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United F.C.- Michigan

United FC Parents & Coach Relationship

Our parent group has been excellent over the past 15 years. As we all know this is not always the case across the country in youth sports. Verbal & physical abuse of opposing parents, players and referees , and in some cases their own child and his/her teammates.It is simply unacceptable behavior. 

For all the coaching courses our staff attend and the new knowledge they pick up, we must never forget the focal point.  The game is for the players.  We as coaches are there to support, encourage and enjoy the children. These issues must be paramount in our approach to coaching young players. The parents definitely appreciate the fact that their kids are enjoying their soccer in a safe, supportive, and fun atmosphere. Adults with a win at any cost mentality should not be involved with youth sports. If parents have any concerns, the coaches are always available to converse about a parent’s son or daughter. 

As a club we implemented a forty-eight hour cooling off rule which is quite common in youth sports. Though fortunately none of our coaches have had to implement it so far.

Parents are the most important role models in their children’s lives.  Hopefully our coaching staff at United FC is playing a positive role in supporting this.