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Board of Directors: Positions and Descriptions

Position Description
President The President of the Winchester Soccer Club provides leadership for the Club's Board of Directors. In that capacity, the president:
  • Chairs Board of Directors meetings
  • Chairs the Annual Members Meeting and any special members meetings held
  • Coordinates the activities of various board members
  • As a board member, recommends new or changes to policy
  • Establishes administrative procedures to ensure club policies are carried out
  • Represents the Club to Winchester officials or other Winchester clubs
  • Represents the Club to MYSA
Boys' Commissioner The job of the Boys Commissioner is to interface with the Middlesex League and to coordinate the registration of team rosters with that League. Rosters have to be submitted to the League in the Spring and the Fall (along with player cards for each rostered player and coach for the Spring season) together with a Placement Request for each team. Once the rosters have been accepted, the Boys Commissioner is responsible for arranging for changes to the rosters by means of adding and deleting players from rosters which is done centrally through the Middlesex Boys Commissioner.

The Winchester Boys Commissioner is also responsible for dealing with the pass cards of any players who receive a red card or multiple yellow cards during the season. This includes obtaining reports from the coach and referee involved and deciding what action to take, if any, by way of an appeal to the League.

The Winchester Boys Commissioner is also involved in the dissemination of information from the WSC Board of Directors to the Boys Age Group Coordinators and is the person who notifies the AGCs if home games have to be cancelled due to weather.

Ass't Boys' Comm. The Assistant Boys Commissioner's primary role is to aide the Boys Commissioner in running the boys program for the club. S/he assists the Boys Commissioner in the areas of league coordination, team roster processing, age group coordinator communication, pass card processing and spring/fall coach meeting coordination.

Most importantly, as a member of the WSC Board of Directors, the Assistant Boys Commissioner represents the membership in issues/topics that come before the board at the monthly meetings. S/he contributes to the seasonal newsletter and participates in sub-committees which address issues and challenges before the club.

Girls' Commissioner The Girls Commissioner is responsible for the management of the girls soccer program offered by the Winchester Soccer Club. The commissioner and the assistant commissioner work closely with the Age Group Coordinators to plan and implement the fall and spring soccer seasons. The commissioner and assistant commissioner are also responsible for setting policies regarding the operation of the girls' program that are consistent with the rules and goals of the Winchester Soccer Club.
  • Planning and implementation:Responsibilities included are:
    • Identifying and selecting coaches
    • Setting game times and field assignment (as determined by the fields coordinator) for the fall season
    • Making sure that coaches and players have the required pass cards and rosters as directed by the leagues
    • Submitting the required paperwork and fees to MYSA, and the BAYS and MAPLE leagues
    • Overseeing tournament participation by WSC teams
    • Working with the traning director to make scertain that all coaches receive the training and direction as mandated by the Club.
    • Oversee the operation of all teams, including teams playing in the BAYS and MAPLE leagues.
  • Setting Policy:The Girls' Commissioner sets policy regarding the operation of the girls' program, in accordance with the by-laws and goals of the Club. The following issues should be addressed:
    • The Club rule regarding 50% playing time for all players on all teams should be enforced.
    • The Club rule regarding the use of out-of-town players should be enforced.
    • The Commissioner sets policy regarding the operation of all travel teams, including selection process for players, and the procedure for the removal of a player from these teams.
  • Board:The Girls Commissioner is responsible for working with the WSC Board to set policy regarding important issues such as travel teams for the fall season, and the selection process for spring season teams.
(1997 version)
Ass't Girls' Comm. The position of Assistant Girls Commissioner is in place to fully help and work alongside the Girls Commissioner. Tasks are delegated by the Girls Commissioner as well as the President of the Soccer Club to the Assistant Commissioner when needed.

Those tasks can and do include Communicating with the Age Group Coordinators as well as the coaches on any and all concerns pertaining to the club's position on the Girls side. The position also has the responsibility of distributing any and all pass cards that are needed for both players and coaches.

The monthly attendance at each WSC Board meeting is essential along with the involvement in a separate sub-committee (which meets 2 weeks prior to the monthly meeting) to discuss upcoming board motions or issues. Administrative work is at its height around Coaches' meeting time, due to the process of passing out team roster, BAYS Books, Referee pay slips etc. The involvement here is determined by the prep time before hand, and the co-ordination with the Girls Commissioner.

A club newsletter is distributed at the beginning of each new season, and the Assistant Commissioner has the opportunity to submit in written form, their position or input for the upcoming season. Lastly, the position holds a spot on the board and a vote towards approval or denial on any and all issues. This in itself carries a great responsibility and should be looked upon in high regard by anyone looking to accept the position at hand!

