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No December 2016 meeting

November 22, 2016

Members present: Eric Gervase, Craig Eiding,, Roger Weir, George Main,

Shaun Kaley, Joe Fackler, Bill Knestrict, Kendra Watson

Public present: Matt Williams


Website Coordinator – Joe Fackler

            Planning to update website pending Spring registration set-up


Uniforms –

U6/U8 to order and pay on the website

Coordinators/coaches to then distribute uniforms to players


Referee Coordinator – Craig Eiding

Fall season went smoothly

No concerns about filling Spring season needs


U8 – Shaun Kaley

            Fall season went well

                        5 - 4v4 fields

                        May want to give fields some TLC, although used as parking at times

                        4v4 went well

            Some parents inquiring about moving kids up to U10

                        2-3 girls, 2-3 boys

                        Club approved


Select League Rep – Bill Knestrick

            Select team wins have increased from last season

            4 teams took 1st place in finals, 1 team took 2nd

                        May move those teams from Division 2 to 1

                        Or play up an age group


Snack Stand and Fundraising Coordinator – Chrissy Murray

            LAGS concessions went well

                        Profits TBD shortly

                        Chick fil a sandwiches were a hit


U6 Coordinator – Ashley Kendall

            Finished the season with pizza party –thanks to Weis!

            Willing to make flyer for Spring season to go out before Christmas break

            Goal of trying to run U6 like U8 in Spring

                        Will need more coaches



Treasurer – Christina Pehote

            $22,500 = current balance

            Should hear about 501c3 status by the end of the year


U9&older Coaches Coordinator – Annie Loud

            No returning rec coaches to date

                        Still waiting to hear from 4

                        Sent out reminder email

            Select team returning coaches

                        Still waiting to hear from some

                        U9G = returning

                        U9B = returning (merging to 1 team)

                                    3-4 players (Hershey)

                                    8 players (Loud)

                        U10B = returning

                        U10G = ?

                        U11B = not enough returning for spring

                        U11G = ?

                        U12G = ?

                        U12B = ?


Registrar – George Main

            Spring 2017 registration opening first week of Dec 2016

            Flyers to go out to schools before Christmas break

                        Ask Ashley to design and send out

            Will not have Walk-in registration, online only

            Add U8/U6 uniform ordering to online registration


Secretary – Kendra Watson

            Reorganizing shed after field tear down

Email out prices on possible shelves/bins for shed organization


President and Rec League update – Eric Gervase

            LAGS and LBYSA to possibly merge

                        Lanco my be interested in taking them over

                        Preliminary conversations

            To double check our meeting reservations for Middle School Cafeteria

            Dec Meeting with East Cocalico Township regarding future field opportune

                        Will reach out to Stevens Fire Co.

                        Spoke with Woodcrest Retreat

            No December CYSC meeting

            Planning winter futsal at the High School

            Field tear down this Sat. Nov. 26th at 9am


October 26, 2016

CYSC Board Minutes – 10/26/16


Board and Coordinators present: Eric Gervase, Karl Stark, George Main, Christina Pehote, Annie Loud, Roger Weir, Joe Fackler, Ashley Kendall, Shaun Kaley, Chrissy Murray, Matt Williams.


U6 Update

Dad that is a manager at Weis will take care of pizzas.  Kyle ?  Chrissy will reach out to Kyle

Wrapping up on Sunday the 30th.  Pizza and medals.



End the weekend after u6, November 5th.  Thinking about donuts in morning and pizza later. 

Ephrata tournament went really well.  Will follow US Standards in future.

Incident with a child hitting another child.  Parent of child was told that one more incident and the child would be done for the season.

Need to figure out what to do with u8 goals at VFW. 

Reaching out to coaches to get players who can move up.


Website – No update.  Eric and Joe will be getting together to see about updating the look and feel.



Two ref licenses available in November.  Eric will send details to Annie to send to coaches to see about interest.



Popcorn – 167 tubs – About $500 profit.  Popcorn will be ready this week.  Trying to distribute this weekend.


