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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why has the decision been made to switch from grouping teams by the school year to the calendar year?
A. To be in line with the other 208 countries around the world that register players by their year of birth. The change will also make it easier for American club teams to play internationally.

Q. What if a player wants to play with his or her school friends, but is in a different age group?
A. A player will be able to 'play up' dependant on the evaluation process at OPS. Our process includes coach and DOC discussion on the merits of the said player 'playing up' an age bracket and will be determined on a case by case basis. As always, a player may not play down with a younger age group.

Q. How will this change impact clubs?
A. As with every club in the country their will be some adjustments to present rosters due to the age group change. Secondly, as always it's a tryout procedure, so new players or existing players get a fresh shot at making a team based upon showcasing their talent.

Q. How are age groups determined in other FIFA nations?
A. By the year in which a player is born; I.e, calendar year.

Q. Which US Youth Soccer Programs will be affected?
A. The Olympic Development Program will not change since it has grouped players by birth year since it's inception in 1977. TOPSoccer will be unaffected since players are grouped by ability and less so by age. All other player programs will be directly affected by the change to calendar year player registration.

Q. When will the change to calendar year age groups take effect?
A. US Youth Soccer programs will change to Calendar Year beginning this Fall in the 2016/17 season. 

Q. What happens when I go to the OPS tryout/what should I expect?
A. On Day one of the Tryouts your child will be grouped with their own specific age group as per the new matrix. Our Coaching staff will evaluate the group based on talent pool, ability to build a roster, and the best 'developmental' approach for each individual player. Certain players will then be moved based on the Coach/DOC evaluation process until teams are formed. Players may end being recommended to 'play up' should this be the best decision by the Player/Technical Coaching Staff.

Q. I want my child to gain extra 'private' training, how do I go about getting information on this?
A. Contact club DOC Matt Weston [email protected]
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