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United F.C.- Michigan


Our  main goal at United FC is to help fulfill the player's potential. 

Youth soccer at the very young ages is about building technical foundations in a very fun environment.  The mental  technical and tactical aspects in the game of soccer are for the most part age related.  Below are some general aspects we try to implement as the players move through their personal development. 

Remember you are not signing your life away with the desire for your child to receive quality coaching in a positive yet competitive environment.  (See commitment to Travel Soccer). 

U9 & U10  -  Teams play 6 v 6.  The emphasis is on teaching the basic skills, dribbling, passing, control, and  introduction to heading.  If the players build a solid basis in technique in these areas, they will improve, enjoy the game more and find it easier to advance to the next level. 

U11 & U12  - Teams play 8 v 8, small-sided games.  This means a greater involvement for each player on the  squad/team.  This is a relatively new development in U.S. soccer at this age.  We think it is an excellent one and is based on the European model.  At these ages most of the emphasis is still on technique, but players are often mentally developed to start to comprehend tactics.  These would include different playing formations, problem solving within numbers up or numbers down situations, and restarts such as corners, free kicks, etc.  Players may have been introduced to these concepts at nine and ten, but now they want to understand it and start to give their coaches feedback. 

U13 & U14 – Here the players make the step up to the large field, playing in an 11 v 11 format.  If their grounding has  been solid in the technical areas, and they have a good grasp of tactical ideas, this transition will be a lot smoother.  They now have to shoot and pass the ball over greater distances, requiring good technique and leg strength, and they have to be athletically up to the challenge of covering more ground.  Over these two years we find that boys or girls either evolve as players, or drop away from the sport. 

High School (U15 – U18) – The players represent their high schools for a season (Boys – fall / Girls – Spring).  Then  flip-flop and play for their respective travel soccer clubs (Boys – spring / Girls – fall). Competing on a year round basis, in a competitive environment, usually leads to a high level of soccer.  At this stage of their life development it is extremely important that they are involved in positive sporting outlets in conjunction with, their highest priority, success in their academic life.

We hope this gives you a general overview of United FC.  You can always contact us for more specific information.