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Aug, 2018

Cody becoming known for baseball

Summer in Cody means warmer weather, tourists and … baseball.For years Cody baseball coaches, volunteers and players at all levels have been building one of the most successful programs in the state and we think they should be recognized for their efforts.They put in a lot of time and effort to make Cody teams so great.The face of that success is the Cody Legion team. On Sunday the Cubs won their fourth state title in five years and second in a row. Cody was a league above the competition, outscoring its opponents 80-9 during the week.This year’s team currently has the best record of any Cubs’ squad under coach Bart Grenz. They are 55-8 overall and are readying to play at the Northwest Class A Regional in Lewiston, Idaho, where they have finished second in three previous outings.But it’s not just the varsity team. The Legion B team went 32-18 this season, finishing fourth at state.Then there’s the Little League level, where the 12U All-Stars finished second at state by playing some of their best baseball of the year.Many of these players at all levels have won a state title at some point in the recent past. Several of Cody’s Legion players played at the Little League Northwest Regional after winning state three years in a row. Cody’s 10U team has also won several championships in the last few years.So what has made Cody so successful?One of the keys is people working together at all levels for the benefit of the youth involved. Several former Legion assistant coaches now have children in the younger levels of the program and are implementing the same system used in the upper level. There’s also the fact that because these athletes have seen a good deal of success they’ve learned how to play more consistently at a high level than much of their competition.Consistent success breeds a confidence in players. Players come in expecting to do well because the team has done it before.It’s amazing what happens when a group commits to a common goal and works hard to get there. We hope it continues. And if you see any of these players or coaches of these teams, congratulation them on another great year.

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