Snack Stand – Getting closer to full for volunteers.  Could use us to reach out to teams.

Barbeque instead of hamburgers because it can be used for hot dogs too.

Thinking about Chick Fil-A as well.


Refrigerator is dead.  Need to get new one.  Eric Gervase will go to J.B. Zimmerman tomorrow.


Spirit Wear

Should increase options.  Disappointed with #s.  Concerned with the fact that we had a ton of sales outside of spirit wear that we didn’t get credit for in spirit wear sale. 


Roger – Equipment

Put together goals and carts.


Select Rep update (Lanco)

Playoffs are weekend of November 12th/13th.  They are tentatively trying to do everything on the 12th and get it done in one day.  At Pequea Valley

11/4 - Registration for Spring opens

Lanco Soccer Scholarship - Available to 6 Seniors that have played in Lanco.  Don't always get enough applicants.  Something worth putting out to HS.

Struggling with how to handle edict of "no score keeping" handed down from US Soccer.  No big details, but was a side conversation.

Talked a little about future of u12/u13 decisions.  Still don't seem to have a plan.

Annie – Coaching Coordinator

Figuring out what to do u9 select boys.  Have 2 teams for fall and won’t for spring.  Will likely have too many for one team and not enough for two.  Should we hold tryouts?


$24,000 current balance

Paid out Tournament fees

Invoice for sneaker villa


Registration -  Open registration in January


President update - Eric

New field project - Went to East Cocalico Board of Supervisors meeting last week and presented an idea for fields behind the East Cocalico police station.  Was received well and we will be presenting same idea to Rec Board next month.  

Training and Camp - Talked to Challenger Sports about potentially running a camp over the summer where we might receive a piece of the proceeds.  They would also be willing to do a "train the trainer" kind of event for all of our coaches at the front end or the back end of the camp.  Their ultimate goal would to offer some sort of training support for the club.  Camp might be a low risk way to get to know them

LAGS is this weekend - All 4 new goals are put together and "in play" for the first time.  They look great.  The wheels are awesome.

New shed key

Patches – George said he ordered patches.  Looks like we will need them for Hempfield tournament

September 27, 2016

Members present: Eric Gervase, Karl Stark, Christina Pehote, Andrea Loud, Craig Eiding, Ashley Kendall,
Roger Weir, George Main, Shaun Kaley, Chrissy Murray, Kendra Watson

Public present: Dan Burton, Eric Metzger


Snack Stand and Fundraising Coordinator – Chrissy Murray

SneakerVilla spiritwear ending this week

Sending out reminder email to club

Popcorn sales due in 2 weeks

LAGS Concession Stand 33% filled with 1st email blast

Revisit photo booth idea for LAGS Spring 2017


U6 Coordinator – Ashley Kendall

 Last minute flyer sent out to Kindergarten was a success

 Numbers up from 25, now to 52!

 More advertising in Spring 2017

School flyer before Christmas break

Sign on 272 possibly

More balls needed from Roger

Available in shed

Streamline uniforms orders online with registration for Spring 2017

End season on Sun. Oct. 30th


U8 Coordinator – Shaun Kaley

Move uniform orders to online for next season

Oct. 22 is the Ephrata Tournament


Vice President – Karl Stark

Recruiting field marshals for LAGS

Need to put together goals and fields for LAGS (over Middle School fields)

7v7 and 9v9 fields needed


Equipment Coordinator – Roger Weir

Covering EMT and parking for LAGS


Treasurer – Christina Pehote

$27,389.68 = current balance

              Expenses (~$13,000)

Ref fees                      -$3370

U8/U6 uniforms          -$1540

Paint                           -$2209

Goals                          -$3709

EPYSA insurance       -$1757


Donation from RAA   +$3000

August 23, 2016

Members present: Eric Gervase, Karl Stark, Christina Pehote, Andrea Loud, Craig Eiding, Ashley Kendall, Roger Weir, George Main, Shaun Kaley, Kendra Watson

