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Nov, 2020

Fall Season Highlights

Fall Season Highlights

Check out the highlights from our Portland Soccer Travel Teams from training sessions, guest coaches, and weekend matches. What a great season! We saw everything from summer-like conditions to snow on the ground. Great job everyone, adhering to all the new Covid-19 protocols and for your flexibility in our approach to ensuring a safe soccer season.

Thanks to Dave Fenton and his son Aidan for volunteering to referee our matches! Nice work. (Picture by Jon Daggett)

The Coed Snow Game yesterday of the 6th / 7th graders

Jonah Piascik shared a panarama shot of the Coed Snow game yesterday

From the 5th grade team last week
(Thanks Coach Erin Gatto for the photos!)

GK Training with Guest Coach Christian Benjamin, former head coach of Hartford FC, and current owner of

Guest Coach Jonathan Murray from Vale working with the Older Coed 6th and 7th graders

Guest Coach Nate Roberts of Vale working with the Girls' U10 team

Coach Kevin Lawrence created this cool rebounder to help the Portland Red Crush practice their passing skills. This came in handy on such a large squad of young boys. Nice creativity, coach! 

Portland Red Crush Team Photo

(These photos were taken quickly and then the players resumed social distancing and the coaches immediately put their masks back on) 


Oct 11: Portland Red Crush

This week the Portland Red Crush 3rd and 4th grade boys ended their one-day-only, Saturday match in a draw 4-4. You have to see the equalizing goal, with a PK, the last play of the game.  The picture here from a loyal fan shows the dramatic moment before the kick.

Check out the video: Red gets a PK to tie the game

Fans take in a Red Crush match on Saturday:

Oct 11: COED Fifth Grade Team

From a parent: "I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the 5th grade coed soccer team. Our son ... is really enjoying and learning a lot this season. Great coaches, healthy competition, and most importantly the kids are having fun!!!!"

Oct 11: COED U12-U13

The Coed 6th and 7th graders played a double header this weekend, and took some nice post-game team photos. (These photos were taken quickly and then the players resumed wearing their masks and social distancing)

Oct 3-4: 5TH GRADERS

Coach Gatto ended her team's Sunday session with an exciting Penalty Kick shootout for fun! Check out the video and turn your volume up to hear the roar of the crowd!

Video Link: Penalty Kick Shootout

Oct 3-4: COED U12-U13

The coed U12-U13 team featured a double header each of the last two weekends, four games in total, and amazingly the same results held each weekend. Each weekend Coach Daggett has locked the teams for both days, him leading the Red team, facing off against Coach Thrasher leading Blue.

In an unlikely sequence of events, each weekend the teams split the results, with the Blue team winning on Saturday and the Red team winning on Sunday. Both weekends were an impressive display of competition and player resiliency.


The boys U9-U10 squad also held a double header weekend this weekend, with Red taking the edge in a close match 2-1 over Highlighter Yellow in the first game on Saturday.

Then something special happened on Sunday morning: the players arrived at Ingersoll to a battlefield arena covered in fog! Photo by Coach Lawrence.

The parents and fans enjoyed an exciting 7v7 match through foggy conditions, with a late, exciting, game-tying goal to end the closely-contested match even, 2-2. 

Great job Portland Soccer Club Players, and thanks to our volunteer Refs and Coaches for helping make this season happen! 

Send us your match highlights, photos, stories, or videos, and keep an eye out for future updates!

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