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Disqualifying Offenses

This list of Disqualifying Offenses was developed from Ohio Senate Bill 187 and as part of SAY's volunteer screening criteria and is applicable for all SAYAreas and Districts. Areas should also be aware of the laws pertaining to the state in which they reside.

While this list will be the de-facto guide used by SAY in determining what action is to be taken in regards to the results of the applicants background   check, other factors may also be considered; such as the laws of a particular state in which the applicant resides, and mitigating circumstances.

Examples of Disqualifying Offenses:

Aggravated murder

•  Murder

•  Voluntary manslaughter

•  Involuntary manslaughter

•  Felonious assault

•  Aggravated assault

•  Assault

•  Failing to provide for a functionally
   impaired person

•  Aggravated menacing

•  Patient abuse; neglect

•  Kidnapping

•  Abduction

•  Criminal child enticement

•  Rape

•  Sexual Battery

•  Unlawful sexual conduct with a minor

•  Gross sexual imposition

•  Sexual imposition

•  Importuning

•  Voyeurism 

•  Placing harmful objects in food or confection

•  Felonious sexual penetration

•  Drug abuse beyond minor drug possession

•  Illegal administration or distribution of
   anabolic steroids

•  Funding of drug or marijuana trafficking

•  Multiple or repeat instances of less serious 
   offenses (ex. DUIs)

•  Compelling prostitution

•  Promoting prostitution

•  Procuring

•  Prostitution; after positive HIV test

•  Disseminating (obscene) matter harmful 
   to juveniles

•  Pandering obscenity

•  Pandering obscenity involving a minor

•  Pandering sexually oriented matter
    involving a minor

•  Illegal use of minor in nudity-oriented
   material or performance

•  Aggravated robbery

•  Robbery

•  Aggravated burglary

•  Burglary

•  Unlawful abortion

•  Endangering children

•  Contributing to unruliness or delinquency
   of a child

   • Domestic violence

•  Carrying concealed weapons

•  Having weapons while under disability

•  Improperly discharging firearm at or into
   habitation; school-related offenses.

•  Corrupting another with drugs

•  Trafficking in drugs

•  Illegal manufacture of drugs or cultivation
   of marijuana

 Public indecency


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