Public present: Liz Good, Brett Cuthbert, Raymond Hohl, Jay Gallagher, Dan Gordon, Dan Burton, Matt Williams


Website Coordinator – Joe Fackler

            Started updating website

            Insert Coaches tab

                        Links to EPYSA, LAGS, LBYSA, LANCO info


Referee Coordinator – Craig Eiding

            3 new refs

            3 new ref courses (not local) – 3 day course typically


Fundraising Coordinator – Chrissy Murray via email update

            Finalizing items & prices with SneakerVilla for spiritwear

Candle sale out early September

Popcorn Sale later

V&S or BBQ Chicken in October

            Idea for prize to highest salesman/team for V&S


U6 Coordinator – Ashley Kendall

            Player #’s are low at about 25, keep registration open

                        Send out flyer to Kindergarten classes first week of school

                        Put ad up on 272/Church Street sign

            Start season on Sept 6th

                        So far only 1 parent volunteer

                        Next season look into changing U6 layout

            Good on equipment, needs help lining field


League Rep – Rec

            Position still open

            Karl attended the meetings

                        Special thank you to Karl for helping in this way!

                        LAGS is represented by EPYSA

                        LBYSA is unsure if they are represented by EPYSA

                        Rec Schedules to be posted by 8/29

                        Silent Sunday on 10/23

                        LAGS  Tournament 10/29-10/30

            Next meeting on Nov 14th

            Karl gave George the deadline dates to declare teams





U8 Coordinator – Shaun Kaley

            Coaches and teams assigned

            Season starting the week of Sept 5th, first game Sat Sept 10th

                        U8 field set-up at VFW on Sat Sept 3rd

            Ordered new portable goals – demo at coaches meeting

            Move uniform orders to online for next season


League Rep-Select – via Eric Gervase

            New U9/U10 rules

                        New player line

                                    Midway between midline and 18

                                    Everyone must be behind line for goal kicks

                                    Off-sides is now behind player line

                        No goalie punts

                        No practicing/performing headers until U12

            Select schedules were to be out on 8/22 but still not posted


Field Maintenance Coordinator

            Position still open

            Field set-up redo set for Sat. Sept 27th at 9:30am

            Karl to put together field assignments


Equipment Coordinator – Roger Weir

            Needs to order balls

            Opening account with SneakerVilla

            Ordering paint from Denver Supply

                        1 palette of white paint

                        4 cases of orange paint


U9&older Coordinator – Andrea Loud

            Coaches secured

                        2 more assistant coaches needed


Treasurer – Christina Pehote

            $36,833.25 = current balance

                        We made $120 on the yardsale shed cleanout items

            Change porta-potty companies? Cost has risen $21/month

            EPYSA grant

                        Got info into applying next year

            Donate to Booster club

                        Open up the snack stand for them to use for JV practices/games


                        Christina and Kendra cleaned out extra items

                                    Sold/donatedtrashed items

                                    Club approved getting rid of cabinets

                                    To price out new shelves/clear bins to organize (email)

                                    Roger to price out outdoor motion detection light with cage



Secretary – Kendra Watson

            Handed out contact list for Fall 2016

            To email U9&older

                        Communicate they should hear from coaches if haven’t already

                        Select game schedule 8/22, Rec game schedule 8/29

                        SneakerVilla contacting them shortly when order comes in

                        Reminder of 15% SneakerVilla discount


President – Eric Gervase


Branded tent and corner flags in, need picked up

            Made list of equipment needs to approach Reamstown Athletic Club

                        $10,500 (3 sets of goals with nets)

                                    What to do with old goals/nets?

