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Coahes and Umpires

MPLL would like to thank the all of the individuals who volunteer their valuable time to the league!

Please contact the Board of Directors by e-mailing [email protected] if you are interested in coaching or would like additional information.

Little League coaches are responsible not only for their own behavior, but also of the behavior of their players, assistants, and spectators.

Be a positive role model for the children entrusted to you. Your example is the first line of defense against inappropriate behavior.

Teach by example. Remember that many baseball terms are unfamiliar to young players. Concepts like tagging up, force outs, and follow through need to be demonstrated to be understood.

During a game, no more than three coaches (four for coach pitch teams) are permitted on the field or in the dugout at a time.

The on-deck position is not permitted. When a team is at bat, everyone except the batter and the first and third base coaches must remain inside the dugout and out of the doorway.

The use of tobacco and alcoholic beverages in any form is prohibited on the playing field, benches or dugouts.

Conversations with umpires over rule interpretations or involving the unacceptable conduct of players or parents/spectators must be addressed as privately as possible in order to prevent situations from escalating beyond whatever the issue at hand may be.

A coach must request and be granted "time" by an umpire if he or she wants to talk to the pitcher or batter.

Coaches, players, and parents/spectators need to be appreciative of the special -- and at times difficult -- role played by umpires, without whom our league cannot function.

Umpires should always be addressed respectfully.

The following statements are absolutely true with regard to any baseball game:

1) The umpires are the only ones empowered to decide the outcome of a given play.

2) If the umpires didn't see it, it didn't happen.

3) Balls and strikes are whatever the home plate umpire says they are.

4) Out or safe calls are not negotiable.

Be mindful of the negative impact that arguing with an umpire in front of children and spectators would have on the pleasant atmosphere that we all want to enjoy as we participate in or watch a game.

Trust that all of the close calls you'll witness during your team's games will even out over the course of a season.

Remember the close ones that went your team's way, and be thankful, because those calls could have very easily gone the other way.

Protest situations should be prevented if at all possible. When a situation arises that you recognize as possibly leading to a protest, the potential offenders should be notified immediately so that they can take whatever action is necessary to avoid the protest.

For a protest to be considered, the procedures outlined in the Little League rulebook must be followed. Any concerns related to our league's umpires should be directed to league board members. Coaches and umpires know that your efforts on behalf of our neighborhood's children are very much appreciated.

Thanks for all you do to make our season a positive, successful experience for all the children entrusted to your care.

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