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Regular season managers

If you are interested in managing a team, you must register as a Coach on the website.  You may also contact the Director of BaseballDirector of Softball or the division director and let them know of your interest and experience.  The Board will discuss all registered manager candidates and then vote to choose the final selection of managers.

If you are interested in being a division director, please contact the Director of Baseball or Director of Softball as soon as possible.

Regular Season Team Selection

Each year, BLL performs a complete re-draft of all players in an effort to create teams that are as balanced as possible.  In addition, we provide free pre-season workouts so that players can get ready for tryouts, and we tryout each player in small groups for ~20 minutes so that managers can get a good look at everyone.  Most importantly, we strive to create a culture where managers work together to share player insights that cannot be gleaned from a brief tryout.  Despite our efforts to create balanced teams, it rarely happens that all teams end up with a .500 record - that is simply the nature of sports.
Player Tryouts:
All players tryout in groups of 5-7.  Each manager creates a personal evaluation of every player's skills.  Managers are encouraged to discuss their rankings with each other and generally create an informal combined ranking.  If managers feel strongly that a player has chosen to tryout in a lower division than their ability suggests, they can request for  the player to attend a second tryout in a higher division.  Alternatively, since we have a limited number of spots in each division, managers will vote to determine which players will be placed in a lower division. 
Player Draft:
  Managers meet with the Player Agent and President to draft as follows:
  • Initial selection order is randomized
  • Selection then proceeds in a serpentine pattern: 
    - managers pick in order for the first round, 
    - the order is reversed for the second round, etc.
  • Coaches are assigned to teams based on who picked their player
This process is adjusted to account for manager's children and special requests (e.g., a manager who wants to work with a specific coach, or when players can't be on the same team because their parents are team sponsors).  Adjustments to the draft process must be unanimously agreed upon by all managers.
Note: Returning players are guaranteed a spot in the division they played in the prior year (or a more advanced division).   Unless parents initiate a request for a waiver, 12-year olds are guaranteed a spot in Majors, and 11-year old baseball players are guaranteed a spot in AAA.

Safety Equipment Rule:

Any player who violates any Barrington Little League safety rule by intentionally failing to wear League-mandated safety equipment while at-bat or in the field, in any regular season, shall be removed from the game by the manager, for the remainder of the game.    The manager shall also promptly report any such violation to the Player Agent.


All-Star Selection Procedures & Rules

NOTE: Our league's All-star selection procedures / rules were revamped this off season to try and achieve a more structured and fair process. We listened to feedback and reviewed previous year’s achievements and shortcomings. Every year brings different challenges and we will continue to reassess after each season.


  • To field as many competitive teams as feasible across all divisions recognizing that the 12 yo Majors team has the opportunity to advance to the Little League World Series in Williamsport, PA
  • To have a fair and transparent process for selecting Teams and Managers
  • To select proper Managers and Coaches to provide the best leadership, practice experience, good sportsmanship and in-game competitiveness
  • To provide information and support for other tournament and summer baseball opportunities for children not selected to or unable to participate in the district All Star teams

All-Star team selection

All-Star teams for each division are selected beginning in double-A at the end of the regular season.  Please read the official All-Star selection policy for a complete description of this process. 

Team options:

  • Minors AA Andreozzi tournament team: League age 7 yo and 8 yo’s are traditionally eligible. Practices generally start after July 4 th , games starting the last week of July. This can vary from year to year.
  • Minors AAA team of league age 9 and 10 yo’s: Maximum of five league age 10 yo’s are allowed by tournament rules. Practices generally start as soon as the season ends with games starting the first week in July and ending by the last week in July. This can vary from year to year.
  • Majors 10 yo team: Optional team depending on the number of appropriate league age 10 year olds participating in Majors (9 and 10 yo’s from Minors AAA can participate as well). Practices generally start as soon as the season ends with games starting the first week in July, ending by the last week in July. This can vary from year to year.
  • Majors 11 yo team: League age 10 yo and 11 yo who played in the Majors Division are eligible. Practices generally start as soon as the season ends with games starting the first week in July, ending by the last week in July . This can vary from year to year.
  • Majors 12 yo team: League age 11 yo and 12 yo who participated in majors are eligible. Practices start as soon as the season ends with games generally starting the last week in June. The District Championship generally are the 3 rd week in July. This can vary from year to year.
  • Juniors/Seniors team: League age 13 and 14 yo’s eligible for a Juniors team. 13-16 yo’s are eligible for a Seniors team. The process for this Division will need to vary from year to year based on the number and ages of players within these Division

Process and considerations (See Team Selection Policy attachment):

  • Team selection for Minors and Majors will be based on a nomination process, a ranking process, followed by selection of the Manager and finalization of the roster. The rosters should be finalized no later than June 15th.  An open pre – All Star showcase/practice for Minors and Majors may be held, schedule permitting.  The rosters should be finalized no later than June 15th.   See Team Selection Policy.
  • The pre- All Star showcase/practice may occur, if scheduled, during the first week of June to assist in the evaluation of potential players. This will occur prior to the ranking of players. All interested players within the division are expected to attend.
  • For minors AAA, the option of fielding 2 equally weighted teams will be considered depending on the number of eligible players within the Division
  • For Majors, the option of having 3 teams participate (a 10 yo team, 11 yo team, and 12 yo team) will be considered based on numbers
  • Minimum roster size of 12 players for all teams. A roster size of 13 for the Majors Division teams allows the most flexibility in terms of substitutions but may result in significantly less playing time for certain players
  • For Majors, an 11 yo may be selected to the 12 yo team with some limitations in place. Similarly, a 10 yo may be placed on the 11 yo team
  • The final roster spot on a team may come down to a specific skill that would best balance the makeup and competitive ability of that team.
  • Unless unusual circumstances exist, all teams should have at least one representative on one of the All-Star teams within their Division
  • Vacation or other conflicts must be declared for the nominated players
  • Regular season managers planning to nominate players on their team for All-Star consideration shall, in the process of contacting the player’s parents [to confirm interest and conflicts] require the parents to complete and return a standardized form provided by Barrington Little League (1) identifying significant conflicts, and (2) indicating whether, if selected to an All-Star team, the family would commit to changing vacation or other plans so that the identified conflict would not impact the player’s availability for All-Star participation (practices and games).  Failure to disclose elective conflicts on the pre-selection standardized form shall result in the player being declared ineligible (required to sit out) for as many additional games as the player will miss/misses due to the undisclosed elective conflicts.

Little League International Regulation XIV(a) – Field Decorum

  1. The actions, on or off the field, of players, managers, coaches, umpires, and league officials must be above reproach.  Any player, manager, coach, umpire, or league representative who is involved in a verbal or physical altercation, or an incident of unsportsmanlike conduct, at any game site or any other Little League activity including through online or social media, is subject to disciplinary action by the local league Board of Directors.

    Comment: Regulation XIV(a) was amended by Little League International to include actions both “on or off the field” beginning January 1, 2018 for the 2018 regular season.      


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