                                                Donate to boys&girls club/church group

                        $1100 U8 goals

                        $600 balls

                        TOTAL= about $13,000

                                    Possible additional items


                                                Soft serve ice cream machine

                                                Portable power lights


July 20, 2016

Members present: Eric Gervase, Karl Stark, Christina Pehote, Andrea Loud, Chrissy Murray,

Bill Knestrick, Craig Eiding, Ashley Kendall, Kendra Watson


President – Eric Gervase

            Website Coordinator

                        Joe Fackler interested in filling position

                        Will need minimal training

                        George Main to give him Admin privileges


Coordination went well for U9&older

            Some outstanding orders but majority accounted for

U6 and U8 will happen closer to season

            U8 order from team lists

            U6 order when registration is shut-down

Karl picked up the sample uniform for us to view

                        Question brought up about online ordering

                                    Decided store is easier for sizing

            Make list of equipment needs to approach Reamstown Athletic Club


Referee Coordinator – Craig Eiding

            U8 will use refs

                        U8 new format is 4v4, no goalie

                        Good investment in developing young refs


Fundraising Coordinator – Chrissy Murray

            LAGS Tournament went well despite the rescheduled day

                        Profits of $744

            Texas Roadhouse had very little profit

            Popcorn Fundraiser profit of $269

            Next season ideas

                        Sandwich Sale

                        JN Poultry Chicken BBQ Fundraiser

                                    Neidermeyer in U6 currently

                        Photobooth for LAGS

            Ask SneakerVilla about car magnets and tournament patches


U6 Coordinator – Ashley Kendall

            Karl submitted paperwork for use of Adamstown Elementary field


League Rep – Rec

            Position still open

            Karl to attend the meeting on Aug 8 in Warwick 6-9pm

            Question of whether LAGS and LBYSA should be member of EPYSA



U8 Coordinator – Shaun Kaley

            Considering larger PUGGs for portable goals at VFW

            U8 new format of 4v4, no goalie

            Reinstituting U8 Tournament with Ephrata

                        Make sure Ephrata is okay with PUGG goals for tournament

            Fall season numbers low

                        26 boys and 18 girls

                        Numbers low for past 3 seasons

                        Ideas to boost registrations

                                    Get paper flyers to school earlier

                                    Adveritse on Redner’s QuickStop sign?

            Season starting the week of August 29th

                        First game Sept 10 (skip Labor Day weekend)


League Rep-Select – Bill Knestrick

            Rosters freeze 2 weeks into season


Field Maintenance Coordinator

            Position still open

            Field set-up date of Sat. Aug. 6th at 9:30am

                        Make-up date of Sat. Aug. 13th at 9:30am


Equipment Coordinator – Roger Weir

            Need to clean out shed

                        Kendra and Christina volunteered to start the process

            Need a list of equipment needs


Treasurer – Christina Pehote

            $34,661.07 = current balance

            Change porta-potty companies? Cost has risen

501c3 status application received by IRS – under review (letter)

                        Will hear within next 150 days if approved or need more info.

            Suggestion to invest in laptop + software to keep better track of financials

            EPYSA grant

                        80K was given to 12 clubs this year

                        Look into applying next year

                                    April deadline?

                                    Christina to email for more info


Registrar – George Main

            Extended U9 Registration until July 22nd

            Extended online U8 and U6 registration until July 30th

                        270 registrations and still coming in

                        Need a good way of tracking against former seasons

            Fall Festival to kick-off the season

                        August 16, 17, 18 for U9-U12

                        Run as 2 groups U9/U10 and U11/U12

                        Help coaches get to know each other and learn new drills


Result of July Elections

            Next elections will take place in January 2017

            President – Eric Gervase, 9 votes

            Vice President – Karl Stark, 9 votes

            Secretary – Kendra Watson, 9 votes

            Registrar – George Main, 9 votes

            Treasurer – Christina Pehote, 9 votes



June 28, 2016

Members present: Karl Stark, Christina Pehote, Shaun Kaley, Roger Weir,

Craig Eiding, Ashley Kendall, Kendra Watson


President – Eric Gervase (update via email)


                        Cory sending a spreadsheet of orders to compare with registrations

                                    Notify George of spreadsheet when received

                                    Christina offered to help compare list

                        Cory provided 3 donated uniforms for a family in our club.

