and Credit Card Processing


It’s not just about going online, but going online with a process that fits your club, supports your parents and listens to your needs.  Whether you are switching vendors and know all the questions you need answered or this is your first time, Blue Sombrero makes sure every customer receives a full proposal and presentation from the wealth of knowledge that clubs in more than 25 states have passed on. 


Clubs are switching to our online registration process because they know competition for kids is increasing and time is at an all time premium.  Parents and administrators alike have hectic and busy schedules.  In a world of instant gratification, if your parents have to wait an hour to sign their two children up or drive a check into the office, they are going to think about alternatives.  This is the new culture of youth and adult sports.  But there is more than just automated registration.  There is:


  1. Financial Tracking
  2. Medical Release Acceptance
  3. Customized Confirmation Emails
  4. Credit Card Processing for Visa, Mastercard and American Express
  5. Total Account Reconciliation
    1. We have found in our research that many clubs who have completed an audit of their merchant credit card processing account for registration have discovered hundreds of dollars that have never been paid the club. 
    2. We work closely with our banks and credit card merchants to reconcile every transaction to the penny and provide you a simple, easy to read line itemed report of all your registrations and payments.  No money slips through the crack…ever. 


Simple Passion:  Communication


What is the price of a lost family?  How about two or three?  It adds up quickly. 


When we started, we had customers in all parts of the country tell us that they were scared to raise their price even a little to accommodate online registration.  Now they tell us, they can’t afford not to.  Clubs are merging, growing, expanding and providing a better experience for their parents around every turn.  The old ways of lost checks, unreturned phone calls and stagnant websites are finished.  Almost everyone has access to email and the internet at home or work and they expect their organizations to keep them informed.  We have all faced the anger of a parent who shows up at the field only to find practice was cancelled the day before from rain.  The key to success and growth is: Communication.


Don’t upset your parents by sending generic emails.  Customize every email to what matters most to your parents…automatically. 


Every email that we generate through our system is customized to the specific program that the parent has signed their child up for.  It is a powerful communication method that allows you to do more work in less time with less stress.  Customized order confirmation emails, “Slice and Dice” distribution lists and HTML emails add to make all of our communication efforts successful. 


Simple Passion:  League Management



It’s true that this service was created by soccer administrators for soccer administrators, but the constant enhancing of the service to streamline and simplify is what sets us apart.   Our view for total integration is being realized through our customers and their desire to make a great service.  Every Blue Sombrero customer knows that their voice is being heard to design the simplest process for:


  1. Parent and player tracking
  2. Financial tracking
  3. Custom reporting
  4. Team building
  5. Scheduling
  6. Tryout Acceptance
    1. Launched in the spring of 2005 with enormous success, this process allows for pre-registration, team building integration, email notification, online acceptance and payment plans.  It is the smoothest process in the industry and a testament to our customers vision for total integration.  Remember throughout the process, every parent has the support of Blue Sombrero behind them to guarantee an easy and successful registration.   

Giving power to your voice.  Work with people that listen to your needs to create custom solutions. 


We love our customers.  They believe in our service, give us feedback to make it better and in return we implement those suggestion to organizations in over 25 states.  Simple Passion gives power to your voice. 









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