Sandlot (Grade K-2) Commissioner The Sandlot Commissioner role is the overseeing of the structure and development of soccer for children in the u6, u7, u8 and u9 levels in the fall, and the u6, u7 and u8 levels in the spring. It is in the spring that u9 players enter into the travel program, and those teams move to the jurisdiction of the Boys and Girls Commissioners.

The Sandlot Commissioner's responsibilities include:

1. Creating the play format for each of the levels (u6, u7, u8 and u9);
2. Recruiting age group coordinators who are able to assist in player and coach development;
3. Recruiting coaches who are able to teach the game;
4. Coordinating player and coach involvement in tournament play;
5. Encouraging and forwarding the club's goal of formally training coaches (MYSA G, F and E licensing);
6. Overseeing the organization of teams within each age group;
7. Coordinating the sandlot program with the referee development program (U8 and U9 levels);
8. Encouraging board involvement amongst age group coordinators and coaches;
9. Working with the volunteer board promoting the Winchester Tournament in November;
10. Preparing coaches and teams to move forward into the travel soccer portion of the club.

Treasurer The Treasurer shall maintain the financial records and control the receipt and disbursement of club funds as deemed appropriate by the Club's Board of Directors in the normal course of business.

Present quarterly and updates to the Board on fund balances.

Prepare and present annually a financial statement in compliance with generally accepted accounting principles and the financial status of the club.

Prepeare and file with the necessary regulatory agencies the required documents, such as tax returns or statements of funds activity, which are required by state and federal laws.

Secretary The Secretary is responsible for the recording and dissemination of the minutes of the WSC Board Meetings. The Secretary assists the President in making sure the Board Meetings are run at a timely pace and helps the Board Members in formulating motions that come up for a vote.

The secretary shall have the charge of such books, documents and papers as the Board of Directors may determine and shall have the custody of the corporate seal.

Keep a record, containing the names, alphabetically arranged, of all persons who are members of the club, showing their places of residence, and such book shall be open for inspection as prescribed by law.

Sign with the President or Vice President, and in the name and on behalf of the club, any contracts or agreements authorized by the Board of Directors, and when so authorized or ordered by the Board, he may affix the seal of the Club.

Fields Coordinator Plans, negotiates and schedules field use for practices and games, including fall and spring outdoor play and winter indoor play. Plans field needs based on anticipated number of teams. Negotiates with Recreation Department (and competing field users in Town) for available fields and times, and provides rosters to ensure that Winchester Soccer Club is conforming to Town rules for field use. Schedules practices and games (with Commissioners), including makeup games and works with Age Group Coordinators to handle exceptions.

In addition, the Fields Coordinator works with the WSC Board to determine field improvement priorities for implementation by the Department of Public Works, and on regular maintenance issues with the DPW.

Equipment Manager · Maintains inventory of all club purchased equipment including (but not limited to):
  • Field Equipment: Goals, Nets, Weight Bags, Flags
  • Coaching Equipment: Balls, Pinnies, Cones, Mesh Bags, Goalie Shirts & Gloves
  • Player Equipment: In-town & travel jerseys
· Works directly with town vendors on jerseys. This includes:
  • twice-a-year inventory of store contents
  • review of reimbursement records
  • ordering of new stock
  • other miscellaneous issues such as resolving quality problems
· Works with Assistant Fields/Equipment Coordinator to determine needs for field equipment. Places orders when needed
· Works with Commissioners and Age Group Coordinators to determine needs for coaching and player equipment; Places orders when needed
· Distributes coaching equipment at coaches meeting
· Responds to emails/phone calls about equipment issues
Ass't Fields/Equip. Coord. · Manages Field Equipment setup at the beginning of the season. This includes:
  • Selecting Dates and Times and coordinating with volunteers
  • Moving goals into position
  • Tightening nuts and bolts
  • Hanging nets on Goals that do not have nets or need replacements
  • Distributing weight bags
· Manages Field Equipment teardown at the end of the season. This includes:
  • Selecting Dates and Times and coordinating with volunteers
  • Removing nets (if deemed necessary)
  • Moving goals off fields and securing
· Works with Age Group Coordinators to enlist volunteers
· Arranges for goal repairs
· Arranges for goal movement when necessary
See Fields Coordinator and Equipment Manager.
Referee Coordinator The Referee Coordinator(s) provide certified referees for games played by the Winchester Soccer Club at home fields. In addition, the referee coordinators provide knowledge to coaches and players regarding the Rules of the Game as needed. Referee coordinators should be certified referees.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Maintains an adequate number of certified referees to staff home games
  • Develop and maintain a program to assess and improve referees skill and confidence level
  • Pays referees as needed
  • Orders and distributes uniforms to referees per WSC protocols.
  • Works with coaches, AGCs and Commissioners to get the game schedule to assignor at the beginning of each season
  • Answers questions about rules to coaches and players as needed
  • Communicates with referees each season to promote WSC policies and rule changes
  • Works with the referee assignor to plan game assignments to ensure fair distribution of games to all referees, and to make sure assigned referees have the skill level to do the game assigned
  • Ensures red cards are reported to league officials by referees
  • Can assist in reporting unsporting behavior by players, spectators, or coaches to WSC officials, or to officials in other towns when warranted
  • Communicate with MSL and BAYS officials regarding league rules and reporting any changes to referees and coaches
  • Holds a Referee Certification Course when needed

