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Dear Players and Parents, 

 I hope you are all well and having a fantastic season. 

 Firstly, let me introduce myself; 

 I am Chris Cousins and I am the Head of Operations for Sports Recruiting USA. We are the World's Leading U.S. College Soccer Consultants and have been helping advise and place talented soccer players from all over the world for many years. 

 As many of you know, through our presentations at the club (by the fantastic John Robinson, who is also our main Talent ID scout in the USA and soon to be a coach at your club) we are partnering up with United FC Michigan, to give our unrivalled guidance, technology and expertise to you and you only in the state of Michigan. 

Having met Andy and Ian (and all the other staff) from the club on a number of occasions, we have all been very impressed with the vision they would like to take the club and also for the forward thinking ideas to introduce a more structured 'College Soccer Pathway' for all of its players, as they (and we agree) think that this route should be the main priority pathway for all of their players. 

You may or may not know, but only roughly 10% of players of a high school age, get to play College Soccer, and with the growing numbers from all over the world coming to these shores to study and play in College, it is vitally important to take any advantages you can get when trying to be seen by College Coaches. 

For your club, we have created and tailored a BRAND NEW customized service, called SRUSA Premier, which only your club has. This will include everything you need to give you the best chance possible of taking the next step to the college, including GPS Tracking Vests, Highlight Videos, and much more. This service puts United FC - Michigan on a different level compared to any other team outside of professional soccer in the USA. 

We are one of only few recruiting agencies that works with ALL levels of college soccer, and if you have the right sporting and academic talents, we'll help you get to the right destination for you. 

 I hope this small bit of info has wet your appetite for what's to come. 

 By the beginning of next week, we'll be sending you all a presentation video of what to fully expect and how to be involved right away. 

 Thank you for taking the time to read this email. We are really excited to work with the wonderful talent at the club and helping many players over the years get to where they deserve. 

 Have a great day and speak soon. 

 Yours in Sport, 

Chris Cousins 
Head of Operations Sports Recruiting USA