                                    CYSC was going to fund but Cory offered to take care of it

                                    SneakerVilla went above and beyond

                        Karl picked up the sample uniform for us to view

                                    Only concern was our logo as a patch instead of print (comfort)

                                    New style change every 3 years

                        $2000 adidas credit

                                    Pop-up tent with logo

                                    New corner flags

                                    Coaches shirts, Board member jackets

                        Cory will provide spreadsheet for all players

                                    We are to provide uniform numbers by July – date TBD

                                    Stacey to track numbers going forward

            Field Tear-down

                        Much thanks to Karl and Shaun for starting tear-down

                                    Nets taken down from high school field goals

                                    VFW goals torn down

                        Additional field tear-down on Sat., July 2nd at 9:30am

                                    Kendra to email club for additional help

                                    Can leave Field A + 6 goals up

                                    Move 4 + 5 goals to other side of street

            New board members and elections

                        July elections at next meeting

                        Open positions

Field Coordinator/s, Rec League Rep, Website Coordinator

                        New Roles

                                    U8 Coordinator – Shaun Kaley

                                    U6 Coordinator – Ashley Kendall

                                    Referee Coordinator – Craig Eiding

                        Thank you Mark Kelly and Jadon Rothenberger for all you’ve done!


Vice President – Karl Stark

            Select Try-outs

                        Good feedback from parents

                        Plan to tweek some of the drills next year


                        Went well other than rained out 2nd day

                                    Rescheduled for following Saturday

                        Concessions stand had good volunteer participation originally

                                    With reschedule date, hardly anyone helped the 2nd Sat.


                        Karl suggested V&S coupons to Chrissy

                                    $6 Sub/chips meal deal (club get $3 each coupon)


Secretary – Kendra Watson

            Fall Field Availability

                        U6 at Adamstown Elementary (practice + games)

                                    Shaun to reach out to Adamstown

                        U8 at VFW

                        U9&older – Karl checking status with school

                                    Anticipating same as last fall


                        Order needed items from SneakerVilla (discount)

                        Roger commented that shed needs cleaned out

                                    Need to make clean-out date

                                    Roger checking condition of old grill

                                    Give-away/donate extra cleats/jerseys just sitting in shed

                        Remind CYSC families of 15% discount at SneakerVilla

                                    Kendra to email closer to start of season


Treasurer – Christina Pehote

            $31,515 = current balance

            501c3 status application received by IRS – under review (letter)

                        Will hear within next 180 days if approved or need more info.

            Suggestion to invest in laptop + software to keep better track of financials

            EPYSA grant

                        80K was given to 12 clubs this year

                        Look into applying next year

                                    April deadline?

                                    Christina to email for more info


U8 Coordinaor – Shaun Kaley

            Idea of using PUG goals instead of heavy goals/nets?

                        Easier to set-up/tear-down

                        Less players on field

                        3 sets for about $200

                                    Shaun to price out PUGS vs SneakerVilla


Fundraiser – Chrissy Murray (update via text)

            LAGS and Popcorn Sales went well

            Texas Roadhouse Money Order ready to pick-up

April 27, 2016

Members present: Eric Gervase, Karl Stark, Christina Pehote, Jadon Rothenberger,

Matt Williams, Bill Knestrict, George Main, Andrea Loud, Shaun Kaley, Kendra Watson

Public Present: Chad Ogden, See Hang, Craig Eiding, Dan Burton, Tonia Burton


President – Eric Gervase

            Meeting focused on select players program and try-outs

                        Is CYSC a closed vs open club?

*Do we take the top of whomever comes out to tryout or do we give preference to Cocalico students and only take outside players when we don’t have enough players to make a team?

*Do we have a ‘Cocalico only” pre-tryout to gauge whether we need outside players to make a true ‘select’ level team.

                        Do we govern what percentage of our select players are Cocalico?

                                    *80/20 or 90/10 ratio of Cocalico students to outside players?

                                    *Case by case situation and approved by board?

