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New Canaan FC (Youth Soccer)

New Canaan FC (Youth Soccer)

Junior Ram Program Information (ages 5-8)

Playing Based on Birth Year vs Grade Level
New Canaan FC is proud to offer our youngest players the option to play based on a child’s birth year or grade level. The registration system will only allow you to register your child based on their birth year, but after you register, forward your confirmation email to [email protected] and request that your child be moved to the desired program. Any credits due to program price differences will be placed back on your Blue Sombrero account. Any questions please email [email protected]

Principal Coaching Goal for all Junior Rams programs:
Improve the technical skill/ability of all players and their understanding of the game. 
The overarching concept is to help players know what to do, how to do it, when to do it, and do it well.

Junior Rams Program Overview

The Junior Rams Program is coached by professional coaches throughout the week and parent volunteers at the games each weekend. The program provides a structured soccer experience built upon a curriculum that is age developmentally appropriate and delivered with the following pillars in mind:

  1. Fun - Nurture a love of game that will build healthy values and habits that last well beyond the sessions.
  2. Maximum skill development of all participants regardless of ability through professionally designed and age appropriate curriculum that stresses enjoyment and full participation.
  3. Child centered programs that instill independence and creativity that “transfers the power of play” back to the kids.
  4. Professional and passionate coaches that want to be role models to the children in the program.
  5. Be a positive influence on the culture of soccer and sports in the community we serve. 

The program will nurture the foundational soccer skills that will be the building blocks for development of Kindergarten through 2nd grade aged soccer players. The program is designed to prepare prospective players for the transition into the Travel Program or to continue to develop within the Academy Program. The program would offer a structured soccer curriculum endorsed by the New Canaan FC Director of Coaching and be delivered by qualified professional coaches.

Ideal roster sizes for the teams:

  • Kindergarten age: 6 players
  • 1st Grade age: 7-8 players
  • 2nd Grade age: 7-9 players

Please Note: The Junior Rams Program registrations have been amended to allow for Grade Based Participation. The preference is for Age Based, but if you prefer Grade Based for you child this is now an option. Our coaching base reserves the right to recommend players move within the programs where age or physical maturation requires for best player development and enjoyment.



Practices are run by professional coaches from Steel Soccer.  Kindergarten practices 1x per week, while 1st and 2nd grade practices 2x per week.

All teams for a given age group and sex will practice at the same times each week at the same location so car pooling is possible regardless of whether the kids play on the same or opposing teams. Set practice schedules are posted on a separate page on the website prior to or shortly after registration begins and well before registration ends and the season begins. 

Soccer Uniform - White T-shirt, NCFC Pinnie (click here to order or purchase at tent during games), Black Shorts, Black Socks, Shin Guards (worn inside the socks), and 
Bring to Practice and Games - soccer ball and water bottle

Parent Involvement

Each team is required to have at least one parent volunteer to be the Saturday game day coach and are expected to attend each Saturday game. Co-coaches or assistant coaches are encouraged in case a parent coach is unable to make a particular weekend.  

Parent coaches that are unable to make a particular weekend are expected to arrange a replacement co-coach, assistant coach, or other parent on the team to volunteer for that week. If there is an issue the parent coach is expected to notify the Junior Rams Directors via email, Bill Casey ([email protected]) & Dan Clarke ([email protected]). Steel Soccer professional coaches are present each game day to ensure games are organized and played following the correct format and are available to address questions from any parent coach volunteer.

Parent coaches should be familiar with the information published on the Junior Rams webpage "Note to Junior Ram Parent Coaches".

Game Day Format And Process
1. When parents arrive at the field on Saturdays, they must check the Field Assignment / UKE Coach table to check which field their child's team is playing on.
2. The Steel Soccer coaches will start the session by leading a 10 – 15 minute group warm up every week for the boys and the girls before the Saturday games begin. 
3. Under 6 Age Groups play three 12 minute periods with two 5 minute breaks. Under 7 Age Groups plays two 20 minute halves with a 5 minute break. Under 8 Age Groups play two 25 minute halves with a 5 minute break.
4. Under 6 Age Groups play 3 v 3 (no goalies), Under 7 Age Groups play 4 v 4 (no goalies), and Under 8 Age Groups play 5 v 5 (including goalies).
5. ALL PARENTS ARE TO WATCH THE GAMES FROM BEHIND EITHER GOAL AND ARE NOT PERMITTED ON EITHER SIDELINE DURING THE GAME. The Steel Soccer coaches and New Canaan FC Board members will help the Parent Volunteer Coaches enforce this each week.

Junior Rams games are generally on Saturday mornings in the fall, and Saturday afternoons in the spring.

Kindergarten age group game info
Play 3v3 with size 3 ball
Game time: 10-15 min warm up, 3 periods of 12 mins, 5 min breaks
Goals size: 6' wide by 4' high

1st Grade age group game info
Play 4v4 with size 3 ball
Game time: 10-15 min warm up, 2 halves of 20 mins, 5 min half time
Goals size: 6' wide by 4' high

2nd Grade age group game info
Play 4v4 (5v5 including goalkeeper) with size 3 ball
Game time: 5 min warm up, 2 halves of 25 mins, 5 min half time
Goal size: 10’ wide by 5’ high

Curriculum Structure of the Junior Rams Program

The New Canaan FC Coaching Director has created the following list of the goals and specific targets that each grade instruction should deliver:

Kindergarten Age Group

  • Basic Movements (changing speed and directions without the ball)
  • Controlled stopping
  • Identify various parts of the foot to dribble and control the ball
  • Controlled dribbling and foot skills (keeping ball close, changing directions with ball, stopping with ball, and awareness of other players in playing area)
  • Kicking with force and velocity to advance ball
  • Basic trapping and receiving skills
  • Understanding boundaries on the field of play
  • Self and group competitions and creative game play

1st Grade Age Group 

  • Dribbling while under controlled and passive pressure
  • Using multiple parts of the foot to dribble soccer ball
  • Basic moves and turns
  • Dribbling the ball away from pressure
  • Spatial awareness of teammates and defenders
  • Basic passing skills
  • Introduce ideas of ball possession
  • Offensive options for players (passing, dribbling, shooting)
  • Introduction of strategy formation
  • Shooting and passing at targets
  • Playing within the boundaries on the field of play
  • Self and partner competitions and introduction of team play

2nd Grade Age Group

  • Handling pressure on the ball
  • Feints and fakes
  • Movement without the ball
  • Development of passing skills (properly weighted passes)
  • Development of shooting skills (target selection)
  • Introduction of Goal Keeping
  • Introduction of heading (with modified balls)
  • Trapping and receiving with other body parts (chest, thigh)
  • Basic juggling skills
  • Restarts (goal kicks, corner kicks, free kicks, throw ins)
  • Team Competitions


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