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Under 6 Rules and Guidelines

Under 6 Rules and Guidelines

The Under 6 age group is for children that are 4 or 5 years old as of August 31 of that soccer season. Bourne Youth Soccer Association conducts the Fall recreation program, which runs from the weekend after Labor Day to early November.

The primary purpose for our fall program is for instruction and recreation. We do not keep scores or standings so that the participants can focus on developing skills and having fun, regardless of the score. We do have a competitive program in the Spring (called the Spring Travel Program) which is for older age groups beginning at Under 9 and going up to Under 16 year olds.  Try-outs for our Spring program are held in October and notices will be given out to the age groups that are eligible.

At the Under 6 (U6) level, BYSA believes that the children are to have FUN while learning the basics of soccer, such as; dribbling, kicking, passing, positions, and throw- ins. We do not want the kids to “head” the ball at this age. They can be shown how to control the ball with their chest and legs. NO GOALIES SHOULD BE DESIGNATED. This means that we do not want a child standing in the net performing as a goalie and picking up the ball. We do encourage a defender/s to kick the ball away from the net, but they may not handle the ball. Players should be given the opportunity to play forward offensive positions as well as defensive positions during each game.

PRACTICES: There shall be no mid-week practices for the U6 age group. We do encourage practices and drills to be held during the scheduled time at the Bourne Middle School. These practice and drill sessions are the most important part of the session. Games will provide a good opportunity to emphasize and develop the skill that was taught during the pre-game practice.

GAME START TIME: All U6 sessions are scheduled to start in hourly slots. We ask all coaches be prompt in beginning your sessions. Players and coaches should be at the field, ready to go, 15 min. prior to game time.

GAME PLAY TIME: Coaches should stop play every 5-min. to sub and they may also sub as needed during any stoppage of play. Remember – equal playing time.

THROW-INS: Plain and simple, if the ball goes out of bounds anywhere on the field, the ball is put back into play by a throw-in. There will be no goal kicks or corner kicks. Take time at practice to teach the kids how to do a proper throw-in: which consists of two hands on the ball, both feet on the ground, with the ball being thrown directly over the head. Give the kids a second chance to do a throw-in correctly if they do not do it properly the first time.

SCORING: Scores are not to be kept. Players who have scored two times should be encouraged to pass the ball to their teammates. This rule applies to all age groups in the BYSA recreational program and is intended to encourage the development of a wide range of skills in all of the players on the field.

COACHES ON FIELD: Only one coach shall be on the field from each team. If there is an assistant coach, they may coach from the sidelines. Please remember that, even at this young age, we are trying to develop players’ decision skills on the field and they should be allowed to play the game without receiving constant instruction. A few, well- timed comments are much more beneficial than talking a player through every touch of the ball.

Parental Conduct

In general:

Please remember that kids take their cue from the actions of the adults around them. Your example of good sportsmanship will do more for the kids than all the lectures in the world.

At Games:

Parents are encouraged to participate in the practice sessions and help keep an eye on kids to keep them in the playing area. Cheer and encourage our players on both teams in a positive manner. There is no smoking and use of alcohol is forbidden. Teams and coaches are held responsible for the behavior of their fans. Please contact a member of the BYSA Board if you need assistance.

Smoking and alcohol bans are in effect at all times.

After games:

Please try to focus on the positive aspects of the games and your players’ performance. Let the coach identify the team’s weak spots at a subsequent practice. The parents’ job is the support of the player and the team. If you have questions about rules, decisions, or methods of the coach, please wait for a time after the completion of the game after the coach has dismissed the team to have a discussion.


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