Referee Assignor

Referee Assignor is a paid position. The Referee Assignor is responsible for making sure all games are staffed with appropriate referees.

  • Works closely with referee coordinators to assign all scheduled games with appropriate referees
  • Assigns games fairly and evenly throughout referee roster.
  • Reports problem behavior by coaches, players, or spectators to referee coordinators
  • Reports any issues regarding individual referees to referee coordinators
  • Communicates with coaches regarding game schedule changes, and is responsible for maintaining an accurate game schedule throughout the season
  • Maintains accurate records regarding referee assignment throughout the season, including mentoring program and no shows, and shares information with referee coordinators on a weekly basis
Ass't Referee Coord. Works closely with Referee Coordinator on all issues.
Coaching Director
Training Coordinator
  • Works in conjunction with the staff at MYSA to set up licensing courses for coaches both in Winchester and in surrounding towns.
    • Training coordinator submits suitable dates for licensing courses to MYSA (usually in early winter.)
    • Once dates are approved, dates and course titles are advertised through MYSA and in Winchester via the communications coordinator.
    • Arranges suitable site in Winchester for courses (usually Muraco School)
    • Present at course site to check attendance and collect money
  • Keeps records of Winchester coaches who attend licensing courses in a database.
  • Works with available resources in the area to provide learning opportunities for all WSC coaches.
Communication Director The Communications Director has two main responsibilities: 1) Publishing the newsletter, and 2) Maintaining the web site.

The newsletter is ordinarily published twice yearly, once in March just before the Spring soccer season begins, and once in August, just before the Fall soccer season begins. It is bulk mailed to every household of a member of the club.

The web page is updated at least monthly with a notice of upcoming meetings, start of season, training sessions, league meetings, and the like. This information isn't always readily available, so some work is required to find out what's going on. There is also a list of the season's Age Group Coordinators and the current Board of Directors.

The Communications Director should attend as many WSC Board meetings and other WSC meetings as possible both to participate and to gather news for the web site.

Sportsmanship Chair The Sportsmanship Chairman presides over all matters brought before the Sportsmanship Committee by a Club member. The Sportsmanship Committee's mandate is to act as a final tribunal for all club disputes and disciplinary proceedings which have not been resolved at the Age Group Coordinator, Referee Coordinator or Commissioner level. Each year the Chairman appoints a committee consisting of not less than two (2) non-board members to serve on the committee. The Sportsmanship Chair has also traditionally served with the Club President to form a nominating committee for new board appointments.
Tournament Coordinator Monitors area tournaments and provides Winchester Soccer Club coaches with information on tournaments, locations, age groups, dates and registration contacts. Serves as resource for providing recommendations to coaches on the appropriateness of specific tournaments for their particular teams. Posts information on the WSC web site early enough to allow coaches to review and register for spring and fall tournaments. Sets policy, regarding how coaches should proceed in entering their team in a tournament. If necessary, serves as arbiter in any disputes, which may arise, involving WSC coaches and tournament teams.
BAYS Rep As BAYS Representative, you are initially introduced to the BAYS Board of Directors as the new representative from your town. Once a year (a new procedure) at the annual meeting, the new representatives are voted onto the BAYS Board. As a voting board member you are expected to be a Division Director during each of the playing seasons. A Division Director is responsible for at least one division (e.g., Boys U-12 Division 3) in BAYS.Allactivity in your sections is your responsibility. Also, BAYS is now trying to have all board members actively participate in at least one committee. At book meetings you are expected to help with book distribution, and during the spring placement meeting all board members actively participate because of the size of the league.

As town representative your biggest concern should be issues and actions that affect the Winchester Soccer Club. The other duties of being a BAYS board member consume the majority of your time in this job, but your primary role should not be forgotten.

TOPS Coordinator TOPS stands for The Outreach Program for Soccer and serves disabled youth soccer players. TOPS Coordinator tasks:
  • Recruit coaches
  • Recruit junior coaches
  • Recruit TOPSoccer athletes
  • Program Marketing
  • Publicity
  • Field confirmation
  • Submit registration forms/checks
  • Provide Popsicles and water
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