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RunFastJumpHigh Soccer

RunFastJumpHigh Soccer

Specialty Training - Individual and Small Group

All sessions are custom to the player(s) based on areas of focus, need or via assessment. Examples of individual session content below.

HiFT - High-Intensity Footskills Training

Speed, Agility and Quickness meets Footskills - Private or Small Group Sessions designed to improve first-touch to set up a shot, pass or dribble.  The Player(s) is challenged to execute proper technique and body position after performing multi-directional patterns, agility drills, balance and coordination exercises. Many players today struggle with the finer technical components in the game as a result of improper balance and body shape.  This is a unique Hybrid approach to training that has been created/developed for the most advanced players. Also available as large group program.

Summer / Off Season Performance Training for College Players

Individual and Small Group Training for College (and High School) Players.  Customized training to emphasize fine-tuning technical skills, soccer fitness and conditioning. Contact [email protected]

Finishing School

Improve shooting technique and accuracy.  Shooting is more like a golf swing than you may imagine, there are many components.  Many players are not learning proper technique at a young age and those with more natural power early are less likely to be evaluated or corrected. As players mature and get stronger, centimeters and inches of plant foot, hip and shoulder position, contact point, etc. become feet and the margins of error are much larger.  This training is largely individual and includes an initial assessment followed by targeted training to improve technique, power, finesse, and accuracy.

1v1 Skill Master

Improve balance on the ball and become proficient in using every surface of the foot to manipulate the ball.  Attack and elude defenders with confidence with specialty moves.  Player(s) will learn a variety of moves that are effective on the sidelines, helpful in getting out of trouble/tight spaces, in changing the point of attack or going directly at a defender.  The players will be introduced to moves and gain an understanding of when and where to leverage these moves on the pitch as well as become proficient with both feet.  This individualized and small group training involves an initial assessment and homework.

Speed, Agility and Quickness

Customized individual training will be developed after an initial assessment.  Training based on the goals of the athlete.  Programs designed to improve power, quickness, first step, change of direction, top end speed and/or overall running efficiency and biomechanics from knee drive to leg turnover to arm swing.   Also available as large group program. 

For more information and to schedule private sessions, email [email protected]

Rates (per player)
1 Player = $60 per hour
2 Players = $40 per hour
3 Players = $35 per hour
4 players = $30 per hour
5 players = $25 per hour
6+ players = $20 per hour

*Speed and Agility sessions can be 1/2 hour based on the intensity of the training.  
$30 per 1/2 hour session. SAQ can be combined with footskills for a 30/30 session at the above hourly rates

Virtual Training and Personal Coaching

Register for custom 1 on 1 training for daily, weekly or monthly workouts.  Suggested individual workouts and/or warmup routines for the following:

Soccer Fitness - Plyometrics and Power moves to increase strength, power and top end speed. Fast feet, acceleration, and deceleration, multi-directional patterns. Core Strength and Conditioning.
Ball Mastery with Moves -  skill acquisition program with progressive movements to get maximum touches with all surfaces of both feet. 1v1 Moves sequences.
HiFT - See above

Workouts will be provided via Video with Companion PDF.
*Coming Soon - Free Mobile App Currently in Development

Attention Adults - Soccer Fitness and Skills Training

Attention Adult Soccer Players:  Are you getting into soccer at a later age or getting back into soccer because your kids play?  Are you looking to get and stay fit for pick-up and adult league games? Are you looking for some basic skills to enjoy time playing the game that your kids love with them?

For years, parents watching our programs have asked if we would consider fitness training for adults and we are now able to work with adults who are looking to brush up on or learn their technical skills from ball handling to passing and receiving to finishing.  Customize training is available to create a balance between and non-dominant foot, first touch, skills, proficiency in multi-directional movement or overall fitness and conditioning.

Contact [email protected] to work with a certified, licensed and insured specialty trainer with certifications in footskills, biomechanics, functional movement, speed and agility and core conditioning.


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