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We welcome any adult registered with USA Softball to participate on our Board of Directors. The Board meets the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month and is open to all adults registered with NTGSL.
Next meeting is Wed. 11/06/2019 at 6pm.
Held at Hamilton Field
2602 W 182nd St. Torrance 90504
Join us to discuss all NTGSL matters.

Board Member Info

Members of the North Torrance Girls Softball League are elected to preside over the needs of the league and the girls.
Each board member volunteers their personal time to help ensure that fields are maintained, uniforms are purchased, vendors are managed, communications are published, registration is taken care of, rules are established, teams are created, managers and coaches are selected, and sponsorships are secured. The board formally meets the first and third of each month throughout the year, and informally in subcommittees as needed.

Executive Board

  • President • Jeannie Alvillar
  • Vice President 1 • Erika Nolazco 
  • Vice President 2 • Sara Blackshire 
  • Secretary •  Rosa Sauer
  • Treasurer • Arturo Gomez
  • Memeber at Large - Ozzie Medina 
  • Past President - Teresa Belmontes

Board of Directors 

  • Chief Scorekeeper & Scheduling: Open
  • Division Coordinator -Ozzie Medina
  • Player Representative -Nicole Ron
  • Registrar • Lisa
  • Umpire in Chief - Open
  • Snack Bar Manager & Purchasing • Open
  • Asst. Snack Bar Coordinator * Open
  • Uniform Coordinator & Trophy Coordinator • Rosa Sauer
  • Ways & Means -Sonia Carrasco
  • Asst. Ways & Means -Cecilia 
  • Fall Ball Coordinator - Erika Nolazco
  • Spirit Wear Coordinator • Open
  • Field Maintenance Manager •Jose Nolazco
  • Asst. Fields & Maintenance • Ozzie Medina, Mike Carrasco, Arturo Gomez
  • Special Events Coordinator • Open
  • Yearbook Coordinator • Open
  • Publicity & Print Coordinator • Stacy Hernandez
  • Team Parent Coordinator • Claudia Topete
  • Player Representatives-Nicole Ron & Ernie Narez
  • Equipment Manager-Eric Archuleta

What does it mean to be a NTGSL Board Member?

NTGSL Board Members are any dedicated league or community members that are elected and committed to actively contribute to the improvement and continuation of North Torrance Girls Softball League. 

What obligations does a NTGSL Board Members?

Every volunteer, whether they are directly working with players or not MUST fill out a Volunteer Clearance packet every calendar year. NTGSL Board Members meet 1 to 2 times a month to maintain operations as it states in the bylaws of our league. Board members voluntarily commit to being able to fulfill the duties of the position they hold. Help at 75% of league events (ie. orientation, opening, closing days, fundraisers, etc.). Be a NTGSL representative in accordance to the mission statement of our league.

Board Member FAQ?

Q: How do I become a board member? 

A: Board members are nominated and voted in by members at the conclusion of Spring season. Nominations/ sign ups will be posted around Hamilton Fields approximately the last two weeks of Spring season game play. You will be emailed directly when elected. 

Q: Why are some positions OPEN?

A: If a position is listed as OPEN, either the elected member can no longer fulfill this position, or a person has not been elected to this position. Open positions can be fulfilled at anytime by emailing [email protected] and expressing interest for the position. The board will review the request and make a decision and send a reply with the result.

Q: Can I start as an executive board member?

A: In short the answer is yes, but not common. Executive board positions are typically held by members of the general board that have successfully completed at least 1 non-executive position. However, if for any circumstance either upon election process an executive position is left open the board will try and recruit from the general board first then, consider a first year volunteer.

Q: Can I be a board member if I do not have anyone playing in the league?

A: Yes, as long as all requirements are clear and your intent is to fulfill the specific duties of the job title you wish to occupy.

Q: What if I join the board and then cannot complete the obligations?

A: The board is most effective when everyone can perform their role, however if you do join the board and are having difficulties fullfilling your duties ask for help. As a team we can try and find a way for you to be successful. If you know that your comitments have changed and you just are not able see it thru, we just ask that you inform an executive board member. NO penalties of any sort will result.

Q: If I join the board will my player get "special" treatment?

A: We do not allow any merit based on board participation. No exceptions will be considered. Every player will be treated and given the same consideration in league matters.

Q: Can I volunteer and not be a board member?

A: Yes, NTGSL is a 100% volunteer run organization. If you have a special skill, trade, or resource that can be an asset to our league we will entertain and utilize as neccessary.

Board Position Emails

President Jeannie Alvillar: [email protected]

Vice President 1 Erika Nolazco: VP EMAIL

Vice President 2 Sara Blackshire: VP EMAIL


2602 W 182nd St, Mailing Address Po box 6312
Torrance, California 90504

Email: [email protected]

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