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Developmental Soccer

As the club motto states, come one come all. Sporting Savannah FC welcomes all , that want to play into the Developmental Soccer Program. (as long as they want to be there and are non disruptive.)

All players that want to learn will be accepted into the program. All players will be pooled at practice and receive the same coaching from our club coaches. All players will receive equivalent playing time during regular season games and festivals(as much as is feasibly possible).
However, in an attempt to introduce the players to an element of competition, 'tournament teams' will be selected from each age group. This group of invitees will play one mid season tournament, and an end of season tournament.(each tournament will incur an additional fee to cover the team entry fee and coaching per diem)  
*Being invited to play in the mid season tournament, will not guarantee an invite to the end of season tournament. Players will be under constant evaluation from their coach during practice and games. If a player shows progression and improvement enough to warrant an invitation, they will be invited to play in the tournament. Likewise if a player does not continue to put forth the effort or rest on their laurels, they may not be invited to play. We feel this is great way to keep a balance between individual player development, and competition. 

U9-U12 Is a great age to learn to play and love the game of soccer.  Our licensed and educated coaches will help your child understand the fundamentals. Both technical and tactical.  The program will focus on training and the development and growth of the individual player. The bi-product of which, more often than not, is winning teams. 

We don't work of a pre set curriculum and a one size fits all approach. Kids learn, grow, develop and mature differently. We provide our coaches with guidelines and assistance where needed. We trust in their abilities. 

We also do not believe that mundane, repetitive, mind numbing, drills and exercises are the way to go either. Practices need to be free flowing, fun, dynamic and game like. Soccer is not a 'game of cones'.  

Over practice and constant repetition, combined with too many games(especially on hard fields and all weather surfaces) can lead to injuries in a growing child. This is absolutely not something we condone. If someone is telling you otherwise, they do not have your child's best interests in mind. We want you child to be healthy, happy and accomplished athletes, that stand out when it's time to pull on that school jersey.  

To help your child get the best we can give them, we will be limiting numbers on each squad. This way, when that whistle blows for the game to kick off, you can rest assured they will get plenty of time on the field; and at practice, your child won’t get lost in the crowd. If multiple teams in a single age are formed, the kids will be grouped with others of similar ability. 

*All players no matter 


Although we are all about soccer, we are fully aware there are other sports out there. In fact we believe that kids playing other become more rounded athletes and its better for their physical and mental well being. As such we only ask you commit for one season at a time. If you want to come back for more, we will be waiting with open arms(or an open bag of balls waiting for practice to begin). But the decision is entirely up to you. 

We will minimize travel for games and focus more on training. The club will offer 2 practice sessions. And an optional 3rd, that will be geared towards small sided games, and expression of skill.  

It’s not about being “premier”, “elite”, “gold”, or whatever title or label, you wish to give a team. It’s about each child developing, as a soccer player, as an individual, as a team mate, and someone that loves the game of soccer.

(includes one practice tee per season)

U9 - $175 

U10 - $195

U11 - $225

U12 - $245

*If teams choose to play in any tournaments, there will be an additional fee. This fee will include the registration and any expenses the coaches will incur. We would love to put this in the price up front, but we don't want to make decisions for indvidual players and teams without first seeing their progression, and talking with their coach. 
However, is the tournaments is local, the cost will be approx' $50. And if the tournament is out of town, it will be approx' $80 

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