Q: Who Can Play?

A: This program is open to boys and girls, 4 years of age (as of the deadline date) - 8th grade. You do not need to be a member of the school district to participate.

Q: How are Individual Players placed on Teams?

A: This is a recreational league that encourages kids to play with their age group and friends.  Therefore, individuals are placed on teams determined by the following criteria:

1. Current grade - grades may be grouped together (example: 2nd and 3rd grade) or they may be on their own (example: 1st grade only)

2. Special request - participants may request a specific coach and/or friend (in the same age division).

3.  School affiliation

Most teams will have 8 - 10 players. If there are more than 11 players registered in the same grade/age division at the same school, or requesting the same coach, those players will be divided into multiple teams, and then possibly filled with players from other schools.

If your child does not have a request he/she will be placed with their schoolmates, when possible.  

We will try to accommodate requests where we can, but we can not guarantee all requests will be fulfilled.  When forming teams we try to be as fair as possible to each player. This is a non-contact, non-competitive, recreational league. The focus for the teams is to learn, understand and improve skills, and to build camaraderie.

Q: Do you accept Team Registrations?

A: Yes, but all players must include a special request in their registration to be grouped and space is limited. Keep in mind that we do not guarantee placement.

Q: What if my child is NOT placed with the friend or coach I requested?  Can I get a     refund?

A:  No, we do not guarantee special requests.  Our staff will try to accommodate as many requests as possible. 

Q: How many teams can one school have?

A: It depends.  As many teams that can be formed from each school by grade/age division will be accepted. Everybody who wants to play is welcome.

Q: How many players are on a team?

A: Most teams have 8 - 10 players. However, we do reserve the right to stretch these guidelines if the league deems necessary.

Q: Does the League supply Uniforms?

A: Every flag football player will receive a NFL reversible team jersey, and a flag belt.

Q: How much playing time can my child expect?

A: All of our programs promote participation, fun, and fundamentals. Coaches are required to fairly allocate playing time equally amongst all players on the team. We will do our best to assure all players receive equal playing time.

Q: What do I get for my Registration Fee?

A: A seven-game season including practices, use of well groomed fields, certified officials, NFL reversible team jersey, flag belt and flags, interactive website, organized administration, and a lot of FUN for you and your child!

Q: Are there playoffs?

A: No. This is a recreation league that is designed to teach the fundamentals of flag football. The outcome of each game is irrelevant. The concept is what is important.

Q: What types of awards are given?

A: Each player will receive an individual participation award.

Q: Do all flag football players need mouth pieces?

A: It is Absolutely Mandatory that all players are wearing a mouth piece before stepping on the field.

Q: How do I register?

A: You must register your child online at www.nationalflagfootball.com.

Q: How does the refund policy work?

A: After you register, you have until 5:00pm on your league’s deadline date, to send an email to the league office stating that you would like to withdraw your child from the program. You will be accessed a $30 cancellation fee AND will forfeit your child’s flags and jersey. Processing fees are non refundable. There will be no refunds issued after the deadline date.

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