                                    *Outside players need to score in top 50%?

*Outside players must have no select team program available in their school district?

                        What try-out guidelines do we need to make?

                                    *Board member needs to be present at each tryout

                        Summary of what was decided

*CYSC will utilize an 80/20 rule for all select teams.  Teams must be comprised of at least 80% of players from within the CYSC club.  Circumstances that do not meet that criteria must be approved by a 75% vote by the board

*All players coming from external clubs cannot have an available select team at their age group within their own club.  

*Tryouts must have at least 2 scorers that are not the coaches of the selecting team.  (1 of those two must be on the board)

Andrea Loud to email select coaches for tryouts dates for Fall 2016


Treasurer – Christina Pehote (update via email)

            $29,424.56 = current balance

                        Ref fees - Lanco,Lags & LBYSA - $4272.00

Registration Fees - Lanco           - $1180.00

Operating Expenses                  - $1408.69

Uniforms                                   - $1058.00


March 22, 2016


Members present: Eric Gervase, Karl Stark, Christina Pehote, Jadon Rothenberger, Roger Weir

Matt Williams, Ken Bennetch, Bill Knestrict, George Main,, Mark Kelly, Kendra Watson

Public Present: Andrea Loud, Russ Hohl, Kurtis Longenecker, Amber Martin



U8 Coordinator – Mark Kelly

            Disbanded the U8 Ephrata Tournament

                        Organizing an internal U8 Tournament instead

            4 girls teams (light), 4 boys teams (heavy, 12-14 players) this season

                        Possibly have a few boys move up to U10 Rec, 1 for U9 Select


Referee Coordinator- Jadon Rothenberger

            Waiting for schedules to come out and then can assign referees


Treasurer – Christina Pehote

            $33,813 = current balance

                        $8000 came in from registration

                        $1300 paint and expenses

                        $1400 EPYSA late fees

                        Estimated $4000 in ref fees

                        To donate $900 to Cocalico Education Fund from Futsal

                                    Eric G to reach out to Kristy Firestone to arrange exchange


Ken Bennetch

            Need to fill League Rec Rep position

            Reiterated No Heading Rule effective immediately

            Emphasized the importance of the Coaching Coordinator role

                        Discussed description and needs

                                    Needs to have beginning of year meeting

                                    Needs to be visible

                                    Offer training/shadowing program


Equipment Coordinator – Roger Weir

            Needs to prepare 7 U8 coaching bags, 2 U10 bags + 2 extra

            LAGS June 4 & 5 – have fields set up on shed side of road


Select League Rep – Bill Knestrict

            US Soccer Rules discussed at Lanco meeting

                        Reiterated no intentional heading allowed for 11year olds and under

                                    U9 = direct kick penalty

                                    U10/U11 = indirect kick penalty

                        All other new rules starting in Fall 2016

            Needs team roster/player tracking card filled out by every select team

                        Will send out email and distribute at coaches meeting

            Suggested contacting David Boyer with Ephrata league

                        Possibly share players to create some boys teams

                        Will review on case by case basis, per board approval

                        Eric Gervase to contact about possible players and net purchase


Registrar – George Main

            Next meeting need to talk about Fall registration fees

                        Breaking even currently

                        Need to increase cost slightly


Vice President – Karl Stark

            New contact person with High School relations

                        Scheduling/Scholarship/Field usage

            Dropping off applications for scholarship tomorrow

                        April 29th is pick-up


President – Eric Gervase

            New uniform Adidas contract through Sneaker Villa is moving forward

            Revisions for new logo will be emailed out shortly

            Putting together coaches meeting

                        Interest from 2 individuals in helping to coordinate

            Request to update CYSC website



February 23, 2016


Members present: Eric Gervase, Karl Stark, Christina Pehote, Jadon Rothenberger,

Matt Williams, Ken Bennetch, Chrissy Murray, Kendra Watson

Public Present: Andrea Loud, Russ Hohl, Lori Ritz, Marsha Breidenstein




            Karl and Eric met with Sneaker Villa with final details

                        Presented the new uniform package and price points

                        Will match our current pricing

            Negotiated $1500 kick-back from Adidas/Sneaker Villa

                        Can use for equipment

                        $500 additionally for fundraising/gear

                        1st year and 3rd year- get branded flags and tents

            Club agreed upon package


New Logo

            3 designs emailed out today for feedback

                        Discussed likes and dislikes with group present

                        Eric to email group and get group consensus for next step in design


Referee Coordinator- Jadon Rothenberger

            No heading rule will be enforced in Fall 2016 (U11 and under)

