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1) Who decides to close fields, practices and games due to bad weather?

The Warren Township Recreation Department is responsible for closing the town fields Duderstadt, East County Reserve, Greenwood Meadows and Municipal field and the Warren Township Board of Education closes the school fields Central, ALT, Middle School and Woodland School. The Long Hill Recreation Dept. is responsible for decisions regarding the fields at Kantor Park [formerly Riverside Park].

2) What time will we be notified if fields are closed?

We do our best to notify coaches & trainers as soon as we receive confirmation of fields being closed, and we update the infoline and website as quickly as possible. Weekday notification deadline is 3:00 pm & Weekend notification deadline is 8 am at the latest.

However, due to unpredictable weather, if the weather changes occur after those times, practices or games may still be canceled. Always check the infoline (908-647-8342) before going to practice or a game.

In case of lightning, all players, coaches and parents are required to leave the field and seek safe shelter. Play can resume 30 Minutes past the last thunder boom.

3) What forms of communication do you use to cancel practices and games?

We send emails and update the website when there are cancellations. All teams use an application called TeamSnap that allows each player to add as many email addresses as needed for all notifications including any cancellations.  However, when it is not possible for multiple reasons, players and families can check the infoline (908-647-8342) before going to practice or a game.

4) How do I register for programs?

Please see the registration section of our website. We utilize Blue sombrero, an online team registration and Soccer Club Management software program, and it walks you through the registration process. You will see a registration button imbedded in the web-site click this to be directed to the registration page. If you have additional questions, please e-mail [email protected]

5) How do I become a coach?

We encourage parents to volunteer, even if you do not have much knowledge about the game. Please see the coach section of our website for specific requirements.

6) Why are there so many requirements for becoming a coach? I just want to volunteer and the WHSA makes it so difficult.

The coaching requirements are set by the town and the New Jersey Youth Soccer Association. These requirements have been established for the safety of all the children in the program. We recognize there are multiple requirements, most of the initial procedures are a one-time chore and also pertain to other sports you may choose to coach. Keep in mind they are in the best interest of the children. Coaching your child is truly a rewarding experience, and the life lessons learned through youth sports such as teamwork, discipline and the importance of a strong work ethic, will help shape your children as they grow up.

7) Are there any scholarships available for those who are going through difficult times and/or can't afford the registration fees?

Please contact [email protected] to request a board member to review your situation, as we do not want kids to suffer repercussions, due to circumstances out of their control. All conversations about this topic will remain confidential.

Recreation Division

1) Can I make special requests for teammates, coaches, and practice times?

We do not take special requests for the 1st grade and younger programs, because you sign up for a specific practice day and time. Although we do allow you to make special requests when registering in the 2-8th grade programs, we cannot always accommodate those requests. We understand that carpooling is critical to some families and we do our best to accommodate those requests. However, we do ask that you only make a carpooling request if it is truly a necessity.

While we do try to accommodate teammate requests, we simply can’t guarantee that every request will be granted, and we simply can’t accommodate a request that asks for 4 children or more to be placed on the same team.

Additionally, requests to have your child placed on a specific coaches team is rarely accommodated, as it is difficult enough to form the teams.

2) When will I find out what team my child is on?

Please remember, WHSA is an organization operated by volunteers, who work very hard to coordinate all programming in a timely manner. We make every effort to notify parents 2 weeks before the first scheduled game, but there are circumstances where you might not receive the schedule until a week out.

3) When will I find out the practice times and game schedule?

Practice days/times and game schedules will be posted on the website at least a week before the first practice session.

4) Why did you change to paid trainers for all practice sessions and games for all divisions?

We see this as a win-win for everyone, as our goal is to provide the children in our community a positive soccer experience. First, it takes some of the pressure off the parent coaches, who may not have as much knowledge about the game and/or have a difficult time getting to practice on time. The paid trainers are professionals, and we encourage the parent coaches to use the trainers as a resource, so you can better understand the technical and tactical aspects of the game. While some parents do have knowledge of the game, not all parent-coaches do, and this ensures that all kids will receive proper training, as we seek to develop these kids. The trainers will organize practice and work closely with the parent coaches.

5) My child just missed the age cut off for the pre-school/pre-kindergarten program. Can I still sign them up?

No, unfortunately this is our policy, and you cannot sign them up if they missed the age cut off.

6) Are there awards?

There are awards [trophies] for participation in the younger divisions and for teams that place in 1st, 2nd or 3rd depending on the number of teams in the division for that season and gender.  Contact the division coordinator for more information.  These are generally distributed after the last session or game for the season.

7) We missed the last game, how do I get my child's award?

For Kindergarten and younger, please email [email protected] For 1st grade and older, please email your coach.

8) I witnessed a very rude parent/coach/player. How do I report them?

Please email [email protected] and the Recreation Program Coordinator will contact you.

9) I tried to register for the winter program, but it wasn't listed in the registration system.

The winter program is managed by the United Soccer Academy and registration is done in their system. Please go to for registration details.

10) What is your refund policy?

There are no refunds. However, if your child is injured before the season begins and cannot play that season, we will credit your account for the next season.

11) Why is there no early bird special for 1st Grade and younger?

Those programs are more expensive to run, because the coach/child ratio at that level requires the use of additional trainers.

12) My child is signed up for the Rec program, but a spot opened up on a travel team. Can you transfer the registration?

Absolutely; please email [email protected] with the specific details.

13) When does registration open?

Registration opens in June for the fall season and in January for the spring season.

14) Can my child also play baseball/softball/football/lacrosse?

We encourage children to try multiple sports and we make every effort to coordinate as much as possible with the other sports programs, especially at the younger age levels. However, conflicts do happen and often there is no solution, so you must make choices, and we obviously would like soccer to be your priority commitment during the season. Please check with each sports program before registering.

15) My child wants to become a referee.

Please refer to the referee section of our website, as to reference the NJ program where kids (must be 14 years old) can obtain referee licenses.

16) How do I find directions to the field my child is supposed to be on?

Please see the FIELDS section of our website

17) My child has never played before what kind of equipment is needed?

Soccer cleats, shin guards and balls are mandatory. You can get them at your local soccer specialty or sporting goods store. For Pre-K and Kindergarten kids, balls are sold on-site at registration during the first week of each season. Please make sure your child also bring water to each session.

18) Why does my 4-year old need shin guards?

Shin guards are mandatory at every level of soccer, and it’s important that kids become accustomed to wearing the proper equipment.

19) Why did you change the Kindergarten and First Grade program to the 4v4 model instead of full field games?

Our primary goal is to create a positive introductory to soccer experience for the boys and girls in the community. The new 4 v 4 model promotes more touches on the ball for all participants, which is important for player development. We’ve looked at other programs throughout the state, and this model is widely used, as it gets more kids engaged during each session.

Travel Division

What is Travel Soccer?

Travel Soccer is a more competitive program that requires tryouts and selection for a travel team. The travel program requires a commitment for both the fall and spring seasons. Teams have a professional trainer and practice two days per week. Games are played on Sunday’s and away games are usually within a 45 minute drive time.

When are Tryouts?

Tryouts are held in the spring, in April or May. Dates and locations will be posted on the web-site.  Click here for the current or past schedule.

What is the Cost?

We run one of the most competitively priced programs in the area. The price includes training fees, League registration, and referee fees. Travel teams usually also participate in at least one tournament per season. Each player is also required to buy a uniform.

How many players are on a team?

Small sided teams usually have 12 players and large sided between 15 and 18 players.

What are requirements to manage a travel team?

A manager needs to Rutgers Safety Class, CPR Training, Concussion and complete a background check which requires fingerprinting.

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