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College Recruiting Service (SRUSA)

What are the benefits of purchasing SRUSA Premier?
The package was put together to help players stand out from other recruits in the world. With the reputation as the World’s Leading U.S. College Soccer Placement consultants, we have put together all the tools to guide you but also make you stand out. There is nothing else like this in the world and with the competition from 1000’s of other players going for the same roster spots, it’s VITAL you stay one step ahead of the crowd. 
What are the issues players get when being recruited?
The thing we’ve found over the years from U.S. players is that, honestly, it seems to be more difficult to be recruited if you are in the USA than outside the USA. The reason I say this is because unless you’re playing at a National Team level, coaches are fed information of players of that level from AL over the world on a daily basis. With recruiting agencies in most countries, coaches then tend to just work with ‘qualified’ clients who these agencies put forward. This then leads U.S. kids, who might be the best player on their High School team, swimming well behind the front runners who are perceived to be better and/or have trusted agencies pushing them. This leads U.S. players to then start panicking and attend Player ID Camps at Schools all over the country and most are left with limited options. The problem that many need to realize is that, in todays college soccer world, there is always someone smarter and better than you out there trying to play college soccer in the USA. So you have to do what you can to stand out from them.
Why is GPS data an important part of SRUSA Premier and the recruiting process?
We introduced GPS data into our services around a year ago and the feedback from U.S. College Coaches has been amazing. With a lot of colleges using GPS data within their own teams, they are able to have benchmarks when looking at any players providing GPS data, so they are able to compare the recruit to their current players. It is also a development tool in the sense that can help players improve their physical attributes. They can see if they are working hard enough in games and able to see real data that shows how they are progressing. 
What issues do parents/players have when they try to navigate the rigours of the college recruitment?
One of the biggest things we’ve found with U.S. parents is that they all have the best intentions to help their child, but due to the conflicting messages out there, many seem to be confused on what information to give. One of the main questions we get asked is, ‘I want my child to play for (Insert Top D1 school name), how do I get him on their team’. The issue with being as selective as that is that it cuts down your options and to be honest, the competition to get into that level is so high, you need to have a really good soccer resume and academics to back it up to be even considered. With players coming from professional clubs and national team levels all over the world, it’s tough to get into schools like that’. There are many quality schools at all levels of college soccer who they may not have heard of. So it’s easy to miss out without the right guidance.  
Why is SRUSA Premier different to all the other recruitment services/help out there?
There are a lot of different options out there to help your recruitment strategies, such as Recruiting Agencies, Player ID Camps, Showcases, and Online Profiles. Everyone is different and all should be considered depending on your circumstances. With SRUSA Premier, we’ve created a service that fits alongside all of these or just use as a standalone service. With the GPS unit, you wear this at all your games and training sessions. Then you can create a detailed profile to give to coaches whenever you attend any of these events. It gives YOU the tools to dictate your future. And with the backing of the World’s Leading College Soccer Placement Consultants, you are in good hands. 
Why would I need to stand out from other recruits when trying to be recruited?
With the rise of the popularity of coming to the USA to study and play at the college level, on a huge increase, the supply is becoming more than the demand. That means that coaches have an abundance of players from all over the world to choose from. So, naturally, you want to be the one a coach picks. With that in mind it’s VERY important to try stand out from others. Firstly, you need your academics to be the best as possible. Without good academics, you won’t even be considered. Then with your soccer, you need to be playing at the highest level as possible, eating right, being healthy, to get you as college ready as possible. Then to get the attention of coaches you’ve got to try different things compared to the rest of the world. Such as quality highlight videos, GPS data, being in the right place at the right time and much more. 
How proactive do I need to be when purchasing SRUSA Premier?
Unfortunately, if you purchase SRUSA Premier, you cannot just sit back and do nothing. Fortunately, it gives YOU the tools to be proactive and stand out from the crowd to get recruited. Coaches like proactive players because proactiveness usually translates into the classroom and the soccer field. 
What are coaches looking for in players?
Coaches are looking for players who have good academics and always looking to improve. They want players who have initiative and no ego. They want players that are always looking to get better. Players who want to get healthier, fitter, and stronger. They essentially want players who can reach their potential and are a pleasure to work with. 
What time of the year/grade should I look to purchase SRUSA Premier?
There is no real time we’d recommend apart from saying earlier the better. Coaches can’t communicate with players until they are Juniors in High School, but if you wanted to build your profiles up before that, then that would be awesome data to have as soon as you can start communicating in your Junior year.