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Mar, 2021

PSC COVID-19 Protocols

The safety protocols have been developed in compliance with all state and local government requirements, along with the requirements of our parent organization the Connecticut Junior Soccer Association (CJSA). See protocols below for details.

In addition to what is required, the Portland Soccer Club is also implementing additional controls to protect our club and town:

Portland Soccer Club Only: PSC is limiting all training and competition to occur among our town's registered players only. PSC travel teams will not be permitted to compete against teams from other clubs or towns, and all PSC travel and rec teams will not be permitted to invite non-PSC members to participate in any PSC event, which includes practices and competitions.

Cohort system:

Each PSC player will be assigned to one team, and that player is permitted to participate in activities for that team only. Each PSC team will therefore be a cohort, training together and competing with and against each together.

Teams will be created based on considerations such as age, gender, and school grade; the primary goal of the cohort process will be player and club safety.

The final makeup will depend on final registration numbers.

Each team will have one or more coaches who organize the weekend competitions (small sided games or other competitive experiences) and the training sessions during the week if applicable.

Each team must limit participation in training and competitions to members of the team. Teams are not permitted to invite guest players, coaches, or other children or adults to participate in team training and competitive activities.

PSC Safety Protocols:

Liability waiver is required for each player: cjsa covid19 waiver.pdf Please sign and return to your coach.

Masks must be worn by all (players/coaches/fans) from exiting their car until returning to car

Maintain 6 feet social distancing at all times (spectators and players in the bench area). During matches, Parents must remain behind the social distancing line, which is 6 feet from the field boundary.

Players will be given a pinnie shirt and hand sanitizer for the season, should bring both to each session, should not share with others, and use the hand sanitizer before and after each session.

No sharing equipment, balls, or drinks between players. Spectators should not retrieve balls for players when the ball rolls out of bounds.

X marks the spot: Players will place equipment in a designated location upon arrival to the field. The coach will show the players the "X" on the field for their equipment.

Parents, fans, and spectators should not touch a ball that exits the playing field. Let the player on the field retrieve the ball out of bounds.

Players should not eat snacks during a PSC practice or game. If the player needs a snack for medical or other reasons, the player should not share with other players.

Always clean your hands frequently, by washing or using hand sanitizer.

Players and coaches will not give “high fives” or handshakes.

All equipment will be sanitized after each session.

Any coach, player or spectator experiencing Covid-19 symptoms will be prohibited from attending any PSC event.

If a team member or coach contracts Covid-19, all team events with be cancelled for that team for a minimum of 14 days.

This will look very different than traditional soccer seasons, but we are excited that we are able to develop an approach that mitigates as much risk as possible while still offering kids a chance to exercise and socialize. Each participant’s family must assess their own risk when evaluating whether this approach is suitable for their needs.

If after thoroughly reviewing the safety protocols you determine there are requirements that you, or any members of your family/friends who will attend practices or games, cannot adhere to, please bring it to your coach's direct attention in advance to explore alternative safety measures.

Additional Covid-19 Resources: If interested in learning more, here are additional resources

A short video on personal habits to keep in mind: Link

CJSA Covid-19 resources: CJSA Covid page

Coaches: US Youth Soccer just released a Covid Activity guide for coaches. Check it out!

CDC: link

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