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Aug, 2020



The court is 60 feet long and 30 feet wide.  The court is divided by a center line 2 inches wide.  Boundary lines, called the sidelines and end lines are 2 inches wide.  If a ball touches any part of the boundary lines, it is considered inbound.  The LRPD will provide a ball for every game.


The service area is outside the end line, and it covers the entire width of the court.  To serve, you may back off as far as you wish and you may move into the 10-foot line in U8 or to a 20-foot mark in U10 to serve underhand.  All overhand serves are from the end line.


The net is 3 feet wide and top measures 6 feet from the floor for U8; 6 ft. 6 in. for U10 and 7 ft. 4 1/8 in. for U13 & U17.  The net should be drawn taught. 


Similar shirts with a number on either front or back are required.  Gym shoes are mandatory.  All numbers on shirts must be different.  No tape will be allowed on shirts.



1- In youth play, participants must be at least 7 years old by August 31 of the current year.  Participants cannot turn 18 prior to September 1 of current year.


2- U8 cannot turn 9 before September 1 of current year.   U10 cannot turn 11 before September 1 of current year.   U13 cannot turn 14 before September 1 of current year.  U17 cannot turn 18 before September 1 of current year.   Age groups and rules can be combined depending on the number of registrants.   Association approval must be given to allow a player to play up one age group.  No participant may play up more than one group.


3- Ideal roster size is 10 players.  Departmental approval is needed to carry more than 10.  The roster of all team players is to be turned into the Recreation Department by Thursday, TO BE DETERMINED.  A team entry fee of TO BE DETERMINED must be turned in along with the roster.  This includes the cost of insurance.  The insurance is a secondary policy.  Claims must be filed with the parents primary policy first.



Any team failing to turn in rosters and fees by the above deadline will not be allowed to participate.  Coaches will be required to complete rosters and the rosters must be verified by the respective neighborhood association for all divisions.



1- National Federation Volleyball rules will prevail along with the local playing exceptions.

2- A match will consist of best two out of three games.  The first two games are to 21 and the third (if needed) will be played to 15.  A toss of a coin will determine the choice of end of court or first serve.  Teams change ends after each game unless next game is the decider; then there is a fresh toss of the coin to decide ends or serve.   The second game will begin with the receiving team of first game serving.  The first team to 21 (15 in the third if needed) by two points wins the game.  There is no cap; all games must be won by two points.

3- International or rally scoring will be used.  This means that a team earns a point regardless as to whether they are serving or not.

4- Teams may begin play with a minimum of 4 players. If a team has fewer than 4 players, 15 minutes after start time, they forfeit the match.



Two one-minute time outs will be allowed each team in a game.  There will be a two minute rest between games.  These time outs may be taken consecutively.  Coaches should make it clear whether he or she wants a time out.


1- A team will consist of six people, but if only 4 are present, the match will start. Players arriving after the start of the game must enter the game as though they were rotating in (See #5 below).  Penalty See Local Exception #4

2- Players rotate before each new server on their team.  The right-hand back player has first serve.  After the initial serve the right front person serves next.  The serve will automatically move to the other team after three points by the current server.

3- A serve must be made from serving area and can be underhand or overhand. (U8 & U10 servers may serve only underhand from the appropriate line: see Playing Court.)

4- A player continues to serve for three points. (Exception: U13 & U17 continues to serve until opponent wins a point)

5- Before the start of the game each team must give their starting order to the official.  A player arriving late may rotate in during his or her teams next rotation without penalty, or may enter the game before the next serve with his or her team being charged a timeout.  Teams will rotate players into the left front position.  Teams must start the second and third (if played) game in the positions in which they ended the previous game.   (Exception: U13 & U17 may start game in any position) See diagram at end of rules.


1- Each team may touch the ball up to three times (four in U8) before sending it over the net.  Contact is allowed with any part of the body if the hits are clean and the ball is not held, scooped or carried in any way.

2- If two or more teammates play the ball at the same moment, it counts as one touch and any player may make the next legal touch.  The ball may be played while the player is in contact with a teammate if the other player is not being used as a prop.

3- If two players go for the same ball but only one touches it, only one touch is counted.

