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  • We will drop-off and pick-up our child to and from all soccer activities (practices, games, etc.) punctually. For programs with children Grade 6 and younger, a parent or designated adult must be present for all practices and games.

  • We shall do our very best to have our child prepared for every practice and game (proper clothing and equipment, adequate rest, nutrition and hydration, etc.)

  • We will encourage our players to become students of the game.

  • We will recognize and appreciate our child's volunteer coach for their time and efforts, and their role in our child's development.

  • We shall leave the coaching and instruction to the coaches (recognizing that coaching from the parent sideline undermines the coach, sends mixed messages to the players, and steals the player's decisions from them) and will respect the privacy of the team's bench area during both practices and games.

  • We will model good behavior by applauding and cheering for good plays, effort and proper sportsmanship by both teams, regardless of the score or outcome. We will be mindful in "lopsided" games where cheering our own "winning" team might be misunderstood as poor sportsmanship.

  • We will not embarrass our child or ourselves by yelling at our child, their teammates, the opposing team, coaches, other spectators, or referees, and shall support their learning efforts by demonstrating our patience.

  • We shall find and applaud the "little successes" that our children achieve during each match.

  • We will not criticize the referee openly or directly, before, during or after games. Any criticism or feedback shall be done in writing to the MAC Sporting Director, not verbally.

  • We understand there is ZERO TOLERANCE toward referee abuse, and accept that punishment even for allegations of such misconduct will be swift and severe, including but not limited to suspension from attending our child's matches.

  • We understand that improper behavior at a match may result in a parent being asked to leave the field by the referee, the coach or a club official, and coaches are subject to disciplinary actions caused by unruly spectator behavior.

  • We understand that (upon review) MAC can, and will if necessary, suspend our individual privilege to watch our child play should we behave in a manner that is rude or otherwise offensive, and in rare cases may suspend our child's right to participate due to extreme inappropriate parent behavior.

  • We will ask questions and provide input and positive suggestions directly to the appropriate party in an adult manner (making sure the youth players are not present at any time during these conversations to avoid making a public spectacle), and we will observe the "24/48" rule when addressing the issue (wait 24 hours to cool off, then address the issue in the next 48 hours to the appropriate person).

  • We will discuss issues and concerns first with the appropriate party and then, if dissatisfied, follow the appropriate club escalation policy (if team-related: begin with your coach, then Associate Director of Soccer, then Director of Soccer, then Sporting Director.

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