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Coaching Newsletter April 2013
Coaches on The Sidelines
This was brought up at coaches meeting and for the most part, didn't have any problems with this. However, there were a number of occasions where parents were spotted on the sideline. Our referees will be instructed to make sure the sidelines are clear prior to the game but if a parent is noticed on the sideline then you will be given one warning then accessed a :delay of game" penalty.
No Practicing On Playing Fields
To maintain the quality of the fields, we're asking that no one practice at the highschool during the season. This will only assure that our players are playing on the best possible surface. We appreciate your cooperation
Work Together With The Refs
There's no doubt that there will come a time where a ref may miss a call or not know a particular rule. Please take that time to not ridicule, but help and encourage our refs. Our refs will be instructed to report any abuse from any coaches and/or parents.
Clean Up After Games
Out of respect to other players, please enourage your team to clean up after themselves at the conclusion of your games.

First off we want to thank everyone for a successful week one, the weather was perfect and the competition was even better. However, there are a few things that were brought to our attention that we forgot to mention that I'd like to bring up now and will take effect immediately this Sunday and for the rest of the season. While on the sidelines, coaches are confined to their one half of the field. No more will you be allowed to walk up and down the sideline for any reason. The midfield line will be painted out past the playing field to divide one half of the field with the other. Again, once the sides of the field have been established then you must stay on the side for the remainder of the game.
Flag Guarding.....Coach Against It

This is one of the most common penalties that occur throughout a game. Our refs will be calling this penalty more and more frequent as the season .
Parent Sideline Behavior
Parents are just as critical as you coaches when it comes to making the experience of the players positive and fun. Please make sure that all of your parents are aware that they are a reflection of you and the YYFFA will not hesitate to remove anyone due to disrespectful and/or disruptive behaivor
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