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McCabe Park Little League

McCabe Park Little League is a family friendly neighborhood youth baseball league that has been serving the Sylvan Park neighborhood of Nashville since 1986.

Safety Plan

McCabe Little League Safety Plan

League ID: 03420703



Prepared by:



2019 Safety Officer

Cheryl Mendez


Reviewed by:


Scott Haugen

2019 McCabe Little League President

[email protected]













McCabe Little League Emergency Phone Numbers


In case of emergency dial 911


Metro Police / Ambulance



Metro Police



Safety Officer

Cheryl Mendez


Player Agents

Challenger – Mick McGauran

T-Ball – Mick McGauran

CP BB – Todd Colburn

Minor BB – Scott Haugen

Intermediate – Steve Orr

Jr/Sr/Big League – Steve Orr







Equipment Manger

Steve Orr



Scott Haugen


Vice President

Steve Orr




Importance of Safety


The purpose of the McCabe Park Little League Safety Plan is to provide every child of little league age the opportunity to play baseball in the safest possible conditions. Although there are inherent risks of injury in the games, we will strive to minimize those risks by incorporating and renewing this Safety Plan every season.


Administrators, coaches, parents and players should take safety issues very seriously.


A few seasons ago, Little League Baseball introduced A Safety Awareness Program (ASAP) with the goal of re-emphasizing the position of a Safety Officer to “create awareness, through education and information, of the opportunities to provide a safer environment for kids and all participants of Little League Baseball.”  This program has been successful by dramatically decreasing Little League Baseball related injuries.  This safety plan is qualified by the ASAP program.


Including the phone list above there are several points addressed in this document in order to make it ASAP compliant.  Further information beyond this document on ASAP is available by contacting the McCabe Little League Safety Officer.  In addition, this document will be distributed in hard copy to all volunteers of the McCabe Little League.  A copy will also be available at the concession stand.  The following is a list of several important features of the safety plan.


1.              The McCabe Little League shall have an active Safety Officer on file with Little League Headquarters.  This McCabe Little League Safety Officer for the 2018 season Cheryl Mendez, 615-513-6865.  Any questions regarding this plan and McCabe Little League safety can be directed to the Safety Officer or the League President.

2.              All accidents and safety violations should be reported to the Safety Officer within 48 hours of the incident.  Timely reporting of safety violations is a key factor in promptly dealing with safety issues.  A report will be generated and filed by the League and reported to the District Safety Officer.

3.              The safety plan herein refers to play at the McCabe Little League Baseball fields located at the corner of 46th Avenue & Murphy Road.  Copies of this plan will be distributed to all McCabe Little League staff.  Additional copies are available from any board member and are available at the concession and equipment sheds.  Further copies can be obtained directly from the Safety Officer.

4.              Managers and coaches are mandated to attend a first aid clinic once every three years with one team representative in attendance every year.

5.              All managers, coaches, board members and any other volunteer or hired help who has repetitive access to the players and teams of the McCabe Little League shall fill out and submit the 2018 Little League Volunteer Application, along with presenting a copy of a government photo ID, for verification of ID.  The McCabe Little League will conduct a Criminal History check on all prospective volunteers through JD Palatine as recommended by Little League.  Failure to fill out the Volunteer Application will automatically deny that person membership in the McCabe Little League.





6.              All managers, coaches and assistant coaches of the McCabe Little League shall participate in fundamental coaches training in one of either two clinics: 1) Coaches Fundamental Training Clinic held in February; or 2) Coaches Fundamental Training Clinic held in March.

7.              Prior to each game, coaches and umpires will walk the field to inspect for hazards.  Coaches and/or umpires must remediate all hazardous conditions prior to the start of play.

8.              Regular inspection of equipment is mandatory to ensure safety.  Replacement of defective equipment must be done immediately by contacting the Equipment Manager or any League Official.  Equipment checks are done formally by three sources: 1) By the Equipment Manger at the beginning of the season and periodically throughout the year; 2) By Coaches at the beginning of each game; and 3) Umpires during the course of the games.

9.              Each League is required to maintain data on players, managers and coaches. This data will be submitted to Little League annually via the LL Data Center.

10.           All league player registration data or player Roster data and coach and manager data will be submitted to LL via the on line registration system.


Field and Dugout Safety


It is important to remember that we all want to make baseball a safe and enjoyable experience for all the young players.  A bulleted list of several of the league policies and key Little League Baseball rules regarding field and dugout safety follows.

1      Arrangements should be made in advance of all games and practices for emergency medical services.  The phone list for police and ambulance is posted in the concession stand. The city of Nashville has 911 services for emergencies.  It is good practice to identify those coaches and parents who have cell phones available. 

2      A first aid kit and first aid supplies are located in the concession stand.  In addition each coach is issued with the team’s equipment bag a first aid kit.  If supplies are depleted during the season, contact the Safety Officer or League Officials for replacements.

3      No games or practices should be held under severe weather conditions (especially lightening) or when field conditions are unsafe.  It is important for coaches and officials to be diligent with regard to playing conditions.  Always err on the side of caution.