4- When two opponents simultaneously commit a foul, a double fault results and the point is replayed.  A hit is good if the ball touches the net between the side-markers and drops in court.  The ball is out of play if it touches the ground or any object outside the court.  If a player intentionally grasps or uses the officials stand or posts for support, it will result in a loss of rally.

5- Any part of the hand or fist may be used to strike the ball as long as it is not HELD or DIRECTED.  The ball may be hit by any part of the body. 

6- No finger action is allowed on first touch in U8.  Because of the soft ball finger action should be discouraged on all hits.  Bumping is encouraged on all hits, but not required.  Non-bumps will be subject to advantage-disadvantage decisions by officials.

7- Finger action will not be allowed on the return of serve in U10.  Hand setting the return of serve is illegal as well as prolonged contact on the return of serve.


A team loses a point if:

1- A player "spikes" the ball. (Exception: females in U13 & U17)

2- A player crosses the vertical plane of the net and touches the court or an opponent.

3- A player interferes with an opponent's play.

4- The ball touches the ground.

5- A team plays the ball more than three times (Exception: U8) in succession.

6- A team is out of position at the service.

7- The ball is held or pushed.

8- A player touches the net or vertical aerials (unless the ball knocks the net against him).

9- A player crosses the center line when play is in progress.

10- The ball does not pass over the net between the vertical rods (or their assumed extensions).

11- The ball touches the ground outside the court.

12- The ball is returned with the use of a teammate as a support.

13- A player reaches under the net and touches the ball or an opponent.

14- A player serves from outside the serving area, crosses the serving line on a serve or in U8 & U10 serves overhand from in front of the 30 ft. line.



1- The following acts committed by coaches, players or team members are subject to a warning and/or penalty by the officials.

a.  Addressing of officials concerning their decision.

b.  Making profane or vulgar remarks or acts to officials, players or spectators.                              

c.  Committing actions tending to influence decisions of officials.

d.  Disruptive coaching during the game by any team member from outside the court.

e.  Crossing the vertical plane of the net with any part of the body with the purpose of distracting an opponent while the ball is in play.

f.  Shouting, yelling or stamping feet in a way that distracts an opponent who is playing, or attempting to play a ball.

g.  Leaving the court during an interruption of play in the game without the permission of the first referee.

h.  Clapping hands at the instant of contact with the ball by a player.

I.  Shouting or taking any action conducive to distracting the first referee's judgment.   

2- Offenses committed by coaches, players and/or other team members may result in the following warning, penalty or expulsion.

a.  WARNING:  For minor unsportsmanlike offenses, such as talking to opponents, or officials, shouting or unintentional acts that cause a delay in the game, a warning (yellow card) is issued and is recorded on the score sheet.  A second minor offense must result in a penalty.

b.  PENALTY:  For rude behavior or a second minor offense, a penalty (red card) is issued by the first referee and is recorded on the score sheet.  A penalty automatically entails the loss of a point by the offending team  (This does not change the server nor does it take any serves away from the servers remaining three).  A second act warranting the issue of a penalty by the first referee results in the expulsion of player(s) or team member(s).

 c. EXPULSION:  Extremely offensive conduct (such as obscene or insulting words or gestures) toward officials, spectators or opponents, results in expulsion of a player from the match (red and yellow cards together).

3- Players ejected from a match anytime for unsportsmanlike conduct will be suspended for at least one game (the teams next assigned match.)  A second violation may result in suspension from the program.  If ejected from the last game of the season, player may have a one (1) year suspension from the LRPD Youth Programs.  The program coordinator will determine the length and extent of all suspensions. 

4- MISCONDUCT BETWEEN GAMES - Any sanctions from misconduct between games will be administered at the time of misconduct. (See Local Exceptions #2)

5- TEAM SANCTIONS - Penalties assessed against a team are indicated by the referee showing the appropriate signal and penalty and notifying the coach or captain of the reason for the sanction.  Sanctions assessed teams are not cumulative during a game or match (two warnings against a team do not result in a point penalty, etc no matter the accumulative total).  Team sanctions include:

a.   Improper substitute rotation - if opponent won previous point:   correct immediately & charged timeout.

b.        Improper substitute rotation - if offending team won previous point: correct immediately, charged time-out & award previous point to offended team instead offending team.

c.   Coach or Coaches standing or coaching improperly or at improper times first offense: warning; second and all subsequent: point penalty.

d.   Third Charged Timeout and any subsequent charged timeout:  point penalty.                  

e.   Request for a Third Timeout or subsequent timeout:  point penalty.