                        Penalty will be called for intentional heading of the ball

                                    Free kick


Fundraiser Coordinator/Snack Stand Coordinator – Chrissy Murray

            Discussed possible ideas

                        Popcorn catalog (sampled)

                        Autospa car wash coupons

                        Lottery/Raffle tickets

            Additional ideas suggested

                        Mister Hotshine

                        Chuckwagon at Weaver’s

                        Two Cousins Night

                        Yankee Candle (for Fall 2016)


Treasurer – Christina Pehote

            $27,211 is the  current balance

                        $965 incoming from Futsal

                                    All profit to be donated to Cocalico Education Fund

            501C3 – Christina ready to apply



U6 update

            Looking at ways to improve U6 program

                        Player numbers have increased over years = positive

                        Need better system/more volunteers

                                    Reached out to Dan Hogan

                                    Asked high school players to help with U6


U8 update

            Need to make plans on how to restructure - coaches/teams

Change in team size, 4v4, no goalie

Have 1 coach per 2 teams?

            Addressed lack of parking at VFW

            Possibly disband U8 Tournament with Ephrata?

                        Form inner club U8 Tournament


Ken Bennetch

            Need to fill League Rec Rep position

                        Eric has someone in mind

            March 7th = League meeting


Coaching Coordinator

            Needs to have beginning of year meeting

            Needs to be visible

            Offer training/shadowing program



            Items going missing

            Need to take inventory

                        Possibly make master list/sign-out?


Additional Business

            Field Set-up Day on Sat. March 12th at 10am (rain date = March 19th)

            CYSC established in 1982

                        Roger is verifying

            Lanco teams need to be declared by Feb 28th!!

                        Eric to contact George to send out select coaches ASAP!


                        Karl to follow-up with school and supply applications



January 4, 2016

Concessions/Fundraising Update


Nothing has really been happening with this for the end of Spring Tournament yet.


If the Weekend after Memorial Day is official,


 I will begin making asks for products between now and the end of the month, so we have plenty of time before then to get on their calendars for June.



Will ask those we’ve had before, will also like to look into new ideas.


A. Spring Spiritwear

            I have only received 1 order in the mail. – Was Registration very good?

Could we possibly send an email and put it on Facebook? (Kendra)


When should we be taking down?


Fip needs 3 weeks to turn around, so even if we order by the end of February, that’d give them all of March to get us our order by the beginning of the season in April.

We may or may not do another order during the season.



B.  The Goodies Factory

            Popcorn and other items

Looks nice     sample coming                    We make 50% of all items sold                Free Shipping to us


C.  Auto Spa Fundraising                                                         Mister Hot shine does a similar one

Description: Organization realizes a 50% profit return on all sales.

Description: are selling a service, a coupon that never expires.

Description: with an established, local company that guarantees customer satisfaction.

Description: program costs you nothing financially.

Description: hope to gain long-term AutoSpa clients and be known as a good neighbor.

Description: a date you would like to start your fundraising. AutoSpa permits selling for an agreed upon time period.

Description: each person sells 5 to 10 coupons, your organization can realize a large return.

Description: more you sell, the greater your profits. And, with most people already using the AutoSpa's services, the coupons are easy to sell!

Description: the end of your selling period, collect the money from each member of your group, along with any unsold coupons. Balance the sales with the unsold coupons, and then return to the AutoSpa the unsold coupons and 50% of the money collected using a check made payable toAutoSpa of Wyomissing.

