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York Youth Soccer League

COVID-19 Return to Play / Action Plan

In accordance with guidelines set by the Centers for Disease Control and Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer Association, our organization York Youth Soccer League will return to play with the following safety and action plan.

Communication & Education:

All players and parents will receive communication on our safety and action plan before return to play begins via email and posting on the YYSL website. 

CDC Education materials will be available for all participants (Coaches, Referees, players and parents) on behaviors that reduce the spread of COVID-19 to include but not limited to: hand hygiene, sanitizing equipment, properly covering coughs and sneezes, and staying home when appropriate.

Coaches & Referees:

Required to wear a mask when within 6 feet of players or when social distancing requirements cannot be met (unless a medical condition or health concern does not allow).  Referees and Coaches may remove masks while on the game field / during game play / while running.

Only Coaches and Referees may touch or move equipment (ex. Practice cones, game balls).

Coaches and Referees should bring own whistle to games.  Please DO NOT share whistles, clipboards, etc.  Electronic whistles are recommended at this time for Referees and Coaches.

Sanitize all practice equipment after practices and games (ex. soccer balls, goalie jerseys). 

Scrimmage pinnies will not be worn at this time.  Players should bring both jerseys to every practice and game.    

Minimize interaction with other teams that practice before or after you and/or use the same field.  YYSL will do our best to stagger practice times to allow for social distancing.  

YYSL will provide Coaches with multiple Goalie jerseys for game play.  Please DO NOT share Goalies jerseys with players.

Teams should be set-up on opposite sidelines to allow for proper social distancing during games. 

Symptom screenings must be done by all Coaches and Referees at home prior to participation.  If you are sick or showing signs or symptoms, STAY HOME!

Huddles are only permitted when following 6 feet social distancing guidelines.

Referees and Coaches must wear masks when discussing game play / game calls while on the fields. 

Players / Participants:

Players are not required to wear face coverings while actively engaged in practices and games but must wear face coverings when on the sidelines and anytime 6 feet of social distancing is not possible. 

Must bring their own water bottle/drink bottle to games & practices.  Please DO NOT share with fellow teammates. 

Must bring own soccer ball to practices and games.  Please DO NOT share equipment with other players/teammates (ex. goalie gloves, jerseys, etc.). 

Players must bring both YYSL jerseys to both practices and games.  Please DO NOT share jerseys with teammates.  

Symptom screenings must be done by all players / participants prior to practice and game participation.  If you are sick or showing signs or symptoms, STAY HOME! 

Families / Parents / Guardians:

Must maintain social distancing requirements while observing practices and games.  Parents are encouraged to sit on opposite sidelines while allowing safe distance for Coaches and players.

Must wear a mask when social distancing requirement of 6 feet cannot be met.

If you or your child are showing ANY symptoms of COVID-19 please STAY HOME until symptom-free.  (fever, cough, sore throat, stuffy nose, fatigue, etc.).

f any of these symptoms appear after a game or practice, please inform your Head Coach and the YYSL President and/or Vice President immediately. 

Symptom screenings must be done by all parents/guardians at home prior to practice and game participation.  If you or your child are sick or showing signs or symptoms, STAY HOME!

Parents will provide water, food and snacks for their player(s) only.   Please DO NOT provide team snacks at this time.  

Identification of COVID exposure:

Coaches Referees, Players will notify York Youth Soccer League Board President, Vice President and Referee Coordinator if they experience any COVID-19 symptoms or if someone in the home is presumed positive or tests positive for COVID-19.  Coaches, Referees, Players, Parents will not be allowed to return/participate until cleared by their Medical Professional.  

York Youth Soccer League will notify participants who were in contact with an individual of potential exposure only (following CDC guidelines and HIPAA regulations for confidentiality).  York Youth Soccer League is required to contact the Pennsylvania Department of Health once an exposure has been identified and will then provide contact information and additional information regarding quarantine as provided by the PA Department of Health.  YYSL is not required to inform the entire league of a positive Covid-19 case.   

YYSL COVID-19 Contact List: 

For all York Youth Soccer League related policy questions and concerns, please contact:

                        Jessica Landis, President  York Youth Soccer League:  [email protected]

                        James Lawson, Vice President  York Youth Soccer League:  [email protected]

            Dave Carney, Referee Coordinator  York Youth Soccer League:  [email protected]


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