**NOTE**:  If a violation in b above invokes d then an additional point is awarded to the offended team.  As in Conduct #2 (Penalty) the awarding of a point to a team does not change the server or take away any serves from the required three in those age groups.

6- Decisions based on the referees and/or other official's judgments are not protestable.  Disagreements with interpretation of the rules must be brought to the officials prior to the first service following the play in which the question occurred.  The captain or coach may be the only one to report the question to the official.  The official will then note the facts on the score sheet concerning the question so it can be submitted to the coordinator. There are no protests in LRPD Youth Volleyball except for age and residency requirements.



Team coaches, managers and captains are responsible for team discipline and they may ask for a timeout.  Captains and/or coaches are the only players allowed to speak to the officials.  Any dispute over the interpretation of rules is to be noted by the referee and disputing captain or coach on the score sheet (See Conduct Rule # 6 above).  The game will then continue.



All questions and information concerning this Volleyball program should be directed to the Recreation Department at 291-8368.



1- Serving rule does not apply.  After a ball is tossed in the air it may be caught and retossed, (does not have to drop to ground before reserve).  U8 & U10 have one retoss per point served.  Failure to serve properly under this rule results in loss of a point.

2- Any player ejected from a match will be allowed to sit on the bench.  Any player ejected will not be permitted to participate in the team's next match.  If ejected from the last match of the season; the player may be issued a (1) one year suspension from LRPD Youth Programs. The program coordinator will determine the length and extent of all suspensions.

3 - In U8 play only:  Coaches (Head and {2} Assistants) will be allowed to stand during play around the court to coach their team.   All coaching and movement by the coaches must be ended by the referees whistle to serve.  During play all coaches will be restricted to actions that are the same as if they were on the bench.  These coaches must make every possible effort to avoid becoming involved in play.

4 In U8 & U10:  no penalty for playing with less than 6.  The team has the choice to set up their rotation, but open spots must be maintained throughout the game.  The team will rotate as many times as needed to ensure a player is in the proper serving spot after every loss of rally by their opponent.   In U13 & U17:  loss of rally when open spot rotates into serving position. 



Each coach must be a person of good moral character, who shall have proper respect and appreciation for adults, officials, equipment and the children with whom he or she is working.  The coach must be willing to abide by the rules and regulations of the program.  Any coach ejected from a match will be required to sit out the next match and upon further review by LRPD may receive further suspension. Each coach shall do his or her best to keep parents or other adults off the court and out of the team area.  Each coach will be responsible for the conduct of his teams fans.  Any coach that is on the bench (Head and/or Assistant) must meet all LRPD Requirements. Teams are allowed up to three (3) coaches for matches and two (2) additional coaches for practices. NO TOBACCO PRODUCTS ARE ALLOWED ON THE COURT.



Any unsportsmanlike conduct on the part of the parents will be handled in the following manner:

1- Any parent who behaves in an unsportsmanlike manner will be subject to suspension by the appropriate youth governing body for a length of time deemed necessary.

2- Any additional unsportsmanlike behavior on their part could result in their permanent suspension from the program.

3- Taunting will not be tolerated.  Please remember to treat all participants and spectators in a courteous manner.



Any player participating in the post-season must have played in at least half of his or her teams regularly scheduled regular season games to be eligible.   An association may make an appeal for a player not meeting this requirement.  This appeal must be in writing to the Program Coordinator and include all relevant information why this rule should be waived.  The Program Coordinators decision on this appeal will be final.  

 The LRPD will decide whether the post-season will be all-star or league team format.  7 & 8 year olds are not eligible for the post-season. 



Borrowing of players from other teams in the same age group and from the association is encouraged. Teams may borrow enough players to get to eight (8) players total for a match. Borrowed players may not start a match unless they are needed to fill the six (6) player positions on the court to start.













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