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North United Soccer Club

President's Message


by Greg Helsel

March 20, 2018 - It is with great pleasure today that I had the privilege of announcing the partnership we are forming with Beadling! For those of you who know me, you know that I strive to be an honest person with integrity who tries to put others before himself. I hope one day that will be my legacy. So I have been asked why the club went this direction. The simple answer is that I believe it is what is the best thing for our players and families. I have been fortunate enough to serve North United for ten years now. During that time there have been many amazing times, and I am looking forward to many more.

The opportunities our players will now have are more than we could provide in our current set-up. The benefits to all of our players from academy level all the way up made this an easy decision. I am glad you are here on our website and hope that you find a home with us for many years!

Thank you!

Greg Helsel
President, North United