4      The fields and surrounding areas will be inspected on a regular basis.  The field will be walked before each game by the umpire and home team manager to look for and to correct any unsafe conditions (holes, broken glass, rocks.)  Any field or areas used for league practices shall be inspected for unsafe conditions by team coaches prior to all league practices.

5      A Little League Field Survey is updated annually, submitted to headquarters and kept on file.  Contact the Safety Officer or League Officials for a copy or access if necessary.

6      Only players, managers, coaches and umpires are permitted on the playing field during play and practice sessions.

7      All bats and loose equipment must be kept off the playing fields.  Organized equipment can prevent tripping hazards.

8      Each coach should establish a procedure of retrieval of foul balls batted out of play.  During practice sessions and games, all players should be alert and watching the batter on each pitch.

9      Coaching staffs, Safety Officer and umpires are responsible for the continuous inspection of equipment.  This whether it is League Equipment or equipment brought by the player.  Non-safe equipment must be removed immediately and replaced as soon as needed.





Player Safety


All Little League Rules and Regulations, both playing rules and safety rules, shall be enforced at all times whether practice or games.  Little League rules are supplied to all coaches prior to the season.  It is important to read and review the rules each season as many of them pertain to player safety, including the following: catchers wearing the proper safety equipment during both pitcher warm up and during infield drills both at practice and games.

1      Coaches should inspect equipment on a regular basis, making sure it fits correctly and is in proper working order.  Broken or improper equipment can be replaced by contacting the Equipment Manager.

2      Catchers must wear a catcher’s helmet with facemask and throat guard, chest protector, and shin guards.

3      Male catchers must wear a long-model chest protector, protective supporter and cup at all times.

4      Warm-up catchers must wear catcher’s helmet, facemask, and throat guard while warming up pitchers.  This applies between innings, during bullpen warm-ups and pre-game infield drills.  Adults may NOT warm up a pitcher.  This is a safety issue for both the player and the adult.

5      Rule 7.08a (sections 3 and 4) is particularly important for safety and will be vigorously enforced.  A runner must slide OR avoid a fielder who has the ball and is waiting to make the tag.  Except when returning to base, no headfirst slides are permitted.  If any coach or parent is unsure of the proper interpretation of rule 7.08a please see the Safety Officer or other League Officials.  Coaches shall instruct all players in safe sliding techniques as well as how to avoid a pitched ball.

6      Players must not wear watches, rings, pins, jewelry or other metallic items by Little League Baseball rule.

7      No on-deck batters are allowed.  No player should handle a bat even while in an enclosure until it is his/her turn at bat.

8      Players who are ejected, ill or injured should remain under coach supervision until released to the parent or guardian.

9      After a game or practice, coaches should not leave the area until all players have been picked up.

10   Players will be instructed in proper stretching and general sports health maintenance procedures, including proper throwing, fielding and hitting techniques to limit injury.

11   Injuries should be reported immediately to coaches.  Coaches will advise parents or guardians of injuries and recommend professional care if deemed advisable.  Coaches will closely monitor players and govern the timing of a player’s return from injury to limit further harm.  If the injury involves a safety violation or accident it must be reported to the Safety Officer within 24 hours of the occurrence.









       The McCabe Park President shall be responsible for determining when games are cancelled. Call 615-783-3358 to receive information regarding game cancellations.

Managers/Coaches should listen to current weather forecasts the day of any game and be alert to changing weather conditions. If inclement weather is forecasted, it is recommended that prior to starting a game an adult be appointed to monitor the weather conditions as they appear on the horizon.




If it begins to rain:

Evaluate the strength of the rain. Is it a drizzle or is it pouring?

Determine the direction the storm is moving.

Periodically evaluate the condition of the playing field.

Stop play if conditions become unsafe. Managers are to consult with the umpire as he makes the final decision.

If the umpire and managers decide to postpone, wait 20 minutes from this point before making a decision to cancel the game.




When lightning is observed or thunder is audible, all outdoor activities will be suspended for 20 minutes.

All players and coaches will return to their vehicles for this period of time.

If a severe thunderstorm warning is issued, all field activities will cease and everyone will be directed to return home.

The same holds true if the Outdoor Warning System is activated. Assure all players are with adult and off the field. If caught outside seek shelter in the concession stand, a car, or a low-lying area. Stay away from fences, bleachers, and do not hold metal bats.


Child Abuse/Neglect


In the event you suspect on of your players is a victim of abuse/neglect you should immediately report the information to the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services. The Child Abuse Reporting Hotline number is 1-877-237-0004. Everyone in Tennessee is a mandated reporter. Tennessee Code Annotated 37-1-403(i) (1) requires all persons to report suspected cases of child abuse or neglect. See more at:

McCabe Park volunteers shall not investigate suspected abuse/neglect cases independently.


Adult Training & Safety



1      Per Tennessee State Law each coach and assistant coach as well as all board members will receive annual training in Concussions and in Sudden Cardiac Arrest. Each individual will provide the league secretary with a certificate to be kept on file until December 31 of each year.


2      All coaches are required to attend the District Sponsored Coaches Fundamental Training Clinics held in February and March of each year at the McCabe Park Community Center.  It is mandated that each manager and coach shall attend at least once every three years with at least one team representative attending every year.


