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Futsal Rules

Futsal House Rules



·         Kick ins. No throw ins. Can’t score off kick ins.

·         No goal kicks. Keepers start with ball in hand. Keeper cannot score on goal throws. No punting.

·         Player has 5 seconds to put ball in play on kick ins, goal throws, and free kicks. If time is up, ref blows whistle and awards indirect free kick to opposing team.

·         Fouls are very light as it is a game of skill

·         25 min halves are running clocks, no stoppages or time outs

·         SUBS are on the fly. Players must enter/exit in designated sub zones. Player MUST cross the line in the designated sub zone before another player enters the field. Illegal Sub is indirect free kick for where the ball is at the time the ref blows the whistle.

·         All Free kicks walls are 5 yards

·         Keeper has an arc, not a box (roughly 7 yards from goal)

·         4 players on the field and one keeper

·         No off-sides

·         No Sliding

·         ACCUMALATED FOULS – On the 6th foul, there is a PK from the second PK marker with no wall. Foul count restarts in second half.

·         Fouls committed in the keeper’s arc is a penalty kick from the first penalty marker.

·         Shin guards are required and flat Soled Shoes ONLY, no turfs or studded shoes



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