Little League Baseball California District 38

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May, 2022

Team Certification for TOC and All District Tournaments


The District 38 Tournament Affidavit must be completed for all teams participating in the District Tournament of Champions (TOC). Please download and fill out the affidavit online, print three copies and bring to the certification meeting:

Thompson Park, rooms A&B
14001 Bellflower Blvd, Bellflower.
6pm to 8pm.
Tuesday, May 24: Lakewood and Long Beach
Wednesday, May 25: Hawaiian gardens and greater Bellflower
Thursday, May 26: West Long Beach and Lakewood Village
Friday, May 27: All stragglers
Remind your teams to have 3 copies of the affidavit completely filled out with all of the required signatures, Boundary Map, Proofs of residence or School attendance, safety card/concussion protocol certificate/sudden cardiac arrest certificate proof for Manager and coaches. It would speed up the process if everything was in a binder.

All District

The District 38 Player Verification form must be completed for all teams participating in All District Tournaments. Please download, fill out online, print and bring the document to the appropriate certification meeting.

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