3      Periodically, the McCabe Little League will hold additional coaches training clinics during the season.  Contact league officials for more information.


4      All umpires are expected to participate in pre-season rules and umpire clinics at the local and/or district level.


5      All coaches and umpires should be familiar with Little League safety, playing rules and procedures.  These are distributed to all managers, coaches and umpires at the beginning of the season and are readily available through league officials or via the concession and equipment sheds at the McCabe field complex.


6      McCabe Little League holds First Aid Training in February or March of each year at the McCabe Park Community Center, in connection with the First Coaches Meeting.  It is mandated that each manager and coach shall attend at least once every three years with at least one team representative attending every year.


7      All coaches should read and be familiar with the first aid handbook distributed at the beginning of the season.


8      The McCabe Little League shall have a Safety Plan in effect for its League Concession Stand.  This plan will be reviewed and updated annually.  The following lists highlights of that plan:

Concession Stand Policy

McCabe Little League



1.    Adult supervision must be in effect at all times.

2.    Only adults are allowed to operate or be near the grill.

3.    Outdoor grills will be placed in an area away from spectators.

4.    All volunteers will wash their hands on a regular basis. (Hand sanitizer available)

5.    Un-wrapped food must be handled with paper towels or plastic wrap.

6.    No glass containers of any type will be sold at the concession stand.

7.    Everything must be cleaned up and put away at the end of each shift.

8.    A complete first aid kit will be kept in the concession stand.

9.    A list of emergency phone numbers will be posted in the concession stand.

10. The Metropolitan Board of Health Certificate will be posted at all times.

11. Gloves should be used when preparing and handling food.

12. Hands should be washed frequently with antibacterial soap.

13. Pot handles must be turned inward when preparing hot food to avoid possible burn accidents.

14. Never put water on a grease fire. Smother it!

15. Extension cords should not be used as permanent electrical sources.

16. A thermometer should be kept in every refrigerator.

17. Cold foods should be stored at 45° or less and hot foods at 140° or more.

18. All light bulbs should have protective coverings over them.

19. Clean up all spills thoroughly to help prevent bug problems.

20.Inspect the appliances regularly and report any problems as they are found. Don't wait for the next person to do it!

21.Use common sense and always think about safety!













The following Guidelines Shall Be posted at the Concession Stand:


Keep It Clean: Concession Stand Tips

“12 Steps to Safe and Sanitary Food Service Events”



1. Menu. Keep your menu simple, and keep potentially hazardous foods (meats, eggs, dairy products, protein salads, cut fruits, etc.) to a minimum. Avoid using pre-cooked foods or leftovers.


2. Cooking. Use a food thermometer to check on cooking and holding temperatures of potentially hazardous foods. All potentially hazardous foods should be kept at 41 degrees F or below (if cold) or 140 degrees F or above (if hot).


3. Reheating. Rapidly reheat potentially hazardous foods to 165 degrees F. Do not attempt to heat foods in crock-pots, steam tables, or sterno units.


4. Cooling and Cold Storage. Foods that require refrigeration must be cooled to 41 degrees F as quickly as possible and held at that temperature until ready to serve. Allowing hazardous foods to remain unrefrigerated for too long has been the number one cause of food borne illness.


5. Hand Washing. Frequent and thorough hand washing remains the first line of defense in preventing food borne illness.


6. Health and Hygiene. Only healthy workers should prepare and serve food. Anyone showing symptoms of disease (cramps, nausea, fever, vomiting, diarrhea, jaundice, cough, etc.) or who has open sores or infected cuts on the hands should not be allowed in the food concession area.


7. Food Handling. Avoid contact with raw, ready-to-eat foods and food contact surfaces. Use an acceptable dispensing utensil to serve food. Touching food with bare hand can transfer germs to food.


8. Dishwashing. Use disposable utensils for food service. Keep your hands away from food contact surfaces, and never reuse disposable dishware.


9. Ice. Ice used to cool cans/bottles should not be used in cup beverages and should be stored separately. Use a scoop to dispense ice; never use the hands.


10. Wiping Cloths. Rinse and store your wiping cloths in a bucket of sanitizer (example: 1 gallon of water and ½ teaspoon of chlorine bleach). Change the solution every two hours. Well-sanitized surfaces prevent cross-contamination and discourage flies.


11. Insect Control and Waste. Keep foods covered to protect them from insects. Store pesticides away from foods. Place garbage and paper wastes in refuse container with a tight-fitting lid.


12. Food Storage and Cleanliness. Keep foods stored off the floor at least six inches.



Codes of Conduct


McCabe Park LL has expectations for Coaches, Players, Parents and Board members. Each season the appropriate code of conduct will be distributed, reviewed, and a signature obtained. Signed forms will be retained for 1 year by the league secretary.


































2018 McCabe Park Little League

Board of Directors





Pat Owings                    615-772-4086

Steve Orr                      615-568-5212

Mick McGauran             615-476-2306

Cheryl Mendez               615-513-6865      

Scott Haugen                 615-430-8193

Brandon Waymire           615-372-4883

Todd Colburn                615-947-5980

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