Description: program is available to youth and adult organizations.


D.  Fundraising Zone

            Catalog items Fundraisers

Sales              Profit

Up to $2,500




Over $5,000



Cute items - Spring Catalog has a lot of fun things to offer.  Also:  Options of candies, nuts and other items as well



                        There are Numerous ones like this to choose from, all very similar percentages and items, just a matter of choosing.





I would also like to check with local private companies to see if they offer something we could do that will benefit our community as well.


Maybe with

Kountry Korner Drive In

Mozzarella Fella or Riviera

Udder Choice, or the new Creamery down 322

A coffee/pastry fundraiser with Courtyard on Main


Pick 2



Another Idea

            How full are the fields by the schools on a Saturday and Sunday???

I realize we do not run the concession stand each week

BUT, that doesn’t mean we can’t offer something…..

            What If  we scheduled a food truck each week, preferable both days, but if just one, ok

I envision the same for both days, or if this idea soars, then we could do a different one each day


They come and set up, sell from their Food Truck 

 (Think fully contained, we do nothing – not staff it or anything, just supply power IF they need   AND most have their own generators)


For the privilege of selling at our location, we receive 30% (Or a different split, whatever we decide) of their sales for the day.


Matt W


How’s Futsal going?  What’s the total on players/$$?





No update.


Bringing in coaching from HS. 




Reach out for coaches yet?  Need the list of coaches from last season from Annie or do you have that?


League Rep


Update from league meeting?  Anything more?


· They'd like field permits in by February 28th.  

· They reiterated that it is not a priority to purchase all new goals right away for the new standards. Grants will likely be coming from EPYSA, but not this year.

· Still no answer on new roster sizes.

· Lanco is looking at doing sponsored ref and E License Coaching courses.

· Lanco Summer Tourney was well attended last year, but not by Lancaster County teams.  The dates for the tournament are June 4-5 this coming year.

The most important thing I was hoping to get was some plan/resolution for the 6th graders who are stuck between 7th grade soccer and select soccer. Unfortunately, they didn't have any answers on that yet.  Seemed like they were waiting to see what other leagues were going to do.  They did recognize that as the only recurring problem as a result of the new age changes.  The rest of the issues are one time inconveniences.  This one won't go away over time.


Equipment Coordinator


Definitely need nets.  Talk about equipment needs next meeting.




What will we have access to this coming season?

4 fields across the street. 

May 14th (Saturday or Sunday) No play day


Coaching Coordinator


Organize coaching binders for u8?  Training direction?




How are registrations looking so far?

Can we pull reports of historical registrants by birth year?


Treasurer report


Get me a credit card?  Meet at bank?

$25,000 is current balance

Donating $800 to CEF.

501(c)3 – Seeing if Tim is able to pick up some of the last pieces.


Fulton Bank - Karl, Eric G, Eric M, Christina


Secretary (Kendra)






Scott Hoh potential sponsorship.  Wants to market to our list.  Looking at about $1000 investment.  What do we think?  What has been done in the past?  Wants to do something tasteful.  Goal would be to try and get new customers for estate reviews.


Scott is also a real estate investor.  Was talking to him about how we might acquire real estate to put fields in/on.  Talked about a bigger fundraising opportunity there. 


Went to NSCAA event for the day a couple weeks ago.  Really good training info there and looked to be some really good seminars.  Considering going to full conference in 2 years when it is back on the east coast again.


Went to see Carli Lloyd at the Philly Auto Show.  Saw two other families from the club.  Very cool event.


Uniform Coordinator


Had Sneaker Villa come speak with group about taking over uniforms.  Key points below:

·      3 year deal

·      Can get $1500 in kick-backs from Adidas for signing

·      Would generally start with new uniforms, but open to working with us.

·      All CYSC would need to do is assign someone to work with them and assign numbers for uniforms.  They take care of all interaction outside of that.

·      We would no longer take payment

·      They can do spirit wear as well.