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-Essex Junction Little League (EJLL) tries to assemble three tournament “All-Star” teams (12U, 11U, and 10U), depending on the number of eligible coaches, and qualified players available, at each respective age level. 
-All-Star tournament play is a highly competitive environment, where winning, commitment, hard work, and sportsmanship are emphasized.  Thus, it is the intent of EJLL to field All-Star teams that will best represent our League in competition and character. 
-The 12u team can have players baseball age 10-12. 
-The 11u team can have players baseball age 9-11. 
-The 10u team can have players baseball age 8-10
*Little League "baseball age" is determined by the age of player as of August 31, of this year.

-Tournament / All-Star season beings around mid-June, after the completion of the regular season. 
-All teams begin play by competing against teams at their respective age levels in district tournaments. 
-District tournament winners advance to the state tournament. 
-State tournament winners advance to Regional tournaments (if applicable).
-The location and host sites, and specific dates for each tournament, depends on the age level, and can vary from year to year.
-The season can be as short as two or three weeks, for teams eliminated early in District tournaments.
-Advancing to subsequent tournaments, lengthens the season, and can increase the distance of travel.
-For levels that offer regional tournaments: Teams that win State Championships can play into August, and travel out of state to play other state winners from New England.

-There is a significant level of commitment required from players and families during the All-Star season.
-Games and practices could be any day of the week. 
-Practices tend to be longer, and much more frequent, compared to the regular season.
-Players are expected to attend all games and practices, and arrive on time, unless granted an excused absence by the coaches
-Interested families with existing vacations, or other plans that may conflict with the ability to attend all practices and games, are required to disclose that specific information within the required All-Star contract.  This helps coaches and the EJLL board make an informed decision before selecting players and assembling teams.   
-Existing planned vacations and conflicts DO NOT automatically exempt a player from consideration.  Each situation is unique and is determined on a case by case basis, depending on specific circumstances and the extent of time missed.

-The EJLL board selects All-Star coaches, via a voting process, from a pool of eligible candidates.
-To be eligible, a candidate must have submitted a volunteer form, must be a community member in good standing with EJLL, and must have been a head coach, or assisted in some capacity, during the regular season.

-Players must have played in a minimum of 60% of regular season games
-Players and parents must read, sign, and submit, the All-Star letter of intent and understanding, and commitment contract.
-Required documents (birth certificate copy, completed school enrollment form, and medical release form), must be on file.

*Being eligible, interested, submitting the All-Star contract, submitting the required documents, and/or being on a previous All-Star team,DOES NOT guarantee selection.

*Tournament play is highly competitive, and unlike the regular season, winning is prioritized.  As such, baseball skill and ability, are primary considerations, when tournament teams are assembled.  Attitude, character, and ability to commit, are also significant factors considered.

-The foundation for each respective team, is assembled primarily, via collective coach balloting.  This process is where regular season head coaches and all assistants, are asked to rate the players, based on performance, previous observations, and overall baseball skill.  This ensures the perspectives of just one or two people, are not used to assemble the entire team.   All submitted ratings are compiled and averaged, to ensure a collective approach is taken, to get multiple perspectives on the skill sets and ability level of the players in the league. 

12u player selection and roster assembly
-The 12u team is typically assembled first, by selecting the top collectively rated available players ages 12, 11, (and possibly age 10 in exceptional cases), to form the foundation of that 12U team. 
-It is important for parents and players to understand, that the collective rating list, is the primary information used, to determine the foundation of the 12U team.  The "foundation" could be the entire team, or only part of the team, depending on variables, and each season is assessed on a case by case basis.
-Once the foundation of the 12U team is formed via the collective rating list, additional players selected (if any), and/or the final roster size, can be based on specific team needs, ability to commit, the rating list, and/or various traits that could strengthen the team, and/or enhance its ability to be successful.

11u and 10u player selection and roster assembly
-The 11U and 10U rosters are assembled in a similar fashion, by initially forming the foundations of those teams, utilizing the remaining eligible players from the collective rating list.
-Specifics for 11u and 10u initial player selection and roster assembly, (such as which of those two teams is assembled first), can also depend on available coaches and remaining available players at each respective age level. 
-Once the foundation for each team is formed, additional players selected (if any), and/or the final roster size, can be based on specific team needs, ability to commit, the rating list, and/or various traits that could strengthen the team and/or enhance its ability to be successful.

All-Star rosters are usually posted on the league website and social media, and families of selected players are also notified via email, shortly after the completion of the regular season playoffs.

-As mentioned previously, tournament play is highly competitive, and unlike the regular season, winning is prioritized. 
-Due to the competitive nature of tournament play, coaches typically set lineups based on what they believe gives the team the best chance to win. 
-This means players may not play a preferred position and playing time likely will not be equal for all players.
-Lineups for each game, are at the discretion of the coaches.
-Minimum play requirements with rosters of 12 or less = one at bat and 6 consecutive defensive outs in the field.
-Minimum play requirements with rosters of 13 or more = one at bat, and no time in the field.
(Minimum play requirements do not apply, when games are shortened due to weather, the 10 run rule after 4 innings, or the 15 run rule after 3 innings). 

**Before families and players commit, it is very important to understand…It can be common for some players to regularly play the minimum requirement.  Which per Little League guidelines, can be as little as one at bat per game, and no time in the field.

-Essex Junction often hosts tournaments during All-Star season, which takes many volunteers.  As part of the All-Star commitment, all families participating in the All-Star process (for all three teams) are expected to volunteer and cover a minimum of one shift at the snack bar during tournament season. 

-The All-Star intent and commitment contract is required prior to the beginning of the roster assembly process.
-A copy of a birth certificate and completed school enrollment form for the current school year is required for each player.  This paperwork should be completed and on file, prior to the regular season. Any selected player who is home schooled, may be required to submit additional paperwork verifying residency within the league boundaries.
-Parents / guardians will be required to provide signatures on some additional paperwork required by Little League for tournament play.

-There will be a fee for each player selected to a tournament team, as there are significant expenses associated with All-Stars (uniforms, hats, tournament fees, umpire expenses, baseballs, etc.).  
-Contact EJLL via email, or contact any board member directly, if this fee is a barrier.  
-For teams that win a state championship and advance to regional competition, this leads to out of state travel, which would incur further costs on participating families .

Please contact EJLL at [email protected] with any questions

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