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Registration for the 2020 Spring Season is Open!

Boys and Girls Divisions for 2020 Spring Season


14U - Full field 12 v 12 (standard field with standard cage)

12U - Full field 12 v 12 (standard field with standard cage)

10U - Full field 12 v 12 (standard field with standard cage)

8U - 7 v 7 with goalie (7 v 7 field with standard cage)

6U - 5 v 5 no goalie (7 v 7 field with standard cage) - hector


14U - Full field 10 v 10 (standard field with standard cage)

12U - Full field 10 v 10 (standard field with standard cage)

10U - Full field 10 v 10 (standard field with standard cage)

8U - 7 v 7 with goalie (7 v 7 field with standard cage)

6U - 5 v 5 no goalie (7 v 7 field with standard cage) - hector

Age Requirements

6U - Born on or after 9/1/2013 and up to on or before 8/31/2014

8U - Born on or after 9/1/2011 and up to on or before 8/31/2013

10U - Born on or after 9/1/2009 and up to on or before 8/31/2011

12U - Born on or after 9/1/2007 and up to on or before 8/31/2009

14U - Born on or after 9/1/2005 and up to on or before 8/31/2007

Registration Fee is $130
US Lacrosse Membership Fee $30

This is a volunteer driven league and we need volunteer coaches!  No experience is necessary!!  We will train you!!!  Many lacrosse coaches start out with no experience in coaching or playing.  Only requires two 1 to 1 ½ hour practices per week and  1 hour for the game on Saturdays. ALL HEAD COACHES CHILD'S REGISTRATION FEE WILL BE REFUNDED!!!! If you are interesting in being a coach, please fill out the Volunteer portion located in the website upon registering your son or daughter and send an email to us at [email protected] with what division you would like to coach and your level of experience (e.g. you have played the sport, coached etc...).

Please be sure to have your child's birth certificate (copy), proof of a current US Lacrosse membership and a physical dated after May 2019 to ensure that your player is eligible to play lacrosse. All players will be required to provide above paperwork at the first practice in January. 

We are looking for sponsors to offset our fundraising needs.  If you are interested in sponsoring our league, please contact us at [email protected]




Girl's Lacrosse U-Tube video - Thursday, November 19, 2009
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Girls Lacrosse Game Footage - Thursday, November 19, 2009
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Attack/Offense –
The offensive team.

Stick checking is the repeated tapping or a repeated push/pull motion of a defender's stick in an attempt to dislodge the ball from the ball carrier's stick.

A pass usually coming from the goalie to advance the ball from the defensive end of the field to the offensive end of the field.

Crease / Goal Circle
The circle with a 9 foot radius that surrounds the goal; this is the home of the goal keeper and certain rules apply about who can enter the goal circle and when.

Critical scoring area
The area around and behind the goal (usually 15 square yards in front of the goal and 10 square yards behind the goal) where the attack attempts to execute plays to score goals. This space is also used in the evaluation of shooting space.

The movement of a player to get free from an opponent so one may have enough clear space to receive a pass from a teammate, or creates free space for another teammate to move into.

The team not in possession of the ball, attempting to prevent the attack from scoring goals.

Extra man offense
The offensive unit's numerical advantage that results from at least one member of the opposite team serving time in the penalty box.

Fast break
A team's attempt to gain a numerical advantage over their opponent by moving the ball quickly down the field as a team by running and passing it towards the goal .

A pass to a teammate in scoring position

Goal line extended
An imaginary line that extends from the either side of the goal line to the sidelines of the field.

The area immediately outside of the crease in front of the goal

Man down defense
The defensive unit that is outnumbered by at least one player as the result of one or more of its players serving time in the penalty box.

“One pass away”
A offensive or defensive player is defined as “one pass away” when they are the offensive or defensive player (marking the offensive player who is also “one pass away”) on either side of the player with the ball, and may be the next player to receive a pass or defend a pass from the ball carrier.

A move by a defender to leave one player to mark a more dangerous opponent.

The area directly behind goal.



A. Once a player is registered, the following fees are non-refundable:
$40 Cancellation fee

B. No refunds  are given after registration closes on December 1st 

. $25 US Lacrosse Fee - Must be purchased at and provide proof of your number to PBGYAA








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