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Thank You !!

We are so proud of all of our volunteer coaches here at RYSA. Please be sure to use the RYSA staff as a resource throughout the season. We have a library of books and DVD’s that can help you with your training sessions. You can also contact any of our Directors and we will be happy to sit down with you to make a plan of attack.

Again, thank you for all that you do for the children here at RYSA. You are helping create positive memories that will last a lifetime. We sincerely appreciate your efforts and hope that you find the coaching experience a fulfilling and rewarding experience.

USYS - Skills Manual

The key coaching points of each major technique in soccer are presented here. There is an

example training activity for each technique. Major training concepts for learning specific
physical movements are discussed.

Click here for the United States Youth Soccer Skills School - Fundamental Ball Skills

KINS Manual for U6 and U8

KINS stands for Kicking Is Not Soccer. It is a program for players U-5 through U-8. In Georgia

soccer, these are the youngest, introductory ages of the Recreational Program. The Recreational
Program is essentially the players’ first experience with the game of soccer. It is this experience
that can either hook the players for life, or turn them away. Players will continue playing soccer
if they are having fun and are experiencing personal success. Hence, the Recreational Program’s
main philosophy is to create a fun filled, active environment, in which the players can improve
and succeed.

Click here for the KINS manual.

8 essential rules for coaching kids

While you can play to win matches, your prime objective as a youth soccer coach should be to create the right conditions for your players to enjoy themselves, get fit and develop new skills. They can experience all this while doing what they enjoy most - kicking a ball about.

However, to achieve this outcome you need to remember these 8 essential rules:
  • Have a plan but be flexible - if the plan isn't working, do something else!
  • Plan age-appropriate coaching sessions - always bear the physical and mental capabilities of your players in mind.
  • Focus on ball skills rather than tactics - do not waste time trying to teach tactics to players who can't pass the ball properly.
  • Give your players as much playing time as possible - players don't learn anything sitting on the bench except, perhaps, that their coach is not interested in them as a player or as a person.
  • Accept everyone into your team or club - all children deserve the chance to succeed.
  • Communicate your coaching philosophy to parents before you start - if parents know what you are trying to do, they can't complain later.
  • Have clear rules (not guidelines) regarding behavior - everyone should be made aware of how you expect them to behave.
  • Avoid getting sucked in to a 'win-at-all-costs' mentality - that is when you stop being a coach and the team starts playing for your benefit instead.

Recreational Coach Mentoring

  • Are you the coach that has your players run laps to warm up and scrimmage the rest of an hour twice a week for practice?
  • Do you have problems retaining your players from Fall to Spring?
  • Are you looking for something new and different to keep the attention of our players at practice?
  • Do you want your players to get fit and learn while having fun at practice?
  • Are you looking for tricks to motivate and reward your players when they excel?
  • Do you have some of great athletes that you want to give advanced training but you aren’t sure where to start?
  • Do you want to take your team to a tournament but don’t know where to start?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, contact our Director of Coaching, Keion Yearwood by email at [email protected]

We will be happy to set you up with a mentor so that you can discuss training plans, combine practices, and ensure that you and your players have a great time!

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